10 best hiking boots under $100 in 2023

Best hiking boots under $100

Today we are going to discuss some of the best hiking boots available in the market. A pair of good, comfortable, and affordable hiking boots greatly determines the success of a hiking expedition.

A hiker’s mood will be boosted by the comfort of a nice pair of hiking boots. In this article, I am going to explain in detail how to choose a pair of durable and versatile hiking shoes under $100, in addition to their features. Let’s go!

Why should you trust me?

Well as a seasoned hiker, I am sure my knowledge and expertise would come in handy for a casual hiker or any beginner hoping to have a new experience. Hiking is a wonderful way to stay in shape and take in some breathtaking scenery. To preserve your feet and avoid sustaining injuries and blisters, it’s advised to use the proper hiking shoes.

You also have to consider factors like affordability, comfort, versatility, strength, and durability of your footwear. That’s where I come in. I have hiked on different terrains, weather conditions, and seasons and with all kinds of hiking shoes. Therefore, you will gain some crucial knowledge from my experience.

Best hiking boots under 100

Timberland Men’s White Ledge

The main feature

The Timberland Company is known for its well-crafted, quality leather boots. Although Timberland boots were previously seen as fashion footwear, the quality and craftmanship involved have been maintained, if not improved, over the years. This pair of boots are comfortable and waterproof and its durability is something most experienced hikers look forward to.

Additional features like its padded ankle collar and removable footbed make it unique.


  • Removable footbed: These hiking boots are designed in a cushioned and comfortable manner, thanks to their insoles.
  • Highly breathable: These boots are very breathable.
  • Lack of insulation: Although the lack of insulation may be a drawback for hikers searching for a warm boot on chilly days, it works just fine in terms of mobility.
  • Reduced number of seams: Reduced seams imply less danger of seepage and leaking of water.
  • Versatility: These Timberland boots are greatly versatile since they can also be used for other outdoor activities like picnic walks and mountain climbing.


  • Lack of insulation: As mentioned earlier, the lack of insulation in the boots is an advantage. However, for some hikers, insulation keeps your feet warm, which is desirable in cold weather.
  • Padding around the ankles is initially unpleasant.
  • The new versions are not as durable as the old versions.
  • Their sizing runs small.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2

The main feature

The Merrell Men’s Moab 2 hiking shoe is a flexible and comfortable option for several sports. The shoe has breathable and durable leather and upper meshes, and the Vibram sole provides exceptional grip and stability.

The Moab 2 is available in a variety of sizes and widths, as well as a low-top and a mid-top variant. The shoe is also available in several colors, allowing you to find the right pair to complement your look.


  • Extremely lightweight: Forget about the feeling of bulkiness weighing down on you as you trek.
  • Sizing within limits: As you budget to acquire new shoes, the last thing you expect is to buy shoes that are either too big or too small for you.
  • They are breathable: The boots are ventilated properly.
  • The insole is removable. A removable insole is one of the best features a waterproof hiking boot should be equipped with. The insole of Moab 2 boots can easily be replaced according to the user’s taste. Who would not want customizable footwear?
  • Versatile. The boots can be used for other activities besides hiking.


  • They are not waterproof: The unpredictability of daily weather conditions and nature are factors to be considered when selecting a hiking boot. This is because some boots, like Merrel’s Moab 2 boots, are not waterproof.
  • Low-quality laces: It certainly beats logic to possess one of the best hiking boots but with low-quality laces.

KEEN Men’s Targhee

The main feature

It was quite difficult for KEEN’S Targhee to make it to this list. The boots are of high quality but the price tag is quite above affordable. Very soon these boots will cost slightly over $100.

The body comprises predominantly leather, making them waterproof. KEEN’s products are of irrefutable quality, despite having basic designs.

KEEN Men’s Targhee is a versatile and great hiking boot that is perfect for both on and off the trail. It features a breathable membrane that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. In addition to that, these men’s hiking boots have lug patterns that provide traction and stability on any surface.


  • Fits well: The boots fit perfectly as per the size description.
  • Lightweight: The material used to manufacture these lightweight boots ensures both strength and less weight drag. You could easily forget you are wearing hiking boots because of how light they feel on your feet.
  • Water resistance: Albeit not waterproof, these cheap hiking boots are very water-resistant.
  • Breathable: One of the most important features of men’s hiking boots is breathability.
  • Toe support: Unlike most hiking boots that only provide a snug grip on the laces, these provide additional support to the toes.


  • Expensive: This is probably the main drawback so far. As addressed earlier, you cannot get these boots at an affordable price, especially for the bigger sizes.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus

The main feature

These boots validate the statement I made earlier that Timberland shoes were previously associated with the fashion industry. Nonetheless, the company does a wonderful job in making all kinds of footwear. These quality boots are versatile and comfortable pairs of shoes perfect for a day hike or a light backpacking trip.

It would be an understatement to say that these boots are kevlar tough. What else did you expect from quite a durable pair of affordable hiking boots? This is a good choice for any woman looking for versatile and comfortable hiking boots.


  • Durability: These boots are crafted from very durable leather, nylon, and synthetic materials making the sole hard to tear apart.
  • Waterproof: The boots are waterproof, making it possible to wade through muddy or swampy areas without wetting the feet.
  • Perfect traction: These waterproof hiking boots are equipped with soles specifically designed for powerful grip and traction, thus increasing their versatility level.
  • Excellent fit: This is one of the few women’s hiking boots that fit without breaking a sweat.
  • Wonderful support: One sign of a great hiking boot is the level of support it can provide to the hiker’s foot.


  • Heat penetration: Waterproofing shoes usually have an impact on the amount of heat that reaches the feet. Most waterproof hiking boots are not well-ventilated, therefore they can get hot during the day. I would not recommend using them during the day.
  • Lower durability compared to other boots: It was noted that in comparison to other hiking boots in the market, its durability is lower.
  • Some users find this waterproof boot too stiff.

Columbia Women’s Crestwood

The main feature

Well, you could be wondering why two of Columbia’s best waterproof hiking boots are appearing in a row. It’s just a mere coincidence. But as you can already tell, the quality is up there. Unlike Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus boots, these Columbia hiking boots are made differently, and the talent invested in their creative design is also different.

They are way more breathable than the aforementioned pair, but with an equal measure of traction, stability, and grip on surfaces.

The outsole does a great job of providing traction due to its rugged design. Consequently walking on rough or slippery terrain gets easier for a hiker donned in Columbia Women’s Crestwood hiking boots.


  • Sufficient airflow: The boots come with a construction that comprises several materials that contribute greatly to boosting their breathability. This is unlike many other women’s hiking boots. Most waterproof boots have a leather body that hinders adequate air supply to the feet.
  • Very comfortable: Unlike Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus hiking boot which is way stiffer, this hiking boot is more flexible and lasts longer.
  • There’s no break-in time: This hiking boot can be used immediately after unboxing. There is no break-in time for them mainly because of the type of material they are crafted from.
  • Versatility: These boots can be used in almost every type of terrain and landscape.
  • The boots are more comfortable compared to several other hiking boots under 100.


  • Less durability: Despite their exquisite design and comfortability, these cheap hiking boots are not as durable as other full leather hiking boots. But as discussed earlier, leather boots are inadequately ventilated and therefore they tend to heat up quickly.
  • They run small: I suggest you should purchase a bigger size since these boots run small more often than not.

Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit

The main feature

Skechers is known for its delicate design and skillful leather construction of female footwear. The shoes they make consider the needs of women, ensuring delivery of shoes and boots crafted to every detail according to the needs of the user. There are many series of Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit shoes, but we will focus on this specific hiking boot.

Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit hiking boots are unbelievably stylish and surpass the market’s expectations. They are comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for everyday wear.


  • Memory Foam Insole: The boots feature a memory foam insole that conforms to the foot to provide long-lasting cushioning.
  • Relaxed Fit® Design: This great hiking boot feature a Relaxed Fit design that offers a comfortable, customized fit.
  • FlexSole Outsole: They feature a FlexSole outsole that offers flexibility and traction.
  • Breathable Mesh Upper: These boots have a breathable mesh upper that provides the foot with cooling ventilation. This feature is mainly appreciated on a hot day.


  • Some users have reported that the shoe runs small, so be sure to order a size up if you are between sizes.
  • Additionally, the shoe is not as supportive as some other options on the market, so it may not be the best choice for those with foot problems.

Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera

The main feature

Hi-Tec company, which was founded in England, grew fast and managed to design and create the maiden lightweight hiking boot. Hi-Tec Banderas are common among seasoned and beginner hikers in many places. I’ll tell you why.

The price ranges depend on size and design. Some of these hiking boots under 100 costs as little as $40.

Contrary to a common misconception, Hi-Tec doesn’t focus on work boots but rather on sports gear. However, their hiking boots’ versatility makes them favorable for use as work gear too.


  • Affordable: Hi-Tec hiking boots are almost too good to be true. They are one of the most affordable best hiking boots you will find in the market today.
  • Perfect grip: The soles are crafted in a manner that ensures ultimate grip on any surface. Traction and grip are very important features in hiking boots, thus hiking adventures cannot end in good spirits if the duo is missing.
  • Steel shank: The boots feature a steel shank which improves the stability of a hiker.
  • Versatility: These boots are wonderful in almost all types of weather conditions.


  • Substandard laces: The only major drawback of Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera hiking boots is the substandard quality of their laces.


The main feature

In the past few years, the hiking boot has become one of the most popular types of footwear for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. Hiking shoes are designed to provide comfort and support while walking on rough or uneven terrain. They are also typically made of waterproof materials to protect your feet from the elements.

Asolo is a company that specializes in outdoor footwear, and their WELT MID best hiking boots are a great option for anyone looking for a boot that will provide both comfort and support. These boots are made of a combination of suede and mesh, and they feature a waterproof and breathable GoreTex liner.

This liner helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. The boots also have a rugged Vibram outsole that provides excellent traction on rocky terrain. They also feature a padded collar and footbed to enhance comfort.

Overall, the Asolo WELT MID hiking boots are a great option for anyone who is looking for a boot that is both comfortable and supportive. They are also great for people who want a boot that is waterproof and breathable.


  • The boots are made of a combination of waterproof suede leather and mesh, which makes them both comfortable and supportive.
  • The boots have a waterproof and breathable GoreTex liner, which helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • The boots have a rugged, slip-resistant Vibram sole that provides great traction on all types of terrain. They generally ease the process of climbing up and down steep slopes.
  • The boots are available in a variety of sizes to fit most people.
  • The boots are relatively affordable compared to the other best hiking boots on the market.


  • The boots may be too narrow for some people.
  • The boots may not be as durable as some other hiking boots on the market.
  • The boots may not be as comfortable as some other best affordable hiking boots on the market.

HI-TEC Women’s Skamania

The main feature

Hi-Tec is known for manufacturing good shoes for not only men but also women. This is where Hi-Tec’s Women’s Skamania best-hiking boots come into place. These boots are specially made to endure rough terrain, while ensuring comfort at the same time.

They possess waterproofing capabilities, quick break-in time, and are quite affordable. It is also fair to say that Hi-Tec went out of its way to give the boots a rust-proof body. As if that’s not enough, the boots are made for durability in many harsh weather conditions.


  • Molded insole: The design of the insole is a key determinant of the prospective comfort of the shoe.
  • Quick break-in time: These shoes are crafted from EVA foam and not traditional leather. Therefore they can be donned immediately after unboxing.
  • Rust-proof construction: One thing that discourages any user is the rusting of eyelets. This could prove overly detrimental to the entire pair of hiking shoes.
  • Excellent grip: Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania hiking boots have great grip, thanks to the deep cleats on its sole. Hiking on wet and muddy terrain becomes easier.
  • Waterproof: The upper section is covered in waterproofed suede leather, which not only prevents penetration of water but also makes them light, flexible, and breathable.


  • Narrow: The taper might be a bit narrow for some sizes.

Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Q2

The main feature

The Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Q2 hiking boots are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a boot that is comfortable, stable, and stylish. The boot’s upper is made from water-resistant leather and breathable mesh, which work together to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The bellows tongue helps to keep out debris, and the Vibram® outsole provides excellent traction and durability.

The boot is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect pair for your needs. The Siren Sport Q2 hiking boot is a great choice for any woman who wants a boot that will provide her with comfort, stability, and style on the trails.

The water-resistant leather and breathable mesh upper will keep her feet dry, while the bellows tongue will keep out debris. The Vibram® outsole provides excellent traction and durability.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable


  • Not very durable

What to look for when choosing hiking boots?


Hiking boots are one of the most important pieces of gear for a hiker. They provide support and protection for your feet and ankles, and they can help you keep your footing on slippery or uneven terrain. But all that support and protection can make your feet hot and sweaty, and your boots can rub and chafe your skin.

So it’s important to choose hiking boots that will be comfortable as well as functional. Look for a boot with a good fit, plenty of padding, and a breathable liner. And be sure to break in your hiking boot before you hit the trail.

Finally, you should consider comfort when choosing hiking boots because you’ll be spending a lot of time in them. If your boots are uncomfortable, you’re not going to want to wear them for very long. So it’s important to choose a boot that you’ll be able to wear all day without having to take a break.


Waterproofing is important when choosing hiking boots because it helps to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. Wet feet can lead to blisters and other foot problems, so it is important to choose a boot that will keep your feet dry.

When choosing waterproof hiking boots, it is important to find a boot that is comfortable and fits well.

Ankle support

There are a few reasons to consider ankle support when choosing the best hiking boots. First, if you are hiking in an area with rough terrain, you may want a boot with more support to prevent rolled ankles. Second, if you are carrying a heavy pack, the extra support can help prevent fatigue and pain in the ankles and feet. Finally, if you have any previous ankle injuries, you may want to choose a boot with more support to prevent further injury.

When choosing hiking boots, look for features that provide good ankle support, such as a high ankle, a supportive heel counter, and a stiff sole. Avoid boots with a lot of flex in the ankle area, as this can increase your risk of rolling ankles.

If you have any previous ankle injuries, you should talk to your doctor before choosing a hiking boot. Your doctor can help you choose a boot with the right level of support for your needs.

In general, it is always a good idea to choose a hiking boot with good ankle support. This can help prevent injuries and reduce fatigue and pain in the feet and ankles.


The weight of your affordable hiking boots is an important consideration for a few reasons. First, lighter boots are generally more comfortable to wear. This is especially important if you are planning on hiking for long distances, as heavier boots can cause fatigue. Secondly, lighter boots tend to have better traction. This can be helpful if you are hiking on slippery surfaces, as you are less likely to slip and fall.

Finally, lighter boots are often more breathable. This means that your feet will stay cooler and dryer in hot weather, which can prevent blisters and other problems. Finally, when choosing the best hiking boots, it is important to strike a balance between weight and features.


The grip is an important consideration when choosing the best hiking boots for several reasons. First, the grip will affect your traction on the trail. If you choose a boot with a poor grip, you may find yourself slipping and sliding all over the place, which can be dangerous.

In addition, the grip will also affect your comfort level while hiking. If you choose a boot with poor grip, you may find yourself constantly adjusting your footing, which can be uncomfortable and tiring.

Finally, the grip can also affect your speed and efficiency while hiking. If you choose a boot with a poor grip, you may find yourself moving slower than you would like, which can be frustrating.


Temperature is an important factor to consider when choosing hiking boots for several reasons. First, if your feet are too cold, you are at risk for frostbite. Second, if your feet are too hot, you are at risk for blisters. Third, in general, you want a boot that will keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

Frostbite is a serious concern in cold weather. It occurs when the skin and underlying tissues freeze. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain. In severe cases, the skin may turn white or blue. Frostbite can permanently damage the affected area.

Temperature is an important factor to consider when choosing the best hiking boots because it can affect your safety and comfort. Make sure to choose a boot that will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.


There are a few reasons to consider socks when choosing hiking boots. Socks can help protect your feet from blisters and other foot problems. They can also keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. In addition, socks can help absorb sweat and keep your feet dry.

Hiking boots should be comfortable and fit well. You may need to try on several pairs of boots to find the right fit. Once you have found a pair of boots that fit well, you can choose socks that will work well with the boots.

Thicker socks may be more comfortable when hiking in cold weather. Thinner socks may be more comfortable when hiking in warm weather. Merino wool socks are a good choice for hiking in all types of weather. They are warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. They also absorb sweat and help keep your feet dry.

In general, it is a good idea to choose socks the comfortable socks fit well with your hiking shoes.

Proper sizing

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. But before you head out on the trail, it’s important to make sure you have the right gear – and that includes a good pair of men’s hiking boots.

There are a few things to consider when choosing great hiking boots, including proper sizing. Improper sizing is one of the most common reasons for hiking injuries, so it’s important to take the time to find the right pair of boots for you.

Best budget hiking boots should be comfortable from the start. If you have to “break them in”, they’re probably too small. A good rule of thumb is to have about a thumb’s width of space between the end of your longest toe and the end of the boot.

Choosing the right pair of hiking shoes can make all the difference on your next hike. So take the time to find a pair that fits well and is comfortable, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your time on the trail.


How long will hiking boots last?

The life span of hiking boots depends on the brand, quality, and how often they are worn. Generally, however, hiking boots will last for several years if they are well-cared for.

To extend the life of your hiking boots, be sure to clean and condition them regularly. Also, avoid wearing them in wet or muddy conditions as much as possible. If you take good care of your boots, they should last for many years.

When should I replace my hiking boots?

Hiking boots are an essential piece of gear for any hiker. They provide protection and support for your feet and ankles over long distances and on rough terrain. However, like all gear, they have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced.

Most experts recommend replacing hiking shoes every 500 miles. If you hike regularly, it’s a good idea to keep track of how many miles you put on your hi tec hiking boots each year. This will help you know when it’s time for a new pair of good hiking boots.

You should also inspect your hiking boots regularly for any signs of wear and tear, such as holes, cracks, or loose stitching. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to start shopping for a new pair of boots.

Do hiking boots cause back pain?

There are many potential causes of back pain, and hiking boots are not one of them. However, if you are experiencing back pain, it is important to see a doctor to rule out any serious underlying causes.


From my experience, I think hiking boots manufactured by Hi-Tec, Timberland and Asolo shoes companies are so far the best in the market right now. They last longer, are more affordable and offer great comfort.

Did I leave any out of the list?

What category of boots do you want me to talk about in my next article?

Which hiking boots did you like the most from my list?

Kindly let me know in the comment section.

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