The 14 Best Intermediate Snowboard Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

If you’re in between a beginner and a pro snowboarder, you have come to the right spot. We have the best intermediate snowboards that are not too easy nor too hard. It will still provide you a rush of adrenaline but it will not be too difficult to ride.

You’ll be able to use these snowboards longer than a beginner’s board. Especially if you’re a fast learner, you have to park that newbie snowboard right away.

Best Intermediate Snowboard

So let’s get it on with our top picks.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Ride Wild Life Snowboard
  2. Ride Machete GT 161cm Mens Snowboard
  3. Rossignol Templar

Quick Summary

This is a quick overview of some of the Best Intermediate Snowboards that we have on our list. We have mentioned a few brands that are well acknowledged by the critics and users based on their functionality and usage. For a detailed review of all our ten picks, head to our 10 Best Intermediate Snowboards list.

  • The  Ride Wild Life Snowboard is the perfect snowboard for free riders who like it a bit more subtle. It’s also one of the more stable boards for freeride.
  • Ride Machete GT 161cm is built for speed. You can travel faster uphill and downhill with such control at the same time.
  • You can use the Rossignol Templar  in almost any type of terrain! This is the most versatile intermediate snowboard on our list. Like the Ride Machete GT 161cm, this is also built for speed.
  • With it’s all mountain TBT design, the  Bataleon The Jam 162 is the most flexible on our list. You can also use this for different types of terrains and expect maximum performance. 
  • YES Basic is an intermediate snowboard that can also be used by beginners.  It has excellent landing that makes it very accommodating  to the newbies
Ride Wild Life sinteredstiffPerformance (Aspen/Bamboo/Paulownia)Check Latest Price
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Ride Machete GT 161cmsinteredmediumPerformanceCheck Latest Price
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Rossignol Templar sinteredMedium to softReinforced woodCheck Latest Price
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Bataleon The Jam 162angledStiff to mediumReactor coreCheck Latest Price
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YES Basic extrudedmediumFull poplarCheck Latest Price
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Ride BurnoutsinteredmediumPerformanceCheck Latest Price
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Pasanhoo All-MountainsinteredSoft Poplar woodCheck Latest Price
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Salomon SleepwalkerextrudedMedium to softPoplar woodCheck Latest Price
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Jones Youth ProdigysinteredmediumLightweight classicCheck Latest Price
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AK2 Simple PleasuressinteredStiff to mediumBambooyahCheck Latest Price
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Salomon Huck KnifesinteredmediumAspenCheck Latest Price
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Burton Process Off-Axis sinteredmediumPure popCheck Latest Price
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Arbor Element Black RockersinteredmediumSingle maltCheck Latest Price
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Endeavor RangersinteredMedium to softPoplar with birchCheck Latest Price
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The 14 Best Intermediate Snowboard

1. Ride Wild Life Snowboard – Best Overall

It is one of the best snowboards for an intermediate rider who likes easy going freeride boards. It has a directional shape and directional camber. You can also find there a good bit of rocker in the nose but none in its tail. It is most suitable for people who like what a freeride board can do in a less aggressive way.

You can also find this much cheaper than the ordinary freeride board in the market. It can be the best choice for you if you have a limited budget but like this type of board. Though it’s an easy-going ride, it is essential to note that it’s not suitable for beginners.

The quadratic sidecut improves stability and edge hold for this kind of board, which offers faster glide compared to other boards in the same category. This snowboard also has slime walls that provide a smoother ride and stable landing. It even plays well in uneven terrain and quite useful in natural kickers.

A Quadratic Sidecut improves stability, edge hold, and provides a smoother ride and increased durability. Topless construction also enhances strength and reduces the weight of the board. The softer flex and rocker profile gives this board a versatile, all-mountain ride suitable for all levels of riders.


  • It is much cheaper than your average freeride board.
  • It boasts quadratic sidecut for added stability and ensures a smooth ride,
  • It improves durability and reduces the weight due to its topless construction.


  • Not good at jibbing and locking the rocker in its tail.

2. Ride Machete GT 161cm Mens Snowboard – Best for Speed

This snowboard should be on your top list due to its tensile, flex, and burst strength provided by its top-notch raw materials. The manufacturer ensures that the snowboard is made with the best base materials for extended durability and optimum performance. It also boasts twin hybrid camber, which provides perfect balance and better stance. The hybrid camber also allows the user to perform all tricks without losing the balance.

Moreover, the snowboard is made with a sintered base to get the optimal speed and control. You won’t have any problem when traveling uphill and downhill with the same control and efficiency since the base can tolerate the maximum volume of shocks and vibrations. Hence, lessening the possibility of an injury.


  • Highly efficient twin flex for forward and reverse movement
  • Flexibility to turn, side-cut, and take off.
  • It’s easier to accelerate.


  • Its medium flex is not suitable for high-speed actions.

 3. Rossignol Templar – Best Versatile

A Rossignol Templar is a good board to use once you are ready to take the next level. It is also one of the best intermediate all-mountain snowboards since you can ride it in any terrain or condition. This capability is best for those who want to ride faster and get better in turns. It has a balanced flex with Serrated edges and new Basalt and Kevlar fiber reinforcement that will guarantee superior grip and stability.

In snow, the templar has a very stable feel but not as durable as a full camber. The spin is ok but not the same as a rocker or hybrid rocker boards in terms of it being loose underfoot in the snow. It can give you a consistent and predictable ride in any conditions that are best for riders who are beginner and intermediate. For those riders that need a quick response, then choose this board because of the minimal camber that will make the feel of the board under your foot not lively.


  • Great beginner pipe board.
  • The snowboard’s 5S serrated edges improve edge grip for confident carving feel.
  • It can provide increased control, especially for landing.


  • Not much pop here when it comes to an ollie

4. Bataleon The Jam 162 Snowboard – Best Flexible

What sets the Bataleon 162 board different from other snowboards is its all-mountain TBT design that allows the user the ability to move across various kinds of terrains. Due to its well-distributed camber, it enhances the board efficiency that adds to its flexibility while being used. You will also enjoy the positive value of tail and nose, making the maneuvering of the board more natural and more stable. The snowboard also boasts its reverse camber that enables a wider stance for better balance.

You would also expect smooth transition during heel side turn, forward lean, and take off due to its All mountain TBT. Additionally, ample space will be provided to ensure that users can freely rotate their ankle while doing your tricks or take off. Moreover, the board’s length and width give you ample space to freely change your stance if you need to. This flexibility gives you the freedom to do various snowboarding techniques within the safety zones and reach the optimum efficiency in style and speed.


  • Equipped with all-mountain TBT design for maximum flexibility.
  • Reverse camber that enables a wide stance for better balance.
  • Sufficient length of board that gives you the freedom to change stance


  • The Foot grip over powder float is difficult

5. YES Basic – Best for Beginners

Now let’s check out the YES basic, one of the best snowboards for beginners to intermediate level riders. Many snowboarders have tried and used this board because it’s a low-cost freestyle to mountain-freestyle boards. It is made with a balanced CamRock profile and an even smooth flex. It has an UnderBite edge that uses the rider’s weight in enhancing the turning with ease and edge hold. The flex of the board works well while riding in parks but still ok if you use it on the mountain. You will definitely like it if you wish to have a snappy but mellow park ride and also if you want a forgiving board that will help you progress.

The Yes Basic is also a good ride in powder even if you decide to switch from centered. You will have fun using this board, especially if you want to make all kinds of turn while riding on the mountain. The jumps have a rubbery feel and just have the right pop on to it. It’s ok in ollies and has a beautiful board in small to medium kickers.


  • Affordable snowboard compared to same category snowboard
  • Excellent stability when landing or when curving
  • Easy turn initiation


  • Not that good in beg kicker and don’t jib much

6. Ride Burnout – Best In Uneven Terrains

One of the best all-rounder snowboards with a twin hybrid camber, it is well balanced in both camber and rocker which means that it works well in powder, on jumps and rails. They strategically place a carbon stringer to make the board responsive. With the help of cleaved steel edges, the board will stay in its top shape even if you slide in railing many times.

The board feels refreshingly robust in the foot, which helps you do bigger tricks in harsher terrain. The combinations of different woods used in the board created the perfect balance of strength and light for the rider. It has a fast turn initiation and also has a lovely spring out of the turn and can make harder turns. You can smoothly ride around uneven terrain since it tolerates bumped and easy to navigate.


  • Good in uneven terrain
  • Full wooden core for stability and durability.
  • It tolerates bumps quite nicely and is easy to navigate.
  • Medium speed


  • This board is a bit more challenging to press.

7. Pasanhoo All-Mountain Snowboard – Best for Intense Ride

If you’re an intermediate snowboarder who’s looking for a heavy-duty snowboarder, then you might try checking Pasanhoo All-mountain snowboard. Pasanhoo brand is known for its durable snowboards with their accumulated experience for twenty years. With this much credibility, you won’t be surprised to find their products built to perform excellently on all terrains and back-country trails.

The snowboard’s twin shape features make it easy to maneuver in any condition, and since its made with Poplar wood core, it offers a more durable and lighter base to provide pop, strength, and reduced weight

The board also boasts a medium flex suitable for snowboarders looking for stability and support for stomped landings. This feature offers enough space for wiggle room that you can use to practice and gain experience while snowboarding. Lastly, Pasanhoo snowboards will be your new favorite because of their Biaxial fiberglass that features jib-friendly and torsionally soft flex.


  • The Biaxial Fiberglass creates a jib friendly and forgiving flex pattern.
  • It is composed of Poplar Wood Core that offers stronger and lighter woods target specific areas of the core
  • The Shape of the board is symmetrical enough for a balanced ride and stability


  • Extruded base

8. Salomon Sleepwalker – Best Balanced

One of the rider’s choices because of its nice pop while riding in snow parks. The Solomon sleepwalker can also provide you a very smooth ride, which is ideal for intermediate riders who like some challenge from rail-filled parks to groomed pistes and tree runs. With its Popster’s shaped core profile, it can maximize the powerful pop and natural snap of the board, which feels like the kicktail is connected firmly to the board.

It has an Aspen Strong Core that assures stability on the board. The Rock out camber is placed under the rider’s foot, which makes it very stable and helps you in tackling more challenging terrain with confidence. You can also find a nice pop while riding this board and also useful when used in small to medium-sized jumps. Moreover, Salomons Sleepwalker also boasts its dampening features in which it can dampen vibrations and reduce fatigue in all snow conditions.


  • The snowboard offers excellent flexibility
  • Not heavy
  • The pop’s shaped core helps maximize the natural snap and powerful pop of wood
  • The right balance is being provided due to the camber near feet, bringing great tip/tail press.


  • Extruded base

9. Jones Youth Prodigy – Best for Kids

The Jones Youth Prodigy is a brand-new snowboard brand that has become famous for kids and young riders who got a hand of the basics and want to step up in their snowboarding skills. The materials used on this board are the same on the adult-sized. Though the blunted nose is not usually seen in a kid’s board, it is placed in Jones Youth Prodigy. It allows the board to have more maneuverability.

The Jones board is easy to maintain and repaired because of the extruded base made by melting polyethylene pellets. The oversized steel edges also gave it some serious knocks but still give you an excellent performance. The Jones Youth is one of the best intermediate snowboarding equipment for kids that uses sidewalls that are usually made from ABS recycled plastics. It also has slightly oversized steel edges that allow it to take some great turns and knocks without sacrificing performance.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Manuevirity is suitable for kids with basic knowledge of snowboarding


  • Make sure the kids have experienced when using this since they might feel its a little narrower than beginner snowboards.

10. AK2 Simple Pleasures – Best for Bumpy Snow

The AK2 Simple Pleasures has a broad nose and waist that make you ride over powder nicely. It has an effective edge results that will provide its rider a great ride. It reacts quickly while you’re riding it, and the camber also responds quite nicely. It is the right choice for you if you want to have fun on every ride. You will enjoy every ride both at high speed and at a slower pace because of its camber and tapered tip.

Its core is a Bambooyah or a cross-layers of bamboo and fiberglass. It gives the best thing from both materials, which is the lightness of the bamboo and the toughness of the fiberglass. These materials also mean that you don’t need to worry about some knocks and just enjoy your ride.


  • Good flexibility
  • Very versatile
  • Maneuverable


  • You might need to shed extra cash to buy it. But you will get your money’s worth.

11. Salomon Huck Knife – Best for Freestyle

The Salomon Huck Knife is also one of the best choices for an intermediate rider. It’s an epic ride and made with big air in mind. Due to the blunted nose helps in control both in air and on the ground. It has a nice pop to it because of the large camber which is excellent in small to large jumps. The flexibility is just right with its medium flex.

The Salomon Huck Knife is a freestyle ride. It’s also not bad if you want to ride it in uneven terrain. The sintered base is engineered for fast glide and strengthens the impact resistance of the board. It also has a nice quick turn from edge to edge.


  • Good stability
  • Feels excellent in jumps.
  • Sintered Base that is engineered for fast glide and gives strengths to tolerate impact resistance when landing.


  • Not as durable as its predecessors from Solomons

12. Burton Process Off-Axis Men’s Snowboard – Best Functional

The Burton Process Off-Axis is made with a combination of fiberglass and wooden core exteriors that improves stability, strength, durability, and flexibility of the snowboard. You will be amazed at the precise shape of this snowboard coupled with edge trimming and durable base material. These features and squeeze core design helps you achieve the best speed control while snowboarding. Its lengths also make it easier for snowboarders to shift their weight while directing the movements and improves stance to get more balance. Hence, control of acceleration is easy to achieve within a short time.

In terms of functionality, the flat standard camber line is the primary factor that improves the body weight distribution, turning, stance, and balancing of the center of gravity while doing movements. The shape of the board is symmetrical and gives you more options when craving. Thus, increasing efficiency when doing forward, reverse actions, and landing. Burton 162 is one of the easiest to form grip over the board if you’re doing multiple tricks.


  • Made with fiberglass and wooden core exteriors providing stability, strength, durability, and flexibility while snowboarding.
  • The precise shape that improves balance and carving
  • Standard camber line design to improve the body weight distribution


  • Designed for park riders

13. Arbor Element Black Rocker – Best Forgiving

The Arbor Element Black Rocker Snowboard is a directional twin that you can use in any condition and can last for many years. It is an all-mountain freestyle ride where you can learn some freestyle and helps develop your turns, carves, and become more stable at an intermediate level. The rocker system combines a progressive parabolic arc rocker profile with a tri-radial Grip Tech sidecut design. It will give you more natural, and cleaner tracking turns.

The Single Malt Core is Arbor’s standard wood core for building snowboards. It is made with 100% sustainable poplar that ensures reliable and optimal durability for its user. You don’t need to worry if you are not able to wax it for a while because its performance is still guaranteed due to its extruded base. The medium flex it has will give you some spunk but yet responsive while you ride on the slopes. Try this now and expect great joy while using the board.


  • It has an excellent carving ability
  • Good flexibility
  • Not heavy
  • Smooth stability
  • Durable
  • Well balanced


  • Not ideal for a jib board

14. Endeavor Ranger – Best Powder Board

The Ranger is also one of the best intermediate snowboards, especially if you want to ride on the softer side of the medium in terms of flex. This board allows you to ride freestyle and other parts of the mountain ride. It has excellent spin and much better in taking small to medium jumps and side hits.

It can be used by an intermediate to not so beginner rider. You can easily skid turns on and start turn as well. The speed is average at most but excellent in bumps and can smoothly go through between bumpy spots. It has a better and stable landing in small jumps.

The board is a bit heavy but feels lighter in the snow. It’s easy to spin and has nice pop, which helps when riding around without much airtime or on a tricky approach. The Endeavor Ranger also boasts its board made with fibers running along in three directions to better-equipped snowboarders for uneven trains and bumps. These features also allow flexibility and stability when taking turns or when approaching landing. However, this snowboard might not be right for you if you want to try any big tricks while snowboarding.


  • Has a nice spin to it when snowboarding
  • Have an average speed suitable for intermediate snowboarders.
  • The fiberglass is lined up with three fibers to provide stable and more responsive grip.


  • The snowboard is not a hard carver.

Buying Guides: What to Look for the Best Intermediate Snowboard

Best Intermediate Snowboard

If you are already suited to intermediate snowboarding and want to ride in more challenging terrain, then it’s time for you to get a new snowboard. It will help you to navigate and get more of the challenges you seek in your level. 

But before buying anything ,, you need to consider some things to get the right board for you. Here are things that can help you in choosing the right intermediate snowboard for you. 

The length. In a general rule, the range of your board should reach somewhere between your nose and chin while it’s standing. If you also want, you can check a size chart to get a precise length. Remember to add your weight as well to get the right length for the board.

Type of Snowball. there are boards for all-mountain, freestyle, freeride, powder, and split boards. In choosing the type, you need to consider the terrain where you want to ride. 

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Camber and Rocker .as you may know, there are many kinds of camber and rocker profiles available out there. A cambered board is the best choice if you want a fast riding experience on groomed runs. If you are riding soft snow, it’s preferable to have a flat rocker, camber/rocker or flat rocker. 

Width. for the board’s width, your booth should be slightly over the edges but not enough, or it could drag and make you lose control.

Snowboard Shape. get a directional board for high-speed carving, a true twin board if you want to ride in a park or for pipe use, or a directional twin for all-mountain riding. 

You can also check other features like sidecut radius, effective edge, board flex, and the base material to define what kind of snowboard you want to have finally. 

What is an Intermediate Snowboard?

An intermediate snowboard is a snowboard that is usually used by riders who are considered an intermediate level or riders who got the hang of the basics and are ready to step up a level already. Typically, intermediate snowboarding is deemed to be a level along 3 or 4 or someone who knows how to link turns from heels to toes. 

How to Care for Your Snowboard

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. You have to take care of your snowboard. And here’s how to properly give it some TLC.

Edging and detuning

Sharpening your snowboard is a must. Any roughness or cracks on the surface can slow you down the slope. 

For edging, you need a file guide. So just run the file guide on the surface of the snowboard with long smooth strokes. This will get rid of the rough edges and the rust.

Then for the detuning, you’ll also need a file. Detuning isn’t actually done often. But this will prevent the board from being catchy. So just slide the file from the widest point to the top and tail.

Waxing your snowboard properly

Why do you need to wax your snowboard? Because it gives protection from the snow’s moisture. And don’t wait for the ski season to end before you wax your board. Snowboards should be waxed every 3 trips.

And here’s how it do it properly

  1. Only use the scraper intended for use on snowboards. Using other materials may scratch it or cause damage to the surface.
  2. Remove the debris or previous wax by slowly running the scraper on the board’s surface. 
  3. Get your snowboard wax and use a flat iron to warm it. But be careful not to scorch it. If it creates smoke, it’s too hot.
  4. Drip the wax in straight lines on the base of your snowboard. 
  5. Avoid the temptation to put too much wax. You might need to scrape off the excess.
  6. Let it cool for about ten minutes. 

Proper storage

After use, always wipe down your snowboard with a clean cloth. You need to remove the dirt and grease before chucking them in. 

The best way to store snowboards is to hang them up on a wall. And avoid placing them on cement. And if you notice any cracks or wax that has ripped off, you can wax that area to repair it.


Which should I buy first a snowboard, boots, or bindings?

If you’re not ready to buy everything yet, then it’s better to buy boots first. Purchasing the correct boots means you can get more comfortable while riding and stay longer. You also don’t need to rent anymore.

What kind of board do I need to buy?

Before you buy anything, try a demo first. Some snowboard brands have demo days where you can try a board to test out. It will give you an idea of what kind of board you want to have. 

After that, you need to check out the size, camber, style, flex, and price. You may want to take into consideration how and where you want to ride your board. 


First thing first, remember that unless you are a professional snowboarder, you still need some guidance from an expert. It is especially true in choosing the right snowboard you want to use as well. They can give you the right advice in selecting the right board, depending on your style.

Moreover, there are many kinds of snowboards around, some are great, and some are reasonably priced. However, what’s important is to get a snowboard that suits your level and the type of riding you enjoy.


Ride Wildlife Snowboard Mens

The Ride Wild Life boasts of a stiff flex, but it’s quite reactive and lively at the same time. It’s not that aggressive but it can still indulge you in a fun and exciting ride. It lets you enjoy the best of both works. It’s pretty stable but it’s not too catchy, and it’s not dead at all. It’s actually a bit more responsive than we had thought.

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