9 Best Ski Back Protector

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  1. ALPINESTARS Nucleon KT-Celli
  2. DAKINE 
Best Ski Back Protector

Helmets aren’t the only protective gear that you need for skiing. There’s always a risk of collision with the trees or you may plunge towards the hard snow. Without a ski back protector, even the slightest impact on your spine can mean disaster.

If you’re leisurely skiing, do you still need a back protector? Yes, if you want to protect your spine that is. Both leisure and pro skiers are vulnerable to such accidents. And spine injury, along with breast injuries are two of the most common accidents that one can encounter with this sport. 

So we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to head out into the snow without the full gear. In this article, we’re going to list down 10 of the best ski back protectors. Keep scrolling to see what brands you should buy to complete your full protection gear.

Here is the List of Best Ski Back Protector:

  1. ALPINESTARS Nucleon KT-Celli
  2. DAKINE 
  5. Alpinestars
  6. POC Spine VPD Air Backpack
  7. POC Women’s Spine Air Vest
  8. POC VPD 2.0 Vest
  9. VOKKA

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Ski protectors are like armors. You will not embark on the battle without full protection unless you want to seriously hurt yourself. After all, skiing should be fun. So to avoid such mishaps, it’s best to come fully geared.

Let’s find out what brands are on the top of our list.

1. ALPINESTARS Nucleon KT-Celli

This back protector fits all sizes! It’s rare to find a skiing back protection that can fit almost everyone.

One of the common concerns with back protectors is fitting. Sometimes, even the smallest size is too big or the largest size can still be too small. Alpinestars came up with a unique three-dimensional design that covers the shoulders to the waist. Hence, it can fit anyone.

And there’s more to love about Alpinestars ski back protector. Let’s dive into it

  • The outer case is durable and flexible at the same time. It’s made from a polymeric blend material.
  • It hugs your body snuggly like a glove
  • It has horizontal flexion grooves that adapt to various situations
  • It combines a balance between absorbing impact and dispersing the force

And it’s quite light at 12.8 ounces. Also, it allows for more range of motion, thus your performance won’t be affected.


  • Durable and solid
  • Fits all sizes
  • Can adapt to various sports situations
  • Fits well
  • Allows good airflow
  • Has an ergonomic design


  • Might not be usable in normal day to day activities

Why you should buy this back protector

It fits snugly and it feels rather well built. You can instantly tell that this ski back protector was constructed from high-quality materials. And give us something ergonomic and we’re all sold. When you’re speaking of sports performance, you need a back protector that can move with you. This Alpinestars back protector can surely do that.

It’s also a perfect choice if you want decent back protection without shelling a lot of dough. And this could perhaps be one of the most flexible back protectors on our list.


Dakine is a spine protector that you can comfortably fit inside your snow and bike packs.

You might have a challenging time finding suitable back protection for snowboarding. DAKINE is a heavy-duty solution to your snowboard safety dilemmas. This snowboard back protector is made of flexible and light material. 

In an event of a collision, this back protector dissipates the force, thereby protecting your spine from the high impact. And it offers the best protection for your central back too.

Since it’s lightweight, it can snuggly fit in multiple snowboard pads. It measures 20 cm wide and long, so it pretty much offers full coverage. The sides feature a hexagon pattern, and it feels soft and can be folded too.

Dakine is also among the best snowboarding back protectors on your list. It offers a great alternative to integrated protection.


  • Absorbs high impact
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Cover most of your back


  • Doesn’t come in any other color

Why you should buy this spine protector

DAKINE is flexible and it flows with your movement. It will not force your back to conform to a static or unnatural spinal position. DAKINE cradles your spine so it just feels natural. 


Pellor is an integrated protection for your back and your chest. It can provide extreme protection while encouraging movement at the same time.

An integrated protection can provide full coverage for your back and chest. But sometimes it restricts your movements. That’s concerning especially if it can affect your performance in sports.

The Pellor is the next big thing when it comes to back protection. It can give you a complete safety guard but it encourages a lot of movements at the same time too. It feels solid and strong. Yet it feels light and good at the same time too.

Let’s take a look at each safety features:

-plastic shell made of a very sturdy material

-spine protector

-Chest protector


  • Durable materials
  • Allows a lot of movement
  • can give full body protection
  • Lightweight
  • inexpensive for its worth


  • We wished it came with knee pads

Why you should buy this back protector

The PELLOR is truly a value for your money. It has a very affordable price tag but you get superior protection. It’s perfect for those looking for full-body protection that feels so light at the same time. And it moves with you. That’s a huge point for us. 


This multipurpose back protector can be used for a myriad of sports. It’s your all in one spinal protector for a range of extreme sports.

Aside from skiing, cycling and moto crossing are also high-risk sports for your spine. But you don’t need to buy a different back protector for every sport. The RIDBIKER is a versatile skiing back protector that you can use for a variety of extreme sports.

This multipurpose back protector is quite ergonomic too. It won’t restrict your movements. It’s made of a porous honeycomb structure making it comfortable and breathable. And in terms of durability, it can withstand high impact. The outer shell is made of a high-quality PP material.

Another advantage is that it’s adjustable. You can adjust the straps to fit your waist and shoulders. And this nylon belt and shoulder straps won’t snag your skin. It’s quite comfortable but durable at the same time too. 


  • Covers the whole mid-back of tall people
  • Multipurpose
  • Has a wide belt with fastener adjustment
  • Doesn’t restrict movements


  • Might be too long for shorter people

Why you should buy this back protector

We love how comfortable it is. The double pads underneath the PVC armor add a level of comfort. And for more protection, these pads are made of pf high-density EVA. So the RIDBIKER combines comfort and protection in one armor. Nothing is compromised. Then everybody’s happy

 5. Alpinestars

Alpinestars is a heavy-duty back ski back protector that feels lightweight.

Back protectors with a durable outer shell cover are great for safety measures but can be burdensome to wear. This Alpinestars model stands out with its lightweight yet heavy-duty design.

First, the outer shells are made of the polymeric material blend. This material is quite tough. So this back protector is made for extreme sports. But despite its durability, the back shell is not restrictive. The outer shell has perforations that allow better ventilation.

In addition, the outer shell can absorb high impact. So it provides full support and protection for your entire back. 

Secondly, it’s comfortable to wear. And it’s not difficult to put it on. Because it has an ergonomic design and it fits snugly to your body. You may also adjust the tightness of the fit with the elastic straps. This back protector features a snug fit system. So it can be adjusted to fit various body shapes and sizes. 

It also boasts of a soft cushion technology. It features a soft foam padded chassis. All in all, the Alpinestars is perhaps one of the most complete yet comfortable back protectors on our list.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Can provide full protection
  • Has a kidney belt
  • Tough exterior but breathable shell case
  • Large back cover


  • The large back cover may be too large for the petite

Why you should buy this ski back protector

It’s an all in one gear. We love how it can provide maximum protection without looking bulky nor feeling heavy. 

6. POC Spine VPD Air Backpack

It’s a trail backpack and back protector in one. It’s perfect if you want to have adequate protection for your spine discreetly.

Sometimes what might put you off from wearing a back protector is the thought of looking like you’re fully armored. Well, some people don’t like the idea of having an armor wrapped around their back, even if it’s good for them.

So this POC spine and back protector is a great alternative. You can have your back protected without screaming it out loud. This trail backpack just looks sporty and cool too.

Another advantage is that it is a fully functional backpack. It has compartments and has side pockets where you can put some of your essentials. The compartments are equally placed inside the bag. So everything is well balanced and it won’t interfere with your performance. 

The built-in back protector weighs 600 grams and has a twin strap closure stem. And the backpack fits your body like a glove. It’s made of a unique material that flexes and hugs your back so that you won’t even feel that you’re carrying one. It fits perfectly without being constricting at the waist. 


  • Water-resistant material
  • Well balanced compartments and side pockets
  • Can carry 3 liters of water
  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated


  • The mobile phone pocket is too narrow

Why you should buy this ski  back protector

We love how we can have durable back protection without letting the whole world know about it. It’s a discreet way of protecting your spine. And of course, the bag is fully functional too. It has a lot of storage space that comes in very handy.

7. POC Women’s Spine Air Vest

This 2-in-1 vest and back protector is made for the active woman. It’s lightweight yet fully geared to provide you the needed protection for your spine.

Back protectors are often bulky and heavy. No one wants that especially if you’re a woman. Even if you are active and all Amazonian, you’re still a woman. So we all like it light and discreet. This POC vest weighs only 750 g all in all. That’s the vest and the back protector included.

Even if it’s light, it can still provide great protection for your vertebrae. The back protector is made of three 3 liters. 


  • Breathable mesh material
  • Can hold 3 liters of water
  • Has 3 layers of back protection
  • Waist can be adjusted to fit women of almost all sizes
  • You can attach a helmet to it


  • Can be too big around the shoulders for slim women

Why you should buy this back protector

It’s discreet, lightweight, but can give spine protection for women. We love how light it feels. It wasn’t bulky. And we also love how it has an attachment where you can put on a helmet so, in a sense, you get a full armor without having to look like you have one on.

8. POC VPD 2.0 Vest

POC VPD vest can give you full protection without the bulky feeling. It’s suitable for both men and women too.

Full gear can be bulky and heavy. Whilst you want to get full protection, the heavy armor can just be counterproductive too. That’s where the POC VPD 2.0 vest excels. This unisex vest can offer a full prediction. And it feels light at the same time.

Here are some of the protections that you can get with this ski vest.

-3D molded back protector

-Shoulder pads

-Elbow pads

3- ply chest protector

These features offer more security in an unlikely accident that you would fall. Furthermore, this back protector consists of a crash protector strap. This safety feature ensures that the elbow pads stay in place.


  • Breathable mesh material
  • Offers full protection
  • Has a crash protector strap
  • Unisex


  • Fits loosely for some

Why you should buy this ski back protector

This is a better offtake from the previous version. The POC V2 has indeed leveled up all of its safety features. We love the strong shock absorption capacity of this vest. But it doesn’t feel heavy or restrictive at all. All in all, it’s breathable and airy. You get the full protection without felony that you have armor on.


Vokka is a spine and back protector that you can also wear to correct your posture

Often, it’s challenging to keep a straight posture. While you can find a myriad of back protectors in the market, not all can assist in correcting your posture. The VOKKA back protector combines these two

It can provide lightweight protection for your back and spine. And it can also correct your posture at the same time. You can even wear them while working in front of your computers. It looks like a vest that you strap on your back. You can adjust it to fit your waist with the velcro strap. 


  • Can correct bad posture
  •  Adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for everyday use


  • Not for heavy-duty use

Why you should buy this back protector

This vest helps improve your posture. It’s a lightweight back protector that you can use for leisurely sports and even for daily activities.  

Why Should You Use a Ski Back Protector

Back protectors play a crucial role in minimizing injuries. It may even prevent spinal paralysis and even death. So you might be asking yourself how a combination of rubber or polymer blend vest or backpack saves you?

Back protectors are designed to do these- absorb the impact or disperse the force. Some brands can do both. These actions lessen the force that your spine is going to take in the event of a collision. 

And skiing is considered a very risky sport too. Especially if you are competing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a  beginner. You can come across accidents such as a collision with a tree, a rock, or your fellow skier. Even an improper landing on hard snow can cause serious injuries. Even snowboarding has its fair share of emergencies. 

The honest answer to that question is a resounding yes. Whether you’re a pro or leisurely sliding in the snow, you need a ski back protector.

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What to Look for in a Ski Back Protector

Back protectors are essential safety gear for skiing.

 But not everything sold on the internet is what it claims to be. So how can you choose the 

legitimate ones?

1.Must meet European standards EN 1621-2. 

How else would you ensure the effectiveness of a Ski Back Protector if it weren’t tested? Ski back protectors must meet this European standard. It means that the Ski Back Protector can indeed give you the protection that it’s been claiming. 

But keep in mind that wearing one doesn’t mean that you won’t get hurt anymore. It can lessen the impact of an injury, but it won’t make you invisible or untouchable.

And all of the brands in our recommendation have met this standard of quality.

2. Ergonomic design

In sports performance, the freedom to move can mean a difference between losing or winning. Thus, you have to get back protection that’s ergonomically designed. It has to move with you. And it should be able to conform to the natural curve of your spine, not the other way around.

3. Light enough

How else would you be able to perform well if you feel like you have an armor weighing on you? The best ski back protector should be able to provide decent support without dragging you down.

4. Fits well

Ill-fitting back protection is almost the same as not wearing one. 

5. Allows for air ventilation

It should be breathable. It should allow for better airflow. Otherwise, you’ll get all sweaty and hot. It can really be uncomfortable and can take your focus away from your game.

How to Get Best Ski Back Protector

We are going to list down several pointers to consider. Ponder on these to get the best back protector for your spine and back

1. It should cover your entire back

We’re not just protecting your central spine. Instead, the best back protector should cover your entire back. It should provide support from the neck up to your coccyx or tailbone.

It’s also a bonus if your shoulders are protected too. 

2. Get the proper size

Hot to get the proper fit? The size of your shirt is often used as a gauge. But what’s more important here is the length of the back protector. As mentioned in number 1, it should cover your full back

3. Gender-specific brands

Some brands are gender-specific, while there are also unisex brands. Women’s size has a narrower waist. So when getting a unisex brand, make sure it can fit you snuggly around the waist.

4. Wear your ski clothes when buying

It’s wise to wear your actual ski clothes when canvassing for a back protector. Since most spine protectors are worn inside your ski attire, it’s best to see how the Ski Back Protector feels. Move around a bit to see if it allows for a range of movement. You will also be able to feel how snug it would fit when you’re actually skiing. And because you won’t wear your regular clothes when you’re skidding on ice.

5. Go for highly breathable materials

You don’t want to bathe in your own sweat. You can lose your focus on the game and it can also breed bacteria. It’s also nice if you can get a ski back protector with antibacterial properties.  

6. It should fit you like a glove

It should be nice and tight. An ill-fitting ski back protector can go up to your back and get misaligned. Then it wouldn’t be able to provide you the needed spinal support.

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Do I still need a back protector if I am just leisurely skiing?

Yes. you are still at risk of accidents. Albeit it’s not a major one but the risk is still there. If you don’t want to go all full gear, you can always buy a lightweight back protector. It can give adequate back support for leisure skiing.

Can I still use my ski back protector after a collision?

If there has been an accident, normally your back protector would have some damages too. So it’s not ideal to use it again. 

And even if you haven’t been in any type of accident, it’s recommended to replace your ski back protector every 5 -7 years or so. This is because they can lose the shock-absorbing qualities over time. And it will also give you a chance to upgrade to a more innovative brand

Is it worth buying?

If it’s going to lessen the impact of an injury and even escape death, it is. Just make sure to buy legitimate back protectors so you’re getting the real deal


Back protectors may not be as popular as helmets when it comes to safety gear. This hardworking Ski Back Protector is often overlooked, especially in leisurely sports. What puts off most in wearing one is the bulky and heavy dragging feeling.

Good to know that the best back protectors don’t feel anything like that at all. Out tip picks can provide adequate support and back protection without the uncomfortable feeling. And these brands are innovative and ergonomically designed, you won’t even notice you’re wearing one.

So it’s high time to step up your game in terms of safety. So always wear a ski back protector. You would still want to have functional legs and limbs for the next game or season. 

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