Best Cars for 10-Year-Olds to Drive

Best Cars for 10 Year Olds

It’s undeniable that kids of any generation love to play with toys such as cars, dolls etc. Toys give them a different type of experience and enjoyment when they play, especially that young kids are very curious and energetic. Playing with toys can also provide entertainment while enhancing their cognitive ability and stimulating their creativity.

Although you can buy any toys for children, choosing the right one could be a big headache, especially for new parents. Don’t worry though, if you have a hard time picking something for your children, then why not get electric cars for 10 year olds to drive. You will not have a hard time searching for these wonderful cars because they are readily available in most toy stores. 

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Best Choice Ride On Car Truck 
  2. Moderno Mercedes SLS AMG Final Edition
  3. Big Toys Direct Ferrari LaFerrari

Best Cars for 10-Year-Olds to Drive

These cars are gorgeous, stylish, and have different features that your kids will surely love. You will never go wrong in getting this as a gift to your child or someone else. To help you further, here is a list of the best electric cars for kids.

1. Best Choice Ride On Car Truck 

The first in the list is this splendid truck that is perfect for adventurous kids. It has big wheels that can deal with any small bumps on the road. Your kids can go in easily using the magnetic door, and the single-seat provided with its own adjustable seatbelt for your child’s safety. Listening to any music is possible anytime because you can connect it to any music devices and create your kid’s very own playlists.

It has three different speed settings that can be adjusted by the driver or by the remote control. It comes with LED lights that will highlight its looks to anyone who sees it. The electric toy car is durable and has a non-toxic body, so you will be assured that it’s safe to use. It is also equipped with a spring suspension system that will provide your kid with a smooth ride and secure riding experience.


  • Can be controlled by the driver and by a remote
  • It includes LED lights.
  • Smooth and better experience with its spring suspension system
  • It has a built-in AUX outlet where you can connect any music device.
  • Can easily be assembled
  • Splendid and cool looks


  • Difficult to look for replacement parts
  • Limited seats

Why You Should Choose

Your kids will definitely love this cool and splendid one-seater truck. It ensures a smooth and joyful ride while listening to any music your kids want to have. You can easily assemble the product and come with durable components. 

2. Moderno Mercedes SLS AMG Final Edition

If your kids like a sleek and beautiful car, then this product is one of the best ride-on cars for 8 year olds. You will never go wrong with its smooth and shining surface that will surely earn amazing compliments every time your kids take it outside. Aside from that, The product also comes with amazing LED lights that will surely pop out at night. It is made from high quality material, so you will be assured that it’s durable and comfortable at the same time.

This product also has a nice leather seat that comes with a seat belt to ensure your child’s safety while riding the car. It has an LCD TV where you can let kids watch and play songs from SD cards, or USB flash drives anytime they want. It comes with an additional compartment where you can hide some toys and other stuff. 

There are three different speed settings that can be selected using the remote control device. This function also enables the parent to control the car and ensure the child’s safety while playing.


  • It has three different speeds setting with an option to reverse
  • Parents can control the speed settings
  • Comes with MP3 player
  • Electric brake system
  • Nice leather seat with seat belts


  • Expensive

Why You Should Choose

This sleek and beautiful car will earn you a big hug and kiss from your kid when you buy this car for them. It has excellent features that will make it worth every penny you paid for it, especially its safety features for the kids. It is one of the best electric cars for kids available in the market.

3. Big Toys Direct Ferrari LaFerrari

If you want another lovely and stylish car, then this fashionable LaFerrari car can be the right toy for your kids. It is an officially licensed electric car which is suitable for children 2 to 4 years old. Once you push the start-up button, you will hear the engine’s sound, ringing, and ready to move anytime you want. Inside the car, you will see the gas pedal, steering wheel, and buttons for the car’s lights and turn signal lights, available in the dashboard.

The kids can listen to any music whenever they want while driving through the road. Aside from that, it has a cool looking door and a nice single seat with an adjustable seatbelt for safety purposes. The car can be easily controlled by the child inside the vehicle while also giving the parents control using the remote device. 


  • Can be easily assembled
  • Stylish looking car
  • Allows music to be played
  • Dual control for the child’s safety


  • It has a shorter battery life

Why You Should Choose

The LaFerrari is a stylish and good looking car that will make people turn their heads when they see it on the road. Aside from that, kids can easily learn how the car parts work, which is good for developing their skills and knowledge. It can be easily controlled by the driver and the parent using the remote. They can drive along with music in the background anytime they want. 

4. Rastar Ferrari LeFerrari

Let your kids’ dreams come true by riding this Rastar Ferrari anywhere they want. This mini sports car is not only classy but has nice features that will make your little one very happy. It is officially licensed and will offer your child the best riding experience that they will never forget. Just let your kids push the start-up button, and it is ready to go.

It provides a realistic engine sound that will make the child feel like they are riding a real car. If they are not yet ready to take the wheels, the parents can help them by using the remote control. The Rastar has two speed settings that you can adjust anytime. There are also an adjustable seatbelt, LED lights in its panel, rear lights, and turn signal lights for security purposes.

The car also comes with an mp3 port and a rechargeable 12 Volts battery for the continuous entertainment of the kids.


  • It has a nice sporty look.
  • Dual control by the driver and remote
  • Easy to move around using the steering wheel and the remote
  • Allows MP3 player for music
  • Rechargeable 12V battery 


  • Limited battery life

Why You Should Choose

The Rastar Ferrari LaFerrari is a fantastic electric ride on toys for 10 year olds. It gives off a very nice sporty look that everyone would love to have. It is also easy to maneuver by the child or by the remote control. The car also has nice features that will ensure the safety of your children. 

5. Martin Ranger licensed Mercedes-Benz G65

Next up to the list of the best child drives car is this Mercedes-Benz G65. This vehicle is one of the best looking toy cars in the market. It has a nice black color with chrome design on its sides, windshields, side mirrors, rear, turn signal lights, and it comes with a spare tire at the back. On its panel, you will see an MP3 music interface, LED lights, and the start-up button with a realistic engine sound once you push it.

It has a battery indicator to remind you when it’s time to charge. Also, when your kids get tired of driving the car, their parents can use the remote device to control the car movement. 


  • Easily to be assembled.
  • Cars allow music through mp3 players
  • Can be controlled by the driver and by a remote
  • It has a battery indicator 


  • No access doors
  • The battery is not included.

Why You Should Choose

If your kids want a big and sturdy car, then it’s the right one for you. It is designed with a chrome design on its side that enhances the total look of the toy car. The product can be controlled by the driver or by the parent using the remote. Also, you can push the button on the steering wheel to use the horn or play some music. 

6. Best Ride On Cars BMW 4

It is a licensed BMW electric car that will give joy to any toddlers out there. This is one of the best electric rides on toys for 10 year olds due to its functional features and realistic engine sounds. An MP3 connection is also possible so they can listen to any music with their music devices. It has a single seat with an adjustable seatbelt to make sure that the child will stay in place. 

You have three choices in its speeds setting that you change using the steering wheel or by the remote control. Aside from that, it comes with a horn and headlight which is ready anytime you want to use it.


  • Dual control by the driver and by a remote
  • Can play music
  • Nice looking car
  • Has three-speed settings 


  • No access doors 

Why You Should Choose

Watch your kids jump in joy when you got them this Best Ride on Cars BMW 4. It is a loveable car with a remote control that can be used by the parent and kids at the same time. Also, it has fine features that will make the experience better than ever. 

7. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

Let your child have realistic driving experience with this product. It is one of the best ride-on cars for 8 year olds because of its remarkable features and authentic car looks. Kids will not have a hard time getting on it because it has nice access doors. You will also see its realistic windows, nice dashboard and working tailgate

It has a battery indicator that will be a great help in checking its battery life. You can play your kid’s favorite songs on this car so that they will have more fun. It has a top speed of 5mph that will make your child experience high-end driving while also maintaining a relatively safe speed. Aside from that, the battery can last up to 12 hours on a single 12-hour charge.


  • Unique and striking look
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comes with two forward speed and a reverse speed
  • It has a battery indicator
  • Can play music


  • Assembling might be a problem for first-timers 

Why You Should Choose

If you’re looking for a realistic toy car, this product is what you are looking for. The toy car is designed to have an authentic look that also comes with amazing features. Aside from that, it can run smoothly on grassy roads and equipped with a battery indicator to notify the cars’ battery level. 

8. Power Wheels Dune Racer

Who wouldn’t love this race car-like vehicle that can run through rough or grassy roads? Its structure is made from hard steel, so you can be assured that it’s sturdy and safe. The car can accommodate two kids at a time, so you will not get a headache when there are two kids in the house. Any bumps or hard surfaces are no problem with the car’s big wheels.

With its amazing features and spacious area, you can be sure that it is one of the best electric ride-on toys for 10 year olds. It has an adequate speed that can give excitement to kids of any age. There are two forward speeds settings and one reverse speed so you can adjust the forward speed anytime you want. Another plus on this car is its power lock brakes that will activate as quickly as the driver pushes the brake pedal. 


  • It has a nice race car look
  • The battery runs longer
  • Can run through any roads
  • Frames are made from steels for added protection
  • Can be used by two kids 


  • No padding on the seat

Why You Should Choose

It is a great car that can run through most rough surfaces. Kids of any age will love to try this race car-like vehicle because of the cool design and spacious seats. The car is also durable and safe to use, so you can be assured that it will last long. Its battery can run long so your kids can maximize the toy as long as they want. 

9. Explorer 2 Seater Power Kids Ride

If luxurious style, entertainment, comfort, and the best experience is in your list, then this baby rider car has it all. The whole car looks luxurious and will surely get admiring looks anywhere it goes. Aside from riding, your kids can enjoy singing along with different songs once you connect your music devices. It can accommodate USB, SD card, iPod devices and it offers 100% bluetooth connectivity

Your kid’s comfort is guaranteed with its beautiful leather seats with adjustable seat belts. It also uses foam wheels that will provide a smooth ride anywhere it goes. The car is equipped with rear spring shock absorption that can tackle hard and rough surfaces. With all those features, you can be assured that your kid will get the best experience while enjoying this toy car.

Let’s also add that it has excellent instant brakes, which are essential for the safety of your kids. It will run for one and a half hours long, and it has a charging time of ten hours.


  • It supports Bluetooth, USB, and SD cards
  • You can connect both your apple and android devices
  • It includes shifter
  • Comfortable PU leather seats
  • Amazing LED lights


  • It has 100 lbs weight limit

Why You Should Choose

The Explorer can be one of the best gifts you can give to your little ones. It can accommodate two kids at a time so their friends can play with them. You will be amazed with all of its features so you can be assured that your child will also love every minute using it. 

10. Best Choice 4 Wheeler ATV Ride On Car Toy

If your kids love adventure, then this vehicle is the best choice for you. It has a very nice rugged and sturdy look that even adults will surely like. You will see that it has a pedal accelerator for mobility and has two speeds setting that you can choose from. Aside from that, you will see the start button and a USB port in the panel to add music to your kid’s adventure.

Since it has four huge wheels, your kids can ride it on any surface with no problem. It has an LED light that adds beauty and style to the whole package.


  • It has a nice rugged look
  • Drives like a real ATV
  • Can play music
  • Smooth ride even on hard and rough roads


  • The maximum weight limit is only 66 lbs

Why You Should Choose

If your kids love the feeling of adventure, then get this electric car for them. It has realistic features that can trigger your kid’s adventurous side. The toy car comes with safety features that ensure that your kids will be safe while playing enjoyably.

power wheels for 9 year olds

What to Look for in a Best Car for 10-Year-Olds to Drive

Like any other purchase you made, you should check and consider a lot of things to make sure that the product you are buying is worth it. To help you get the best cars for 10 year olds to drive,  here are some aspects you need to look out for.

Maximum Weight Limit 

You need to check and know the car’s weight limit to ensure the child’s safety. Remember that when the user’s weight  is over the limit, it  may weaken the whole vehicle and damage it in the end.

Passenger Seats

Available seats differ in every electric car. If you want both of your kids to share one car, then get a car with two or more seats. The child should have its own seat for their own safety. It will ensure that they will have enough space, seatbelts, and will not exceed the weight limit.

Child’s age bracket/range 

It is also one important factor to look out for when buying things for your child. Everything should be appropriate with their age, mental ability, and physical capability. It will prevent any problem that may occur as well.


All cars have their own safety features you need to verify like adjustable seatbelts, doors, structure, brakes, etc. Also, it’s crucial to ensure that the electric car’s structure should be durable and sturdy. A car with an automatic braking system is also a good safety feature for young kids.

Parental Control 

It is best if the cars have safety features that can be controlled by the parent while the children are playing. Some cars have a remote control that can alter the speed anytime the parents want it or can also be used for changing course.


Aside from riding, it’s a plus factor if the electric car has other entertainment features to offer. Some have realistic engine sounds, horns, LED light in the rear and signal lights and can play music and videos.

Battery Life 

The battery life differs from car to car, depending on the manufacturer. It is also crucial to know how long it can be used and how long it needs to be charged. After all, you don’t want a car that can only be used for a few minutes but needs to be charged for a whole day. 

Keep in mind that the voltage of the battery should match the voltage of the motor. If it’s not matched, this can cause problems in the machine and may cause accidents.  

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What is an Electric Toy Car?

It is an electric car made for kids to ride on and play. It can offer movement like a real car such as forward, backward, turns side to side, which gives children an enjoyable riding experience. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that controls different features and entertainment.

It doesn’t only move but also has other features like playing music, videos and a lot more. Aside from that, it can help kids develop their skills and learn a lot of things. Electric toy cars are popular and a bit more expensive than ordinary non-battery cars.

cars for 10 year olds


Are electric cars safe to use?

In general, these toy cars are relatively safe. It also has safety features like adjustable seatbelts and doors to keep your children from any harm. However, it is highly suggested that parents guide their kids while playing to ensure safety.

How long do you need to charge it?

The car should be charged in full so that it can perform well while being played. However, battery life might differ from product to product. It is best to buy electric cars that have a battery indicator so that it is easier to know when to charge it.

Can the car drive on hard or rough surfaces?

If you think that you need cars that can run on hard surfaces, it’s suggested to buy electric cars that are equipped with big wheels that can tackle different kinds of surfaces.   

Can it be used inside the house?

If your house is large enough to accommodate an electric car, then you can let your children play with it in the comfort of your home. Just keep in mind to set your electric car to lower speed to avoid any mishaps or accidents.


Many electric cars offer different features that you need to consider so you can give your little ones the best experience. Before you go to any store, you must remember the kid’s age, likes, interest, and ability, so you get the best car for a 10 years old to drive. Make this task rewarding for you and your kids by checking out this article.

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