10 Best Electric Blanket for Camping in 2023

Best Electric Blanket for Camping

Are you planning to go out camping or go on a road trip with your friends and family? Then you surely need to pack up some essentials like food, water, and especially an electric blanket. 

An electric blanket is a device that generally looks and is used as a blanket but is equipped with an internal electrical wire system. This device can provide an additional heat source for its users controlled with its accompanying control system. 

Besides that, even if you are at home, electric blankets are beneficial. First, it can save you money since you don’t need to turn on your heater when slightly cold. An electric blanket can also help you ease some pain in your body, and it can help you sleep better.  

Having a reliable electric blanket on cold evenings outside is a must. So if you want to know how to choose the best product, then go ahead and read on.

Top 10 Best Electric Blanket For Camping

There are tons of electric blankets in the market that is why buying one can be intimidating. To make your shopping easy and fast, check out this list of the best electric blankets for camping. 

1. Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket- Best for Camping

Are you searching for an electric camping blanket that you can use on your next camping trip? Try this one. It is a soft micro plush blanket that will make your camping very cozy and warm. It has five heat settings that allow you to control depending on your preference. The controller is easy to use, and you will never have a problem controlling heat for your blanket.

The electric blanket also has a four-hour automatic shut-off to save time and keep you safe for ease of use. This feature is very convenient since you don’t need to manually shut off the electric blanket so you can enjoy your time camping or sleeping. The electric blanket also included an 8’5 cord for charging, and the blanket is spacious with a 50″ X 60″ in size.

The blanket is made from polyester, and it also has a sherpa lining that you can use if you reverse it. It also comes in different colors so you will surely get the color you want to have.


  • Very soft to touch
  • Reversible
  • It has five heat setting
  • It has a long cord


  • It only comes in one size

Why you should buy it

If you want a comfortable and soft electric blanket that will help you feel warm and cozy, try this electric blanket. Made from good materials and will surely help you keep warm every time you need it.

2. MaxKare Electric Blanket- Luxurious Feel

Next up is a 50 x 60 inches throw blanket with three heat settings from 95 degrees to 115 degrees. It has a luxurious feel to it, so you can expect that it’s a soft, smooth, and well-made blanket. The sides of the blanket are made from different fabrics. One is a silky flannel, while the other is a sherpa velveteen. 

You will get here an automatic four-hour shut-off to help you turn it off after 4 hours of continuous use for its features. It also has three heat settings that you can adjust on its LCD control. Besides that, it has a long cord, and it can be washed on a washing machine. 


  • Very soft to touch
  • Reversible
  • Feel very soft and silky
  • Very fast to heat up
  • You barely feel the wires inside the blanket
  • Auto shut off


  • Some customers mentioned that it doesn’t heat up as it used to after a few months of use.

Why you should buy it

This electric blanket will surely give you the comfort and warmth you will need while camping outside. It can also be used at home whenever you just want to be warm in your bed or chair.

3. VIPEX Electric Blanket- Comfortable

This product is another soft and comfortable flannel electric blanket that is 50X60 in size. It has the right size to envelop your whole body while keeping you warm throughout your camping trip. The wires inside are thin, and you will not feel it, so you will surely have a great experience using this blanket. 

For its controls, this electric blanket has an easy-to-use controller with LCD. You will see that it has 10 different heat settings on the controller and you also have a 3 timer shut off timer. The 3 timer setting will allow you to set up the hours when it will automatically shut off. 


  • Very soft to touch
  • Machine washable
  • 3 timer shut offsetting: 1,2, and 3 hour
  • Easy to use control
  • You barely feel the wires inside the blanket
  • ETL certified
  • Has 10 heat setting


  • The control is not that durable

Why you should buy it

It is a lightweight electric blanket that will give 10 different heat settings and 3 timer settings. With that, you can be assured that you will have a great time with this blanket.

4. Vremi Electric Blanket- Best in Portability

Portable heated blankets are important if you are planning to go camping. It will save you from getting cold so you can enjoy your camping trip. The blanket heats up fast and will produce heat evenly so you will warm all over your body. 

On its controls, you can have 6 heat settings and 8 time settings so you can choose what temperature you want to have and what time it should automatically shut off,

It has a 10-foot long cord and ETL certificate. The electric blanket can also be washed by hand or by machine. Its LCD is easy to use, and you can see some buttons that you can use to adjust the setting of your electric blanket.


  • Very soft to touch
  • Machine washable
  • 3 timer shut offsetting: 1,2, and 3 hour
  • Easy to use control
  • You barely feel the wires inside the blanket
  • ETL certified
  • Has 10 heat setting


  • The controller is not that durable

Why you should buy it

It is a reliable electric blanket that you can trust when the air gets cold while you are camping or just at home. 

5. Tefici Electric Heated Blanket- Cozy and Soft

The next electric blanket has a cozy and soft flannel blanket that will ensure that you will not suffer from a chill when the night turns cold. It is designed to provide you with heat quickly and easily so you can enjoy anything you want to do without getting cold. The manufacturer also made sure that it is safe to use and the quality is excellent.

The electric blanket has 3 heat settings and four-hour automatic shut-off features to ensure that you will not get overheated. It is machine washable, so you will not have a problem cleaning it. The electric blanket also included a controller, a manual, and a 10 feet long power cable.


  • Very soft to touch
  • It can be used as a normal blanket
  • 4-hour automatic shut off
  • Easy to use control
  • Machine washable


  • The wires are thick and can be uncomfortable

Why you should buy it

It is an excellent electric blanket that you can use every time you want to go camping. The blanket heats fast and has a 4-hour automatic shut-off. 

6. Maxsa Electric Blanket- Spacious

This is a 12 volt electric blanket for camping that can fit two people with its size. It is comfortable and smooth to touch, so you will surely have a great time using it. The blanket also heats fast, so you don’t need to wait for a long time and suffer from the cold temperature. 

Since it’s a 12-volt electric blanket camping tool, it will be warm and cozy without the need for extra heaters. You just need to bring a cigarette lighter socket to charge it, and it’s ready to be used. The blanket has an auto shut-off setting where it stays hot for 30 to 45 minutes. 


  • Made from soft and durable material
  • Holds heat well
  • 30 and 45 minutes automatic shut-off setting
  • Easy to use control


  • It doesn’t have any heat setting

Why you should buy it

This electric blanket is easy to use, so you will not have any problem using it. It’s excellent in retaining heat which can still provide warmth for a while even if the blanket is turned off. 

7. RoadPro Heated Travel Blanket= Affordable

If you want an electric blanket that uses a little energy and will not drain your battery, this one is a good choice. It only uses 55 watts, so it won’t easily drain your battery while you are keeping warm. The blanket is easy to use as well, and it can be plugged in on your car or a solar generator.

The blanket can heat up to 104 degrees, and it also has an 8-foot long cord. The problem you may have with this blanket is that it can’t be machine wash. It also doesn’t have any automatic shut off so it can drain your car’s battery or generator when you leave it working for a long time.


  • Made from soft polar fleece material
  • Easy to use 
  • Uses little energy
  • Not expensive 


  • It doesn’t have an automatic shut-off setting
  • Can’t be machine washed

Why you should buy it

It is an affordable electric blanket that will not drain your battery unless you leave it plugged in for a long time. It’s perfect at times when you just want to warm up while talking to other people.

8. The Cozee Battery Powered Blanket- Durable

Next is an electric blanket powered by a battery pack that makes it portable to bring anywhere you go. With this, you don’t need to stay in your car to power the blanket. You can go around and talk to other people without restriction or getting cold. 

The battery pack can last up to 5 hours fully charged when it’s on a low setting. It can be recharged using a charger or a cigarette lighter. This blanket’s bonus point is that you can use its battery pack to charge your phone, which is very convenient. 


  • You don’t need to use a power cord.
  • Weather-resistant. 
  • It can be used as a battery pack or a charger for your phone
  • It’s portable
  • Microplush interior 


  • It can only last long for 5 hours in a low setting

Why you should buy it

A portable electric blanket that you can use anywhere and its battery pack can be used as your phone charger.

9. Beautyrest Electric Blanket- Best in Long Hour of Usage

Although this one is not a cordless heated blanket, it has pockets where you can put your freezing feet. The blanket is safe to use and designed to produce as little electromagnetic radiation as possible. It also has three heat settings that you can change to get the perfect temperature for your needs. There is also a two-hour auto shut-off setting to turn it off when after continuous use. 


  • UL certified
  • Pockets for your feet
  • 3 heat settings
  • Machine washable
  • 2-hour automatic shut off


  • The controller is hard to reach because it’s attached to the lower part of the blanket near the foot pocket. 

Why you should buy it

If your feet get easily cold, then you will love this electric blanket. It has a pocket where you can put your feet to keep them warm and toasty.

10. Great Working Tools Electric Blanket- Best Comfortable Blanket

Last but not least is the fleece heated blanket that is very soft and will make you warm the whole time. It can be connected to a 12V power outlet or a cigarette lighter to run. The blanket has 3 heat settings and auto shut-off features. You can set the auto shut-off setting in 30, 45, to 60 minutes. 

The blanket can be washed in the washing machine. You just need to make sure that you take off the cord and follow the manual to clean it properly without damaging it. 


  • Soft and comfortable fleece blanket
  • 3 heat settings
  • Machine washable
  • 30, 45, and 60 minutes automatic shut-off setting


  • Auto shut-off time is not long enough. Not for sleeping 

Why you should buy it

The last electric blanket has nice features and works well in any scenario you want to use it. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Electric Blanket for Camping

Getting the best electric blanket can be tricky if you are not familiar with what to look for or consider. But don’t worry, since this guide will help you know the things you need to check so you can get the electric blanket that will suit your needs. 

1. Materials 

Electric blankets come in different kinds of materials, from cotton to faux fur. Choose the blanket with a material where you feel the most comfortable and easy for you to use. 

2. Safety 

Although an electric blanket is generally safe, you still check the quality of the blanket you will buy. Ensure that it follows and passes all safety standards so you can be assured that it will work properly. Don’t also forget to check if the electric blanket has safety guidelines with it. 

3. Size

It is also vital to get the right size depending on how you will use it. If it’s for camping or a road trip, you want something to envelop yourself. For bed, then get something that will fit the size of your bed. 

4. Heat Setting 

Since the temperature changes, especially at night, it’s better that you have a blanket where you can change its heat depending on the temperature. This way, you will have a more comfortable and enjoyable time outside. 

Most electric blankets have 3 to 6 heat settings, but it’s preferable if you get a blanket with more heat settings. It is to make you have more control over the heat so you can adjust it depending on the temperature or your preference.

5. Power Supply 

An electric blanket needs a power source to heat up and warm you. There are electric blankets that can operate using your car’s engine, power bank, and other power sources. 

It would be best to get an electric blanket that will work on the power source you have. For example, a generator can supply a USB heated blanket and a 12-volt electric blanket.

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6. Controls 

It can also be a factor you need to look at, especially if you are not the only one who will use it. A dual controller or separate controls is perfect if you have a partner who wants to get a different heat setting on his/her side. 

7. Features 

Electric blankets nowadays have different features that will surely make your life a bit more comfortable. Check each feature, compare it, and get the best one that suits your needs and reason for getting an electric blanket. 

Features that you want to have in your electric blanket are

  • Auto shut off – to avoid getting overheated.
  • Plug location – the plug location should be placed somewhere not inconvenient.
  • Digital screen – to set the setting easier
  • Timer – so you can set how long will stay on

8. Maintenance 

Remember to check the proper care of the electric blanket before buying it. Most electric blankets are machine washable, but it is still better to verify it on the manuals to be sure of what you need to do.

Benefits Of Getting An Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is a good addition to your camping essential. Here are the reasons why:

  • Having an electric blanket when camping is great since you don’t need to suffer from cold as long as you have it. 
  • It will also help you sleep much better since it will regulate your body temperature and make you comfortable.
  • If you have body pain, an electric blanket can help you ease it away.

How Does An Electric Blanket Work?

At night when you are out camping, the temperature decreases even if it’s summer. Hence why you will need an electric blanket to keep getting chilled to the bone. However, how does it work?

Inside the blanket, there are coils interconnected with each other producing heat on the blanket. These coils are covered by electric linen and different fabric. It also has controls that you can use to set it in the setting you prefer. Once the coils heat up, the whole blanket will warm up within 3 to 5 minutes. 

How to Care and Maintain Your Electric Blanket

Using an electric blanket, especially on a cold evening, is very convenient but taking care of them needs proper attention. If not properly handled, you may end up damaging it or, worse, hurting yourself. To prevent that from happening, here are some tips on how to take care of an electric blanket.

  • Cleaning 

Most electric blankets are machine washable, which eases the cleaning process. However, you will need to check the things you should and should not do when cleaning it. Check the manual for the proper cleaning procedure and follow it to ensure that you won’t damage it.

  • Do not dry clean it

Dry cleaning uses chemicals that may ruin the blanket and its wiring, so it’s better not to dry clean it unless the manufacturer says otherwise.

  • Do not iron 

The electric blanket is delicate, so even if the blanket has creases, it is better not to iron it. This way, there won’t be a chance of you damaging it.

  • Storage

Since the electric blanket is susceptible to damage, it’s better to touch it as little as possible. Don’t fold, or you will risk damaging the coils inside it. It is better to roll it or put it on top of an unused bed.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about electric blankets:

Are electric blankets safe to use?

Electric blankets heat up so it is made to withstand the hot temperature so it won’t easily get damaged unless it is not handled correctly. All safety warnings should be listed on the manual and should be followed so you can prevent any mishaps from happening. 

Besides that, electric blankets are not for everyone. People who have diabetes or are pregnant can’t use it. It is better to consult the manufacturer or doctor for assurance. 

What are the disadvantages of electric blankets?

One of its disadvantages is fire hazards hence why you need to buy reliable electric blankets for safety. Not all people can also use an electric blanket since it can cause extreme discomfort to people that are sensitive to heat.

Where should I put it?

When using an electric blanket, make sure it’s on top of you. It should not have anything on top of it, or else you will risk its wires and coils getting damaged. 


An electric blanket can be an excellent addition to your camping needs or an additional tool to bring you comfort at night. Whichever it is, ensure that you will get a high-quality electric blanket by reading this review.

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