10 Best Ski Boot Heaters – Keep Warm and Pain-free

Best Ski Boot Heaters

Skiing is an exciting and adventurous sport – one of the best ways to enjoy winter and the outdoors. Despite the cold, harsh winter and subzero temperatures, you still go for the thrill of the ride. You buy ski gear that provides you with the best comfort and warmth. 

And yet, your fun and strength are ruined from frozen, numb, and painful toes after extended outdoor skiing. Frozen feet can cause numbness, leading to lack of balance and feet sensation, increasing the risk for injury. How do you solve the problem? By purchasing the best ski boot heaters that you can comfortably wear daily in drastic cold weather. 

What qualities are we looking for in these boot heaters? Which products have the best ski boot heaters reviews? Let us have a rundown of the excellent ski boot heaters that prevent pain, frostbite, and injuries while you do your ski escapade. 

Top 10 Best Ski Boot Heaters: Product Review 

What made these ten picks to land the top spots? Let us check these detailed ski boot heater product review to choose the most suitable boot warmer for your skiing needs:

1. Therm-ic SmartPack 1200 – Best Boot Heaters With Multiple Heat Options

Therm-ic SmartPack 1200 is a high-quality ski boot heater with remote control settings for heat regulation. It has three adjustable heat settings and impulse control that promotes natural circulation, leading to effective heat production. It is a perfect heater for boots used in challenging terrain like steep mountain slopes. 

However, when the heater reaches increased temperature, its battery life decreases. It is only usable for boots with Thermic soles. 


  • Universal charger
  • Remote control feature
  • Impulse control for effective heat production
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery


  • Excellent heat production


  • High heat can drastically decrease battery life
  • Requires use of Thermic soles
  • Not applicable for pleasant weather conditions

Why you should buy this boot heater

It is an excellent ski boot heater with multiple heat settings and high heat production ideal for extreme weather conditions. 

2. Therm-ic C-pack 1700 – Best Wireless Ski Boot Heaters 

Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 boasts a modern bluetooth technology compatible with smartphones to deliver persistently extensive heat distribution in your toes. Its three heat settings also allow pausing of heat for effective power conservation. You can also perform individual control of the foot heater to efficiently target the problem foot, like in Raynaud’s disease.


  • Ultra-fine heating elements
  • With C-pack batteries
  • With bluetooth control through smartphone
  • USB charger and self-adhesive boot liners


  • Heat control through bluetooth
  • Heat-ready insoles
  • Various heat controls to choose from


  • Not for traditionally inclined skiers

Why you should buy this boot heater

If you are looking for an uber-modern and advanced boot heater with various control options and excellent heat coverage, Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 is perfect for you.  

3. Therm-ic Rc 1600 Smart Pack – Versatile and Best Ski Boot  Heaters

Thermic 1600 Smart Pack is one of the all-around, best ski boot warmers perfect for both professional and newbie skiers, as well as for all types of thermic soles. It works best with Therm-ic ski boot heaters and has a 3D anatomic structure made of EVA foam for additional cushioning, perfect for daily comfort. It is ideal for all skiers for any ski area, even at the most extreme temperatures. 

Its battery life is long at 29 hours with fast charging. It has impulse control and three heat options that increase blood flow and body heat for a more excellent heat performance. It has a remote control for convenient use, without the need to bend over and remove straps, but it functions manually.



  • Extended battery life
  • Variable heat settings
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Sustained heat circulation


  • Short battery life with increased heat setting
  • Not for minimal heat use
  • Applicable only for Thermic Soles

Why you should buy this boot heater

Therm-ic 1600 pack is the most versatile ski boot heater perfect for all types of skiers, cold conditions, and areas, with a long-lasting heat generation.

4. Hotronic S4 Custom Foot Warmer – Best Heater for Everyday Use

Hotronic S4 Custom Foot Warmer is an excellent electric boot warmer that offers daily heat coverage for typical ski weather. Batteries reach up to 20 hours on low setting and 4 hours on high setting. This product comes with a LED indicator that shows the current battery charge, ensuring your safety while wearing the heater. 

However, one of its drawbacks includes a hard time installing the heater on your boots. 


  • It comes with four heat options
  • With LED indicator and cable connectors
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Fits all types of boots
  • With long-lasting and rechargeable battery


  • Difficult to install
  • Not useful in extreme cold weathers

Why you should buy this boot heater

If you are searching for a multipurpose boot heater that lasts long and has variable heat settings for casual weather skiing, choose Hotronic S4 custom boot heater. 

5. Hotronic S4 Universal Foot Warmer- Boot Heater with Long Battery Life

Hottronic S4 Universal foot warmer offers one of the best battery life at 17-18 hours. It is a great boot heater for any winter activity, whether hunting, hiking, fishing, or your favorite outdoor skiing. It consists of 4 heat options at 3-minute intervals, which pump excellent and tolerable heat on your ski boots. 

However, just like other Hotronic boot heaters, S4 Universal foot warmers experience short battery life from prolonged heating of the equipment. 


  • Operated with two rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • Two heating elements
  • One pair of self-adhesive covers and strips


  • All-around charger
  • Can be used with multiple footwear
  • LED battery indicator


  • Short battery span with increased heat

Why you should buy this boot heater

It is a multipurpose boot heater that applies to multiple footgear and perfect for any winter activity, including skiing. 

6. Thermacell Original Heated Insole – Amazon’s Best-Selling Boot Heater

ThermaCell Original Heated Insoles are the best-selling heated ski boot insoles on Amazon, garnering about 500 reviews from customers. It has an adjustable heat setting with No heat feature to turn the heat on and off. It boasts of its breathable polyurethane foam that effectively distributes heat, retains the foot’s shape, and absorbs shock for extreme comfort. 


  • Powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Wireless remote control feature
  • Insoles made up of breathable polyurethane foam
  • Universal charger


  • Water-resistant fabric lining
  • Trimmable insoles with different sizes 
  • Fast charging 


  • Short battery life

Why you should buy this boot heater

If you are looking for a modern, trimmable, and shock-absorbing boot heater with fast charging and efficient heat production, ThermaCell Original Heated Insoles is the best choice. 

7. Snowdeer Unisex Thermal Socks – Best Ski Boot Heaters Perfect for Skiers With Raynaud’s disease

Snowdeer Thermal Socks are heated socks with varied sizes that ensure comfort and warmth for skiers with poor heat circulation, Raynaud’s disease, and cold-related feet stiffness. It is made up of thick breathable material, interwoven with padding for full comfort and protection. The infrared fiber in the heat elements effectively covers the toes and distributes total warmth across the whole toes. 

It activates natural body heat circulation through its three heat options. It comes with a pocket that supports the battery while you ski all day. 

However, one of its weaknesses is the incomplete placement of layering that can further increase heat production. 


  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium ion batteries
  • Heat elements with infrared fiber
  • Variable heat settings and LED indicator


  • Odor and sweat-resistant socks
  • Better heat circulation
  • Best for skiers with Raynaud’s disease


  • Short battery life
  • Tendency for high heat due to incomplete heating layer placement

Why you should buy this boot heater

If you are looking for health-promoting, odor and sweat-free heated socks with efficient heat distribution while you ski, Snowdeer socks are perfect for you. 

8. Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles – Best One Size Fits All Insoles

Thermrup Electric Insoles are one of the best electronic boot warmers in the market. It has four heat settings and infrared rubber insoles that allow deep heat circulation across your foot. It can be used for any winter activity, including skiing. You can cut the insole to fit your foot size for a more comfortable ski experience.

If you are not into bulky and more cabled types, Thermrup can be a major hassle for you. 


  • Two heated insoles
  • Two extension for gaiter
  • Variable heat settings
  • Powered with rechargeable Li-Ion battery with temperature controller
  • Battery holder


  • Infrared rubber heating element
  • One size fits all insoles
  • Waterproof and washable insoles


  • Bulky insoles
  • Not applicable for icy areas
  • Requires inconvenient use of cable

Why should you buy this boot heater

If you are looking for waterproof, heat-generating, and washable rubber insoles that adapt with varied sizes of boots, Thermrup heated insoles are your to-go. 

9. Winna Heated Insoles – Best Budget-Friendly

Winna Heated Insoles are the best affordable heated insoles on this list. Their unique carbon fiber composition offers excellent heat at a span of 5 seconds, even in freezing weather. It has a built-in heat sensor that stops heating when 65 degrees temperature is reached. 

Its modern carbon-lined insoles are water-resistant and rechargeable and can be trimmed to the right size for your boots. 


  • Internal temperature sensor for safety
  • With remote control for heat adjustment
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Operated with rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Trimmable, waterproof, and rechargeable insoles


  • Carbon fiber build for fast and optimal heating
  • Huge battery capacity


  • Longer heating time

Why should you buy this boot heater

If you search for a great comfortable boot heater for an affordable price and excellent heating quality, Winna Heated Insoles is a top choice.

10. Hotronic Xlp One Heated Ski Socks 

Hotronic XLP One socks are super soft and elastic socks that efficiently absorb moisture and contain four heat settings for warmth adjustment. The positioning of its heating elements under the toes and balls of feet harbors equal heat distribution. It provides continuous heat even after battery drain. 

Hotronic XLP One is comfy and soft enough to be worn alongside orthotics. 


  • Stretchable socks made from various materials
  • Global charger
  • Heating element with four heat options
  • Rechargeable battery pack 
  • With LED indicator


  • Outstanding ability to absorb sweat


  • Hard to adjust settings

Why should you buy this boot heater

If you search for soft, highly elastic, and super comfy socks with sustained heat production and wicking ability, Hotronic XLP One is the best choice.

Relevant Information

After browsing over the best ski boot heaters, what are the other information necessary in understanding the ski boot heaters? Read on to know the mechanisms behind boot heaters, advantages vs. disadvantages, proper installation, and proper cleaning. 

How Do Ski Boot Heaters Work

A ski boot heater is an electrically heated equipment that you can directly attach or insert into your boots to maintain feet warmth. These consist of insoles, wires, heating elements, chargers, and batteries that you can pin to the outside of your ski boot. Once the plugs and battery are set up and turned on, it will produce electricity that forms heat distributed to the entire boots. 

The batteries are either rechargeable or disposable. Sometimes, upgraded versions can be operated through wireless technology. 

First-time users of ski boot heaters feel slight discomfort from the additional weight that these boot heaters add to the ski boots. As you frequently ski, it will no longer be uncomfortable; in fact, its heat will energize your toes and propel you to ski more. 

Best ski boot heaters are different from best ski boot dryers, though. Boot dryers transfer external air inside boots to keep them dry. These dryers cannot make internal heat but rely on external heat to dry your boots. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ski Boot Heaters

Every product has its benefits and downsides. Here is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages that most skiers face in wearing ski boot heaters:

1. It is durable and has a long battery life. 2. It has three different, adjustable heat settings (according to model). 3. It has a battery that charges quickly. 4. It has an impulse control feature that generates natural heat from increased blood circulation (most models) 5. It comes in a portable travel bag.6. It has a remote control feature (most models)7. It features customizable insoles. 8. It has insoles with fashionable shape and designs.1. It produces heat a little higher than body temperature (some models).2. It has unoticeable white battery that can be lost in the snow.3. Some models do not last long and quickly wear out.4. It is not suitable for skiers with narrow feet.5. Some models have longer charging time than actual battery duration. 

Proper Installation of Ski Boot Heaters

To ensure that your ski boot heaters will do its intended function, install them properly by: 

1. Read the instructions

Read the manufacturer’s written instructions that come with the package before doing the installation. 

2. Remove the boot liner

Put the shoe soles on your thigh area with the toe pointing down the ski. Hold the boot liner with your hand and hold the back of the shell using your other hand before pushing the liner out. Pull the shell out to completely remove the liner. 

3. Place the heater

Reach the liner down to secure the footbed with your hand. Then, position the ski boot heater right below the ball of your foot located at the footbed. 

4. Make a slit

Use your marker to set a line where you are going to cut a slit on your ski shoes’ footbed. Ensure that the slit is wide enough to accommodate the heater, ideally one inch or less. You can use pointed scissors to cut the slit.  

5. Place the heater on the cut

Remove the tape at the rear of the heater, where the battery pack plug is situated. Attach the heater’s wires and sitting flush, then lay the wire from the heater right below the footbed. Pull, enclose, and secure the area with a strong adhesive. 

6. Remove and reattach the protective lining

Remove the protective layer covering at the heel of the ski shoes. Fold the cover slowly and carefully, then press down from the middle of the footbed towards the outer portions. Cut any excess covers with scissors. 

7. Place the wire

Put the heater’s wire into the slit located at the boot liner’s rear area. Place the wire deep down the slit while adequately positioning the footbed to secure the footbed and ensure proper wire insertion. Secure the wire with an adhesive and slide it back from the inside area towards the boot liner in the toe part. 

Finally, curl your toes upward and put the liner inside your ski boots.  Make sure to assemble the boot heater’s parts and install the heater ahead of time to avoid hassles in skiing. 

How to Clean Ski Boot Heaters

Using your ski boot heaters for an extended time exposes them to moisture, dirt, unpleasant odor, and sweat. If left uncleaned, your boot heaters will be less effective in creating heat. Items should be washed every one to two uses to keep the odor and maintain its performance. Insoles can be hand washed and left to air dry, depending on washing instructions. 

Do not leave the heating elements and parts submerged long in water to avoid short-circuiting the equipment. Clean your boot heaters by following these steps (unless different instructions are applicable):

1. First, submerge the washcloth in warm water with some soap, squeeze the excess water, and rinse the soap well. Soap is optional unless you frequently use your heaters. 

2. Take the damp cloth and rub the surface of the ski boot warming pads gently. 

3. Wash and rub the whole pad with small, circular strokes, including the bottom portion. 

4. Thoroughly pat dry your warming pads and then air dry. 

5. When completely dry, smell your boot heaters for any unwanted odor. If the odor is gone, you can keep it in your bag for your next ski session. If there is still an odor present, rewash them and add a small soap to the cloth.

Considerations in Buying the Perfect Ski Boot Heaters: Buying Guide

What are the best features to look for when buying your ski boot heaters? Here are important considerations:

1. Thickness

Choose the thickness of ski boot heaters based on your preference, boot type, and skiing style. Some skiers prefer a thicker boot heater, while others choose a thinner, hardly noticeable heater. 

2. Weight

The weight is an essential consideration when purchasing ski boot heaters. Choose the pair of lightweight heaters to handle your body weight and not hold you back while enjoying your ski. Weight also affects skiing speed and balance. Select boot heaters that effectively provide speed and balance with weight appropriate for your skiing style. 

3. Battery Life

Like any electrical device, battery life is a crucial factor in choosing your ski boot heaters. When you purchase the heater, check whether the batteries have a fast minimum charging time of 4 hours and adapt to varied hours of using the device. Consider also the heat settings; higher modes use greater battery power and produce more heat. 

Always examine which battery options work best for your needs and recharge batteries to conserve battery life. 

4. Heat Options

Go for boot heaters with adjustable temperature and heat settings suitable for different environments. Higher heat settings are required for extreme cold, whereas lower heat settings are needed for skiing in the right weather conditions. Your movement also affects your heat settings; increased actions lessen heat needs.

Be sure to adjust the heat settings accordingly before riding on your ski. 

5. Ease of Use

It is advisable to choose ski boot heaters with user-friendly features applicable even to harsh weather and difficult ski locations such as mountains at a reasonable price. If you are technically inclined, opt for remote-controlled heaters and wireless types. Find one that you can efficiently operate and add on your boots. 

6. Skiing Circumstances

It is the best consideration to choose boot heaters that can adapt to extreme environmental conditions and locations. For challenging ski locations and extreme subzero temperatures, look for heavy-duty boot heaters. For sunny skies and smooth ski areas, wear your lightweight ski boot heaters.

7. Sturdiness

Your ski boot heaters should withstand moisture, liquid, and sweat while wearing the equipment. It should be secured enough to handle your landing, even in snow. Even if you sweat from prolonged use, your boot heater should stay functional and free from short circuits.


Are ski boot heaters worth it?

Yes, definitely! Having a boot heater is versatile and easy to use. It effectively distributes deep heat across your boots, sustaining your ski experience without any pain or uncomfortable feeling. 

Can I wear ski boot heaters even if I’m not skiing?

Yes, you can! Due to its versatility, boot heaters can be worn for other winter activities like hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, or hunting.  

Where can I purchase these cool products?

Most of these cool products are not available in physical stores. These boot heaters are available online at online stores like Amazon and eBay. Just make sure to browse the sites and check for the availability of the products. 

What are the top brands of ski boot warmers?

To date, the top brands of ski boot warmers are Hotronic (known for multiple heat settings), Therm-ic (known for smart heating packs), and ThermaCell (for budget-friendly products). 

How long do ski boot heater batteries endure?

The battery life depends on the heat setting. Most batteries can last up to 10-13 hours at low heat, whereas in the highest settings, boot heaters withstand up to two hours. The lower the heat option, the longer the battery charge duration. 


Ski boot heaters are effective in combating the extreme cold and preventing frostbites and winter injuries that can ruin your skiing day. These foot warmers for skiing provide effective and even heat distribution across your boots and versatile for most skiing styles and locations. 

Check out the features of the best ski boot heaters, protect your feet against cold extremes, and enjoy a fantastic ski this 2021!

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