10 Best Gray Man EDC Bag in 2023

What’s a gray man EDC bag? It means that it can easily blend in with the crowd. So people won’t have an idea what you are carrying in your bag. This is very useful for first responders, militarists, and preppers. A tactical bag may serve their need, but it will give them away. The best gray man bag, on the other hand, will not. People won;t even notice you have a handgun. 

Apart from that, our best selection of gray man bags on our list is perfect for everyday work, commuting, or even when you want to go backpacking. We have an array of choices with different styles and offerings. So you can pretty much find one that fits your needs and style.

Best Gray Man EDC Bag

So without further ado, hover through our fine selection below.

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Quick Summary

This is a quick overview of some of the best gray man EDC bags that we have on our list. We have mentioned a few brands that are well acknowledged by the critics and users based on their functionality and usage. For a detailed review of all our fifteen picks, head to our 10 Best Gray Man EDC Bag list.

  • The Vertex tactical backpack is an all in one gray man EDC bag. You can carry your laptop, paraphernalias,  important documents, and firearms. And it has a discrete pocket for that one too. So no one will know you’re armed.
  • If you’re going hiking and need more than just a regular hiking backpack, the Venture Pal hiking backpack is for you. It’s compact, lightweight, and yet you have a lot of room to get your things organized.
  • The Black Hawk Covert  is the best messenger bag. You can discreetly carry your firearm in the 2 concealed magazine pockets. 
  • The COVRT 18 is a complete bug out bag. If you need to carry a full size firearm without drawing too much attention to yourself, this is the perfect bag for you. It can also safely carry your laptop with its padded storage. 
  • It’s sleek, stylish, and quite functional. The Nomatic backpack can also be used in two ways. Use it as a backpack or as a briefcase and it will still look as stylish.  It’s a perfect edc bag as well.
Vertex tactical Backpack2 lbs25 litersCheck Latest Price
Venture Pal Backpack4.2 lbs25 litersCheck Latest Price
Black Hawk CovertMessenger bag3.6 lbs10 litersCheck Latest Price
COVRT 18Backpack3.3 lbs30 litersCheck Latest Price
Nomatic Backpack or briefcase4.25 lbs20-24  litersCheck Latest Price
Heimplanet originalBackpack.5 lbs18 litersCheck Latest Price
MateinBackpack1.56 lbs20-35 litersCheck Latest Price
Swissgear 1900Backpack2.5 lbs31 litersCheck Latest Price
Mystery RanchBackpack2.01 lbs21 litersCheck Latest Price
Under Armour HustleBackpack1.43 lbs29 litersCheck Latest Price

Our Top picks for the Best Gray Man Bag (A Product Review)

Gray is a neutral color and it works with almost any outfit, what do you say? And it’s also unassuming and very laid back. These bags are perfect for concealing your valuables, whatever that may be.

1. Vertex Tactical Backpack- Best  Gray Man Backpack

This is a compact and lightweight backpack but it’s one hell of a functional one.

This is an gay man backpack that can store a lot of your essentials but it’s compact at the same time. It has a lot of storage space inside. It can fit your 15-inch laptops and a full-size handgun. It also has a back panel where you can store other communication paraphernalia.

This boasts of easy firearm access. You can discreetly carry your handgun and have easy access to it when it’s needed. Also, it has several external and internal pockets. So you can easily organize even smaller items without making a mess inside.

The shoulder paddings are comfortable. Not to mention, this is lightweight. Also, the zipper has a really nice pull. We also find the overall quality and craftsmanship is quite nice.

If you’re looking for one where you can easily carry your  tactical gears and lots of internal and external compartments, this is a great option.


  •  25 liters capacity
  • VELCRO-lined pockets and MOLLE compatible front compartment. 
  • Weighs 2 lbs
  • 15-inch shoulder drop
  • Zipper closure
  • Smoke grey


  • Has a discreet tactical molle compartment
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable straps
  • Quality build and craftsmanship
  • Lost of internal and external compartments


  • Not too much space for some

Why you should buy this 

This is a highly functional yet compact backpack. It even has a secret compartment for your handguns. And it’s easy to access should the need arise. 

2. Venture Pal Hiking Backpack- Best Budget Grayman Bag

This is a hiking backpack that can also function well as an everyday carry.

The Venture Pal is your traveling backpack that can also be used every day. Since it’s a hiking backpack, you can be assured that it can take on a decent amount of wear and tear. This is made from durable material and can withstand a certain level of use and abuse.

It’s lightweight, yet it’s durable. And the breathable mesh strap is quite comfortable to carry on the shoulders for the entire day. It also features a whistle buckle that you can strap on to keep it secure.

This gray man backpack also has several compartments where you can organize your things The main compartment is quite roomy and spacious. So you can stash in clothes and personal items for a three-day trip. And when not in use, this can be folded into its pockets kept almost anywhere!


  • Zipper closure
  • 35 liters capacity
  • Whistle buckle and adjustable straps
  • one main zipped compartment, two zipped front pockets, and two side pockets.
  • Nylon outer material with polyester lining
  • Comes in 11 colors
  • Has backs and two-way SBS metal zips 
  • Mesh straps


  • Light and compact
  • affordable
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Roomy and spacious


  • Some problems with the lining peeking out 

Why you should buy this  gray man  bag

It’s  lightweight yet roomy that can be used for trips, camping, or pretty much anywhere. If you need a lot of space, this is the bag for you. 

3. Black Hawk Covert- Best Gray Man Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is quite functional with an array of storage compartments.

The Black Hawn Covert is not your usual messenger bag. You’d be delighted with how functional it can get. It boasts of several compartments that you can use to organize your things. It also has a back pocket for magazines. 

As for the strap, it has durable and heavy-duty webbing. So you can instantly tell that it can last. And it’s quite comfortable too. There aren’t any pinching points on the shoulders. 

It is also well padded and has a solid structure even when it doesn’t have any contents. If you have lots of paperwork and files to carry, you will find this quite useful.

Just take note that with all the bells and whistles, this can have a bit of heft to it. 


  • wraparound shoulder strap with a quick-adjust flip-lock buckle for across-the-chest, shoulder, or tight underarm carry options
  • Large zipper pocket with two internal sleeves, and small zipper pocket
  • clear ID window, three pen sleeves, accessory sleeve, and soft-lined eyeglass pocket inside the main compartment
  • Removable waist belt
  • Exterior back panel for magazine pockets
  • External zippered pockets


  • Has a lot of compartments
  • Constable and durable straps
  • Has a great structure


  • Can be quite heavy

Why you should buy this  

If you are looking for a messenger bag that’s quite spacious and functional, this is the best option. 

4. COVRT18 – Best Value 

This is a water-resistant rugged gray man  backpack that can give you more bang for your buck.

It’s water-resistant, durable, and quite functional too. And you get all of those features without ripping a hole in your wallet. The 5.11 COVRT 18 backpack has a pretty nice price tag too.

What makes it stand out is its durable and water-resistant nylon material. It can stand used and abuse. That’s why it’s quite the ideal daily for men.

This gray man backpack has several compartments. And what caught our attention was the roll down assault compartment. It can accommodate a full-sized firearm. And the QuickTact accessory straps at the shoulder integrate with other 5.11 tactical gear.

The straps are also quite comfortable and adjustable. And with its 30-liter capacity, this is quite roomy to fit a laptop too.


  • 50 d water-resistant Nylon outer material with nylon lining
  • Laptop style backpack
  • Asphalt gray
  • 30-liter capacity
  • YKK Zipper Closure closure
  • reinforced grab handle, a padded internal laptop sleeve, sunglass pocket, and a flip-down ID panel. 
  • adjustable sternum strap, comfortable compression straps, and yoke-style shoulder straps.


  • Durable 
  • High capacity and spacious
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable strap


  • The carry handle can hit the back of the neck

Why you should buy this gray man backpack

It’s durable, very functional, and spacious. It’s a beast if you’d ask us.

5. Nomatic Backpack- Best Functional Gray Man Backpack

If it’s the pockets you need, its 20 pockets will get with the Nomatic Backpack!

The Nomatic gray man backpack is very functional and has a total of 20 pockets. Each compartment can conveniently be used to organize your things, even the smaller ones. The cord can even pass through the pockets so you can easily charge your phones and other gadgets. 

Moreover, you can carry this gray man backpack in two ways. The strap easily transforms it from a backpack to a briefcase. 

Another notable feature of this backpack is that it has all perimeter zipper access. You can easily reach out for your stash. It also makes packing easier as you can see the contents of the bag from all sides.

It has a lot of features that you’ll ever want in an everyday carry. It’s almost the complete package!


  • Snap, magnetic, and zip closure YKK zips
  • Water-resistant
  • Laptops backpack
  • Polyester lining
  • RFID lockable security pocket
  • retractable key leash, reflective ink on the front and back 
  • Magnetic water bottle pocket
  • 20-24 liters capacity


  • Very versatile
  • Water-resistant
  • Lots of pockets
  • Well made


  • Some find it too blocky

Why you should buy this  gray man  backpack

It is very versatile and functional. It can tick all the boxes on your gray man bags list. 

6. HEIMPLANET Original- Best Minimalist Gray Man Backpack

If you’re going for a streamlined and minimalist gray man backpack, this is the best option.

The Heimplanet Original stands out with its simple minimalist design. It’s a no-frills gray man backpack that offers only 3 exterior pockets and one laptop compartment. This works for those who do not need a lot of storage space. Hence, it functions best as a laptop backpack.

Albeit the less pocket, this sleek backpack will serve you well. It’s quite spacious and the 18 l carrying capacity can be extended up to 20 liters.


  • Made in the USA
  • 15-inch shoulder drop
  • 18-liter volume
  • 00D Cordura Nylon 6.6 with PU Coated YKK Zips


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Simple minimalist design


  • Some find the strap too short

Why you should buy this  gray man backpack

If you need a minimalist yet durable model, this is a great option. It functions well as a laptop bag.

7. Matein Travel- Best Tech Gray Man Backpack

This is one of the best gray man backpacks to carry your laptops and other gadgets.

The Matein Travel gray man backpack has a lot of storage compartments too. And the main compartment can conveniently carry laptops and other gadgets. 

It’s also rather comfortable on the back. The padding is thick but well ventilated. And the shoulder straps are equally nice too, there are no pinching points.

This gray man bag is also suitable for traveling. It features a discrete anti-theft pocket at the back where you can keep your valuables. And with a built-in USB charger port, this is definitely convenient to use for airplane rides.


  • Polyester outer material with nylon lining
  • Zipper closure
  • Water-resistant
  • 32-liter capacity
  • USB port design


  • Has an anti-theft pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Has access to the USB charging port
  • Can hold a lot of stuff


  • No easy access for handguns

Why you should buy this gray man backpack

It can hold things aplenty and with individual compartments too. It’s the ideal backpack for travels or backpacking trips.

8. SwissGear 1900 Scansmart- Best Spacious

If you are looking for an everyday carry with a TSA lock, this is it.

Equipped with a TSA lock, it’s ideal for use in travels or anywhere you need additional security for your things. . And even in regular commuting, this will keep all of your valuables safe and sound. It also has a water pocket to keep you hydrated during your travels and commute.

Moreover, it has an easy access laptop commitment that’s separate at the front. This gray man bag has several storage spaces where you can separately store your valuables and other small items. 

As for the comfort, the shoulder strap has a mesh material that feels nice on the sohs dr shoulders. Moreover, it’s  heavy-duty and can take on use and abuse. 


  • 31-liter capacity
  • Zip closure
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and top handle
  • Polyester material
  • Water bottle pocket


  • Large capacity
  • TSA lock
  • Sufficient compartments
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some experience issues with the zipper

Why you should buy this gray man backpack

It’s spacious and has a TSA lock! Need we say more?

9. Mystery Ranch- Best Rugged Gray Man Backpack

This rugged backpack will serve you well. It may look like a cowboy but it’s very comfortable to carry.

This rugged man backpack may look all brawny, but everything about it is comfortable. The back panel feels nice on the back and it perfectly sits close to your body. The straps are also comfortable and there are no pinching points. 

The zippers are also waterproof and the overall build is nice. It’s durable and can handle use and abuse. 

Moreover has a 3 zip design that allows for always access to your stuff. It really feels comfortable for commuting too.


  • 21-liter capacity
  •  Laptop style built-in laptop and tablet sleeves
  • 3-ZIP design


  • Durable 
  • Comfortable
  • Easy access zippers


  • Some find the zipper too stiff

Why you should buy this  gray man  backpack

It’s durable and rugged. so it can take on a lot of use and abuse. 

10. Under Armour Hustle Backpack- Best Water Resistant Gray Man Backpack

If you’re heading to the gym, this Under Armour Hustle backpack- will keep all your valuables safe. It’s highly water-resistant too.

This sleek-looking gray man backpack is best to use for the gym. And since it is highly water-resistant, you have no worries if you need to run through rain showers. Even the front pockets repel water so you are sure that your things will stay dry.

As for the comfort, we cannot complain. The back panel has a mesh lining. So it’s breathable and you won’t sweat that much. Even the shoulder straps are built for comfort. 

So you can use this edc backpack anywhere too aside from the gym, especially if you want to don a sporty look. And you can store your shoes properly. The shoe compartment is located at the bottom.


  • 29 liters capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  •  gusseted front laundry/shoe pocket


  • Highly Water-resistant
  • Sporty look
  • Appropriate location of shoe pocket


  • Some think it lacks internal pockets

Why you should buy this  gray man  backpack

It’s  sporty and water-resistant that’s perfect for the gym.

What to Look for When Buying a Gray Man Bag

Before buying your gray man bag, take a moment to read these pointers. Look out for these when making a purchase.

1. Capacity

Different brands of gray man bags offer varying capacities. So you have to ask yourself what will you store in the bag and if it will fit. While some bags may have an extendable weight capacity, it’s best not to overload them so that they will last longer.

2. Style

Gray-man bags come in an array of styles. We have sporty, rugged, minimalist, and laptop-style backpacks. So you don’t have to settle for one that does not match your taste. You’re sure to find one you fancy on our list.  

3. Hydration

Does it have a water bottle compartment? If you’re using it for the gym, travels, or commuting, this is one feature you have to consider.

4. Shoulder straps

Get the measurement of the shoulder straps and see if it fits your body well. Because if it’s too short, it will look like a kid’s backpack on you. Alternatingly, gray man bags with adjustable shoulder straps are better.

5. Grab handle

Bags with grab handles make it versatile. Thus you can use the bag in two ways. Backpacks with grab handles can also be used as a briefcase. But make sure that the grab handle does not come off as uncomfortable when you’re using the bag as a pack.

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6. Weight

Bags with tons of storage compartments may be heavier. So you might want to look into these. We also have lightweight options should you need one. 

7. Access

Bags with easy access to your tactical gears are useful if you have handguns. In addition, you’d also want to have easy access to your phone or wallet. The ideal grey man bag will not compel you to dig into the entire lot to search for your phone. 

Best Gray Man EDC Bag

8. Organization

Does it have sufficient internal and external pockets? Do you need small compartments to store the smaller items? The number of compartments and their size varies per model. So this is also one thing that you have to check. 

9. Fit

This is especially important for a gray man backpack. You don’t want a backpack that comes off as too tight or too loose. If it’s too close to your back, that can restrict your movement. And if it’s too loose, you might lose it while you’re running. It has to have a snug fit, but you also have to be comfortable while wearing it. 

10. Ballistic insert

If you have handguns, this is a crucial feature. Make sure that the gray man bag that you fancy offers a dedicated compartment for handguns. And it should also offer easy access so you can just grab them when the need arises. 

11. Laptop sleeve or storage

If you’re bringing a laptop, you have to look for this feature. Even if it has a large compartment where your laptop can fit, it might not be able to provide sufficient support. So it has to have dedicated storage for your laptops. 

What is an EDC bag

EDC is the acronym for an everyday carry bag. Thus, it’s where you can toss and store all the things that you may be needing. Whether you’re hiking, commuting, traveling, or just running errands, these bags will serve you well.

A grey man every day carry bag, on the other hand, is an unassuming every day carry. Since it’s color gay, with a neutral tone, it will not draw too much attention. Hence, this is suitable for storing valuables and handguns. Because people will not know what you’re carrying as opposed to a tactical bag.

Gray man bags are also versatile. It can be used for work, play, or pretty much anywhere. And they are also durable because it’s expected that they will have to take on use and abuse. 


What is the difference between an every day carry and a bug out bag?

Bug out bag  is a planned one that you often organize beforehand. This is the bag that you will grab when disaster strikes. An everyday carry, on the other hand, is what you carry with you all the time.  It can make you prepare better for disaster should it strike and your bug out bag is at home. 


The best gray man bag is functional and versatile. It could serve you very well for almost all facets of your life, and any activity for that matter. And albeit a very neutral gray hue, you will not be ashamed if you’re caught using these. The bags in our selection are only functional, they are decently nice too.

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