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Who we are

Outdoorfilming.com is your trusted online source of reviews for a multitude of outdoor essentials. We help over a million hikers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts find the information they need to enjoy a safe and surreal sojourn with nature. We have comprehensive and well-researched articles that cover an array of gears for traveling, hiking, camping, and any outdoor adventure your heart desires. 

We have a team of experienced and committed writers and outdoor enthusiasts who have experienced the finest things in nature. And one of our missions is to help make your outdoor experience safer, surreal, and of course, fun. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just want to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, you can find all the information that you need on our site. 

This is your one-stop online source for all your outdoor essentials. From the safety gears to the most efficient outdoor essentials, we’ve got you covered! An adventure with nature is a breather and refreshing in so many ways than one. We all need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. But nature can be feisty too if you aren’t prepared and without the proper gears. And we’re here to help you deal with nature’s surprising ways.

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Our product selection process

Are you looking for the best gear for your skiing adventure? Or perhaps a heavy-duty bag for your next camping trip with the kids? You’ve been scouring the net and still find it challenging to select an outdoor product. Perhaps you’re doubting if the product is really what it claims to be. Your doubts are legitimate! 

That’s why we have concocted a website solely dedicated to creating the world’s best outdoor gear, essential, and apparel reviews.

The perfect outdoor product should fit your budget, your needs, and your wants. And we curate comprehensive lists of anything outdoors. And here’s how we do it:

  1. We carefully select the best product per category.
  2. We also purchase some of the products so our writers, curators, and editors will have the first-hand experience on the product. Hence, we rate them objectively and free from any outside influences. We do not have any sponsorships or whatsoever. We aim to make our reviews free from any form of biases.
  3. If a product is not available on hand, we do thorough and in-depth research. We do a comparative evaluation and research of the products from various reputable reviews. We compare them side by side to get a sound and objective assessment.
  4. We rank each product and elaborate on why they deserve to be in the best spot.

Our reviews will provide all the information you need in purchasing outdoor gear and apparel that fits your budget, your lifestyle, and your needs. Because we believe that everyone has individual needs and wants, we aim to provide a wide range of the best options that cater to most users.

 Our main mission is to help you find the perfect and suitable product for your circumstances. Our eye for detail and objective judgment based on real experiences and thorough research will help you pick the best outdoor product with ease. 

Our content creation process

Our entire content is governed by authenticity and objectivity. We take pride in our highly competent and experienced staff and writers. We do not only hire writers, but we hire writers who also love the outdoors and have experienced the glory of nature by themselves. Apart from that, we also place high importance on outdoor experience and gear knowledge when hiring. 

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And when our freelance contributors send in their feedback, photos, and information, we subject them into another in-depth research and comparative analysis. In fine-tuning all of our content, we can deliver the most comprehensive, objective, and reliable list.

Topic we cover

1. Skiing essentials

Are you heading to the snow anytime soon? We offer a complete guide to skiing apparel and essentials that can make snow adventure safer. The snow can look delicate and mesmerizing, but it can be a real foe. So make sure you’re fully geared before embarking on your next snow adventure. We’ll throw in some tips that can make your skiing safer so you can make the most out of it.

2. Hiking and camping gears

Whether you’re staying in a lodge cabin or spending the night watching the stars uphill, we’ve got all the gear that you’ll need. But the wild can be very unpredictable and challenging. We offer a comprehensive guide on everything that you’ll need and more. So you can fully immerse in the beauty of nature and the outdoors sans the worry. 

3. Anything outdoors!

You can even have an outdoor adventure right into your own homes! Why not build a firepit in your garden? Enjoy the scenic view while lounging by your own firepit. And you don’t even have to gas up your tank to camp with the kids. We are going to feature a ton of exciting adventures that you can have right in your own backyard.

Editorial guideline

At Outdoorfilming, we never compromised the quality of our content. We only get our content written by relevant field experts and we take great pride in that. Our writers curate original, highly relevant, and well-researched articles designed to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures. 

Our advocacy is safety, transparency, and genuine content. We are a participant in the amazon services LLC affiliate programs. And we may earn a very small affiliate commission whenever you purchase products through our site, but rest assured that this won’t affect our reviews.  

We value integrity and honesty. Our reviews are not affected by any outside influence. Our website is also ad-free so you can enjoy the most pleasurable reading experience.

We appreciate your readership and if ever you’ve read articles that reflect our mission otherwise, we’d appreciate your thoughts and feedback.