10 Best Ski and Snowboard Wrist Guards

Best Ski and Snowboard Wrist Guards

Snowboarding and skiing can offer great experiences every day. However, it is important to have the best elements and accessories before doing one of these activities. So, one of the most important aspects is to properly protect your wrists.

Throughout this article, you will find the best ski and snowboard wrist guards. So, you don’t have to worry about injuries and damage that this vulnerable area of the body could suffer.

With which, we take a look at the best 10 accessories that are available today on the market.

1. Dakine wrist guards

First of all, this wrist protector can give you the level of security and comfort you are looking for. The material is 100% neoprene so that this model can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of your body. At the same time, it offers a low-profile design so it can be used with a large set of other accessories.

You can use this wrist protector and place it under the glove. On the other hand, these are protectors that can be hand washed only. In this way, you will be avoiding damaging the correct functionality of these implements.

The provided width is 20 cm and adapts to various sizes of wrists. Besides, the adjustable strap includes a loop and a hook. So it will be correctly safe at all times.

At the same time, it has internal support made of the highest quality aluminum. So it is a light and very strong object at the same time. You can count on adequate protection at all times.


  • Forged steel tool
  • Strong finish
  • Durable paint with a protective enamel


●  Only hand washable

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product as it is an option that gives you an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

2. Pro-Tec street wrist guards

Another of the excellent options that can be found today in the market are these street wristbands. It is a set of two wrist protectors of the highest competitive quality. Also, its design is specifically geared towards skiing, cycling, skateboarding, among other sports.

Besides, wrist pad splint is included. Along with this, the ergonomic design has complete wrapping straps. This simply means greater protection for the palm, along with the correct support for each wrist. So you will have the best tools to prevent injury.

Fabrics of excellent quality and durability are used. With which you are getting a pair of protectors with an extended useful life. Mobility is not sacrificed for greater security. On the contrary, this model has ballistic nylon that will protect you while giving you the movement you need.

Therefore, this model is considered by many users as the best snowboard wrist guards. Furthermore, these models have certifications that ensure their excellent quality.


●  Ergonomic design

●  Ballistic nylon for increased mobility

●  Wrist stand


●  Improvable design

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product because of the adaptability for different activities and sports.

3. Cthoper wrist guard

By continuing to investigate the available options we can find this model that provides excellent protection. This is a pair of wristbands that can be used for mountain biking, motocross, skiing, skating, and snowboarding. So you will also have different sizes that adapt to any type of wrists and hands.

On the one hand, you will be able to alleviate the swelling and the different pains suffered in the palm or the wrists. 

Along with this, these snowboard wrist guards provide adequate support for this area of​​the body. So you will be protected against fractures, sprains, injuries, or even rheumatoid arthritis.

On the other hand, these are two perfect tools for those who suffer from carpal tunnel. Also, the velcro closure straps allow you to get the right fit. There is no need to over-stress these protectors.

Additionally, they are protectors for wrists that can be used by both men and women. On the one hand, you will be able to avoid the pain that you currently have to suffer. On the other hand, you can also prevent future injuries and pain in the same area.


●  Excellent wrist and palm protection

●  Prevents injuries and sprains

●  A perfect option for people with carpal tunnel


●  Difficult washing

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this product because it can offer protection for future injuries and relief for present pain.

4. Triple Eight wrist guards

Another of the excellent protections available in the market are found in these wristbands. First of all, a highly resistant elastic nylon mesh is included. Along with this, this model provides the right fit for a wide variety of bodies.

Additionally, EVA foam is included that manages to absorb all kinds of shocks. Thus, both your wrist and the entire area will be properly protected by the included support slats.

You can use this pair of protectors for different activities and sports. Use these protectors for cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding, and other similar activities. You will have adequate protection to correctly prevent injuries and fractures.

It can also have different sizes, making it useful for men, women, children, and adults. It is an ideal accessory to be used together with gloves or other additional accessories. Materials of the highest quality are also included at the time of manufacture of these protective accessories.


●  Adequate wrist protection

●  Shock-absorbing foam

●  Different sizes available


●  Improvable design

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product because it is perfect for various activities that cause injury and damage.

5. Soared wrist guards

In case you want to practice snowboarding, skiing, or skateboarding, you will find an excellent level of protection in these wristbands. Firstly, they are made of lycra mesh and ABS plastic.

This plastic has an ergonomic design that adapts to the shape of the wrist. It also has the support and flexibility necessary not to bother you during the activity.

With which you have the possibility of avoiding different damages and injuries both in the wrist and in your hands. Along with this, the lycra mesh can offer the comfort you need during activity.

This mesh is completely comfortable to use and breathable. Therefore, the humidity will not remain long in these protectors.

Finally, the simple design makes it easy to remove and put on gloves. So you can combine these accessories with whatever you want to use.


●  Ergonomic design

●  High durability plastic

●  Breathable and comfortable lycra mesh


●  Hand wash only

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product because it can offer excellent protection and comfort at the same time.

6. 187 Killer Pads wrist guards

An important aspect when considering purchasing wrist protectors is the security that is achieved in each case. This model manages to offer a comfortable fit and adequate protection for the wrists.

On the one hand, it has an innovative angled design. This quality allows better adaptability for the hands, together with an excellent fit. Along with this, the palm is reinforced to increase the useful life of this object.

On the other hand, for greater comfort, this model has a hole for the thumb. In this way, these protectors will not fall off at any time due to their excellent grip.

For its manufacture, it has ballistic nylon of excellent resistance and double stitching. So the level of durability is quite high. On the other hand, the interior has padding to offer greater comfort during use. So this material manages to absorb a large number of impacts.


●  Padded interior

●  Double ballistic nylon stitching

●  Angled design


●  Regular shock absorption

Why should you buy this product?

You should get this product as it is one of the accessories that will give you the most protection.

7.  Aparejo wrist guard

By continuing to research the best options we can find this pair of wristbands that offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. First of all, it is accessories that are made of 100% polyester fabric. So you will have adequate flexibility and comfort for different activities.

On the one hand, you will have an adjustable closure that manages to provide a secure grip. Therefore, you should not worry during the activity, as they will never be lost. In this case, it is offered dimensions of 9 inches high and 6 inches wide.

On the other hand, soft padding is included to offer comfort at all times. The loop and hook straps lock these accessories around the wrists. With which you can use this wristband along with other accessories during skiing or snowboarding.


●  100% polyester

●  Adjustable closure

●  Padded palms


●  Little shock absorption

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider wanted this product as it can offer you excellent protection without sacrificing your entire budget.

8. Andux wrist guards

This model is one of the most suitable when it comes to beginners in snowboarding or skiing. On the one hand, it provides excellent protection at all times during activity. Use the adjustable headband for safe and comfortable use.

This model features loops and hooks for secure use without sacrificing flexibility. Furthermore, the dimensions of this model can be perfectly adapted to the palm.

So, it allows offering between 7 and 8 cm wide in its medium size, 8 and 9 cm wide in its large size, and 9 to 11 cm wide in its extra-large size.

The best aspects of these accessories are summed up in flexibility and solidity. At no time will you feel that your wrist guards for snowboarders in any way affect your movement.

With which you can skate safely and confidently with a good level of protection. In this way, it will be much easier to avoid injuries and very common damage to the wrists.


●  Flexibility and solidity

●  Avoid damage and injury

●  Different sizes to choose


●  Regular shock absorption

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product if you are a beginner to snowboarding or skiing. You will certainly be able to get the perfect protection at all times.

9. Dakine Unisex wrist guards gloves

Acquiring the best protection for snowboarding and skiing means getting this model. It is considered by a large number of users as excellent snowboarding gloves with wrist guards. First of all, it is a model that offers 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

This model can offer gloves and wrist protection in one accessory. The drawstring closure is also included for a more comfortable and convenient fit. So, these accessories can be adapted to different sizes of hands and wrists.

Extreme cold will not harm you thanks to the included protective layers. Along with this are rigid and removable nylon plates. With which you will have the necessary protection to minimize a large number of impacts on your hands and wrists.


●  Drawstring closures

●  Minimize impacts

●  Good insulation from cold


●  The accessory does not sweat

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product as it is one of the most suitable for getting the best protection for your wrists.

10. Level wrist guard gloves

Last but not least, this model can offer the most appropriate safety and comfort. These accessories are considered by many users to be the best ski wrist guards. So, if you do have the right budget, it is advisable to purchase this model.

These accessories have built-in wrist protectors to prevent all kinds of damage and injury to this vulnerable part of the body. The swallowtail design can offer support on three distinct axes.

The built-in fabric is waterproof, while your hands will stay dry despite the heat inside. Cleaning this accessory is very easy thanks to the fact that the lining is removable.

Besides, this model has durability and a secure grip during activity. For this, kevlar material has been included on the tips of the fingers and the palms of the hands.

Additionally, included are an armband to prevent snow, a humid air exchanger, a built-in lens cleaner and plush material to clean the nose. In short, it is the ideal accessory for both beginner and professional users.


●  Quick and easy cleaning

●  Waterproof

●  Excellent additional features


●  Expensive model

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this product as it is one that will give you the best protection and comfort compared to those available.

Buying Considerations

If you are interested in obtaining the most suitable wrist protectors, you should take into account some characteristics. Not all models available on the market can provide you with the same functionality. With which it is necessary to consider some fundamental aspects.

Protection level

The level of protection is one of the most important aspects to take into account both in snowboarding and skiing. First of all, it is necessary to consider if you are a beginner or experienced user. This simply means how intensely you practice these activities.

So, it would not be necessary to have the highest protection if you do these activities at a low intensity. On the contrary, you should acquire the highest protection if you intend to increase the difficulty every day.

Damage and injury to the wrists are more common than previously thought. It only takes a fall or a bad movement to regret having started that activity. With which it is always preferable that protection abounds, and not that it is lacking.

Wrist protectors design

The design of wrist protectors is one of the most important aspects to consider. Simply a good design can offer pleasant and successful activities at every moment. Conversely, improper design can greatly harm your experience.

The vast majority of the models listed here offer excellent overall design. This is because they seek to provide the best protection in combination with a good level of mobility. So, a good design shouldn’t sacrifice your range of motion.

Wrist protectors with and without gloves

If you intend to buy wrist protectors and then gloves, you will notice that you spend more money. This is because it is always preferable to purchase both accessories in a single object. Also, both the wrist protectors and the gloves must be used both in snowboarding and skiing.

On the other hand, having an accessory that offers gloves and wrist protection in the same design offers a better grip. Being a single piece, you ensure a higher level of protection at all times.

On the contrary, if you already have a pair of gloves, then it is preferable to opt for a good pair of wrist protectors. In this way, you will be spending a greater amount of your budget on accessories that offer a good level of security and protection.

Additional characteristics

There are a set of secondary and additional features that can offer greater comfort during these activities. One of them is the fabric’s ability to be breathable or not. This may be minor, but as you know it is annoying to have on a pair of gloves while your hands are sweating.

Thus, some fabrics offer the quality of being breathable. So, the moisture is removed very easily. Along with this, another of the important qualities is the plush material, either for cleaning lenses or nose.

You may notice that it is very difficult to clean your lenses or your nose with gloves that are not designed for it. So, if your chosen model has these qualities, then using these gloves will be much more comfortable.

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Do wrist guards work for snowboarding?

Wrist injuries are one of the most common damages in these activities. Wrist protectors have been specially created and designed to avoid this type of damage. Some studies confirm the correct protection of the wrists with this accessory. In turn, other studies indicate that the impact can be transferred to other parts of the forearm.

Do you need wrist guards for skiing?

This type of accessories is one of the most important when you do this activity. Beyond that, if you are a beginner or an expert, you must have these accessories. However, when you are a beginner, you must use this protection. So, if you are an expert you can avoid in some cases using these accessories.

Which way do wrist guards go on?

An easy way to correctly position the wristbands is to check the design of the accessories. The protective plastic cover should generally be on the palm and wrist side. Besides, most accessories offer a thumb hole.

Why do snowboarders wear mittens?

Gloves are necessary for people who practice this sport because they need to maintain the temperature. You should be aware that mobility is greatly reduced when the hands are at a low temperature. So, the gloves maintain the proper temperature providing safe movement.

Do wrist guards work?

Wristbands work effectively when you are trying to avoid various damages and injuries to your wrists. Wrist injuries are one of the most common damages since it is a vulnerable area of ​​the body. Thus, the wrist protectors offer the extra support that the wrists need to avoid injuries.

Do wrist guards prevent fractures?

Wrist protectors prevent fractures but also different types of damage and injuries in this area. However, it should be noted that injuries and fractures to the shoulder or forearm are still possible in a fall. So, don’t expect a wrist protector to protect your entire arm.

How do you fall when snowboarding?

When you can detect that you lose your balance, you must adopt a specific posture to protect your body. The most important thing is to put your hands behind your head.

Then bend your knees to reduce the impact against the ground. Finally, it is convenient to hit the snow with your butt and then with your back.

Are wrist guards dangerous?

The wristbands are not dangerous by themselves, but the dangerous thing is the bumps and impacts during skiing and snowboarding. It is important to clarify that this accessory will not protect your wrists from damage and injury.

So, your shoulders and forearms are still at risk from a fall or impact.

How tight should mittens be?

To properly fit the gloves, you must have a ¼ inch of material at the end of your fingers. Also, when you close the cuff, the glove should not be too tight. Along with this, you can check the size charts to find the most appropriate model for the size of your hands.

To end this article, we can mention that in a few steps you can find the best ski and snowboard wrist guards. So, practicing these activities will be much more pleasant and safe every day.

It only remains to select the model that best suits your needs. Thus, whether you are a beginner or an expert in these sports, you will be able to obtain the most pleasant experiences.

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