12 Best Ski Hydration Pack in 2023

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  1. CamelBak Powerhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack, 100oz, Black
  2. Camelbak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack, 50oz, Black
  3. Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

Skiing is a means of transport which uses skis – long and flat runners, to glide on snow. It can also be a great form of exercise on winters. These activities can help you build mass or muscle and improve endurance and balance. Since it is done in freezing temperatures, it would be wise to prepare the best ski hydration pack so you can stay hydrated without having to slow down or completely stop to take a sip. Hydration packs made the sports much more comfortable, as carrying water during an event is no longer an issue.

Here Is the List of Best Ski Hydration Pack:

  1. CamelBak Powerhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack, 100oz, Black
  2. Camelbak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack, 50oz, Black
  3. Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder
  4. U’Be Hydration Pack Water Backpack
  5. CamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration Pack, 1.5L/50oz
  6. Serg Camel Pack Hydration Water Backpack
  7. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Pack with 2-Liter BPA Free Bladder
  8. CamelBak SnoBlast Ski Hydration Pack 70oz
  9. CamelBak Phantom LR 24 Ski Hydration Pack, 100oz
  10. Dakine Women’s Heli Backpack 12L

12 Best Ski Hydration Pack

We have rounded up the best ski hydration packs available in the market for you. We want to help make sure that your next ski or snowboard trip would be convenient and comfortable, knowing that you do not have to worry about lugging a container for water. 

1. CamelBak Powerhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack, 100oz, Black

Aside from the 100 oz container capacity of this hydration pack, the CamelBak Powerhound also has a handy helmet carry attachment points. The attachment points let you attach the skis to the pack. This feature lets you use your hands as they are free when taking a break or riding the lift.

Powerhound 12 backpack is light enough at 2.2 pounds, and that is with the container full of water. The weight of the pack makes an all-day ski trip more comfortable. In addition to that, it also has tri-zip access on top of the durable zippers, making it easier to reach down the bottom of the backpack even with cold hands – whether it be cleaning the pack and the storage or you just need something. 


  • Backpack compresses to a sleek fit with its four-point compression
  • The insulation harness makes it easier to zip the tube into your shoulder strap for additional insulation 
  • With the waist strap, the backpack rests entirely on your back while carrying it 
  • The expansion panels are handy when you need six more liters of storage, 
  • It can fit all your necessities – gloves, phone, money, and keys


  • Reviews that water seal cap can sometimes fail

Why You Should Choose 

Powerhound 12 is the perfect combination of convenience and function. With all the features, it would still not burn a hole in your pocket, and it can do more just to ensure hydration while you are skiing.

2. Camelbak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack, 50oz, Black

The combination of the skier’s body heat and the insulation that Camelbak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack is offering will do a great job in making sure the water does not freeze while you are on the slopes. Wear the backpack under clothing to prevent the water from freezing. You can only wear it over clothing when the temperature is higher.

Aside from the fact that the straps are easily adjustable, the mesh design on the shoulders straps also prevents it from being uncomfortable or warm. The Bootlegger Ski Hydration’s zipper durability and the full protected hose design, it is built to last for years of skiing and snowboarding. 


  • Ergonomic handle makes it easier to refill
  • On and off lever prevents leakage
  • 20% more water per sip using the Crux Reservoir
  • Can fit under clothing or slim jackets
  • Sternum straps improve stability
  • Different adjustments for customization


  • Even with the slim-fit design, can still feel uncomfortable when worn under a slim jacket

Why You Should Choose

If you’re looking for something that has a sleek design and can fit under your clothing, the Bootlegger is perfect for you. The design is perfect for its function while making sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

3. Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

The Vibrelli Hydration Pack offers enough room for other things that a skier might need on the slope. The backpack has side stabilizers that make sure the pack is snug against the waist and centered on your back. It also has bungee straps outside that hold your helmet when not in use. 

Moreover,  it has an included key ring for keeping your keys. The reflective tabs are for safety measures. Also, the fabric prevents damage and protects the contents of the pack in the event of an accident.  


  • Weighs 14 ounces only
  • Designed for comfort and durability
  • Water is kept fresh and will not smell or taste funny
  • Multiple pockets for storage options
  • The easy-twist mouthpiece does not leak


  • Exposed shoulder seams can rub on clothing

Why You Should Choose

This pack is ideal and intended to last. The design is durable and can withstand damages and rips from accidents. It is an excellent choice if you want more storage without the bag being massive. The water in the reservoir is always fresh, too.

4. U’Be Hydration Pack Water Backpack

The main asset of the U’Be Hydration Backpack is comfortability, even when it is full of necessities and water. 

This backpack is perfect for the skiers and snowboarders on the go as the pack itself rests flat against the back. The shoulder straps distribute the weight of the weather evenly, preventing fatigue on the neck and shoulder. The backpack also reduces wind resistance to improve the speed of the skier.

Although with lesser insulation, it makes this pack ideal on warmer conditions and skiing on the sun. 


  • Ultralight and compact for outdoor sports
  • Design reduces wind resistance
  • The water bladder is BPA free
  • Durable buckle to hold the buckle off the slope
  • Exterior pockets for storage
  • Quick-release connector to set up easily


  • Waist strap not included

Why You Should Choose

If you are an occasional skier who would usually go on less than freezing trips, this would be a good option for you. You can also use this backpack on other outdoor sports like cycling, biking, or mountain hiking. With its adjustable straps, it is suitable for men, women, or even kids. 

5. CamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration Pack, 1.5L/50oz

With a short profile style and the fantastic ventilation, the CamelBack Mil-Tac was created and built to ensure that skiers would stay hydrated even when they’re on action on the slopes. Strong and durable, the harness made of the lightweight mesh prevents the backpack from slipping out of place or damage. 

This skiing hydration backpack also boasts that the tube and bladder were treated with the HydroGuard technology  – prevents bacteria from forming and growing and prolongs its life and usability. If you are interested in speed and maneuverability, this is an option for you. It is only 5.5 ounces making it one of the lightest hydration packs available in the market. 


  • Highly durable exterior and coating
  • 5.5 ounces – one of the lightest
  • Perfect for people with smaller body structure
  • BPA-free
  • Zip pockets on the outside
  • The quick seal cap prevents leakage


  • Can be a little challenging to remove the tubing for cleaning

Why You Should Choose

If you are looking for the lightest backpack to ensure movement, this would be one of the best snowboarding hydration packs. This pack is built to last and maintain your water fresh for all the future ski trips.

6. Serg Camel Pack Hydration Water Backpack

 The Serg Hydration Pack is not just easy to carry, but it also takes pride in the safety measures incorporated in the design. It features a safety whistle for emergency purposes on top of the safety, reflective shoulder straps. 

The straps, both shoulders, and chest are straightforward to adjust and prevent the backpack from being wobbly when you go down the slope or mountain. 

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the bladder design and is antibacterial, ensuring that your water is safe for consumption. Thanks to the large opening, the bladder is easier to clean, maintain, and even be used on another backpack. 


  • 0.7 pounds – lightweight that makes it easy to carry around
  • Double chest straps that are a big help on rougher than usual ski session
  • Easy to store items because of the bungee and mesh design
  • Lesser leak issues because of the triple-sealed bladder
  • The back panel is cushioned and ventilated


  • Longer time in drying the bladder

Why You Should Choose

The Serg Hydration Backpack is designed to make skiers and snowboarders’ life easier and more comfortable. From the mouthpiece to the weight of the pack itself, this is the right choice for you.

7. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Pack with 2-Liter BPA Free Bladder

The Mubasel Gear hydration backpack is around 15L in size and is an entirely waterproof pack, which makes it perfect not just for biking but also for skiing. 

Moreover, it has a two-liter bladder, and the whole compartment is insulated to keep the water from freezing in the winter or too warm in spring. 

In addition to the three-storage compartment that can fit clothes, purses, keys, and phones, it is also equipped with small zippers pockets in front for storage of smaller items. The padded hip belt also makes the backpack more comfortable to carry throughout. 

The backpack also comes with a leakage-proof bladder design that will never get loose and cause leakage. The bladder also dries itself.


  • Ideal for in-bounds skiing
  • Waterproof fabric used
  • Hydration bladder compartment is insulated
  • Two-liter bladder for water
  • Hip belt, padded
  • Easy to clean the bladder


  • No google pocket

Why You Should Choose

Need to have enough water for your ski day and also needs enough space for necessities? With a Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack, you can carry a lot more belongings with you, and you’re sure that you have enough water for the day. It is the perfect set of lightweight that can carry good volume.

8. CamelBak SnoBlast Ski Hydration Pack 70oz

CamelBak understands that it is every skier’s issue to fumble inside and at the bottom of their backpacks looking for things while wearing gloves. The company made the skiers’ lives more comfortable by installing a tri-zipper design in the SnoBlast. There will be an option of opening at the top, or you can also open it by unzipping it down on both sides. 

Moreover, you can also get an extra 6-liters of storage for additional necessities or gear and can be accessed by the unzipping of side panels. The back panel is designed to repel snow and prevents it from ticking on the pack. 

Furthermore, the skiing hydration pack weighs around 1.5 pounds and has a gear capacity of 21 liters and a water capacity of 2 liters. There is also the Crux Reservoir, which delivers 20% more water when you sip. 


  • The 2-Liter limit for liquid capacity
  • Gear volume – 21 Liters  
  • Triple zipper design 
  • Snow shed capability
  • Stability belt and sternum strap


  • Made of thinner material

Why You Should Choose

The SnoBlast was ideally designed to cater to your stuffing and hydrating needs making it perfect not just for ski trips, but also regular ones. You’d be surprised by how much it can carry compared to other backpacks.

9. CamelBak Phantom LR 24 Ski Hydration Pack, 100oz

CamelBak has gone the extra mile and designed the Phantom LR 24 Ski Hydration Pack to have the Therminator insulated sleeve, which protects the water from freezing. There would also be an individual storage compartment designed only for avalanche gear.

The backpack is perfect on a snowy day as it repels snow and ice using its snowS shed back panel.  Also, it is equipped with multiple options to attach your skis or snowboards, snowshoes, and there would also be a harness for your safety helmet. 

CamelBak also understands that how you carry the weight of the backpack is such a significant factor. The Phantom has a 3-liter lumbar bladder that keeps the water low and focused on your back. This distribution of weight and lumbar support also reduces fatigue.


  • Snowshed capability
  • Variety of options in carrying gears
  • The insulated sleeve keeps water unfrozen
  • 3-liter lumbar reservoir


  • Only available in one size

Why You Should Choose

CamelBak made sure that they made necessary improvements to hydration packs. It is a brilliant backpack that is jam-packed with the most amazing features. This backpack would work great on your next ski trips.

10. Dakine Women’s Heli Backpack 12L

The Dakine Heli is of a sleek, streamlined design for a daypack, specifically for a women’s fit. This backpack has all the essentials inside and outside. The carry system can carry your snowboard vertically and your skis diagonally. It is also equipped with a slot for your snow tools. 

The interior of the pack features a fleece-lined hydration sleeve and a pocket for goggles.

Moreover, it has a rescue whistle for emergency use. 


  • Minimalist, sleek design
  • Excellent, durable built
  • Lightweight and comfortable on the back
  • Insulated hydro sleeve
  • Vertical snowboard carry


  • Women’s fit

Why You Should Choose

The Dakine Heli can carry your essentials on a snowboarding day or a ski trip. It will not disappoint as it can carry snacks, a camera, your goggles, and other belongings while making sure that you are properly hydrated.

11. Salomon QST 30

With a lightweight and sleek design, the Salomon 30 is packed with features. This snowboard backpack with hydration is ideal for adventurers and weekend warriors as it offers exceptional stability. 

The Salomon has a google pocket that is quick to access and straps designed for an ice ax or your ski pole. Moreover, it has a hydration bladder compartment that can carry enough water for the day. There is also a snowboard carry, a diagonal ski carry, and the front pocket storage is for your snow tools. 

This pack is of 30-liters and has a large zipper making it easier to use even when using gloves, as well as a wide opening for the main compartment. 


  • Snow shed design to repel snow
  • Can store snow tools
  • Easy access zipper 
  • Wide main compartment opening
  • Helmet,  boards and ski poles carrier
  • Curved hip belt


  • Could cost a little more

Why You Should Choose

If you do not like removing your gloves on a winter day, this is the perfect hydration backpack for you. The Salomon is ideal for an all-day ski trip or free ski lines fast assaults. 

12. Osprey Packs Kamber 42 Men’s Ski Pack

Sharing the same features but with more storage space, Osprey Kamber 42 is an improved model of its predecessor, the Osprey Kamber 32. 

The Kamber 42 has multiple ski and board carrying options. This feature for carrying is ideal for skiers and snowboarders as it can accommodate nearly all of the carry options with reinforced contact points: A-frame, vertical, diagonal, and horizontal. 

It also has a stowable helmet carrier that quickly deploys for storing your helmets on long ascents. The zippers are also glove-friendly, allowing pulls and buckles even on adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, the internal hydration sleeve is fully insulated. The zippered dual harness comes with a hypoallergenic stretch that is good for ice-free hydration. 


  • Multiple options for ski and board carry options
  • Removable lid lightens the load
  • Extra storage capacity can be utilized
  • Carrying of the rope under the lid
  • Pockets on the hip belts are quick to access
  • Compatible for a hydration bladder


  • Helmet holder can be a little hard to unhook

Why You Should Choose

Because of all the possible carrying options of your boards, this could be the most comfortable and might be the best of the ski hydration packs you will ever own. 

Buying Guides: What to Look For In The Best Ski Hydration Packs

The best hydration pack for skiing and snowboarding has several qualities that can make it appealing and worth the money you will spend on it. These are the criteria that you should consider before a hydration pack is bought.

Capacity. The feature to contain a reasonable amount of water and have enough room for other essentials is one thing you have to consider in your backpack. You should also pay attention to the reservoir capacity as it is vital in the usual distance you travel when you ski. 

Hydration Pack Fit and Stability. You’ll want a product that is secured and will not wobble around while you are on your activity. Lugging several liters of water on your back can be irritating, so you have to look for the pack that would be best for skiing and snowboarding. Hydration bladders should be trim and slim and streamlined compared to other hiking gears. 

Balance. The weight of the pack can cause imbalance and fatigue on your neck and back.  There is an advantage to backpacks that would have belt and chest straps for added support and storage in front to ensure the distribution of weight.

Cleaning. Your skiing hydration pack will need cleaning, and it would be wise to choose one that is easier to maintain.  Bladders with zip tops and a large central compartment opening would be a lot easier to clean. 

Insulation. If you like skiing or snowboarding in deep winter, you would want a backpack where the bladder or hose may freeze as it could cause damage or you’re unable to drink from it. Both hydration hoses and packs can be insulated.

Overall Size. Choose a pack that is a lightweight, tight fit, has a low profile, and is compressible. There’s a variety of backpack that can hold the amount of water you need for a day trip to longer day trips or cross-country skiing.

Hip Belts and Shoulder Straps. The hip straps help you in two ways: Hip belts distribute or transfer the weight of the whole pack to your hips, instead of just your shoulder and back. It also improves the stability of the lower side of the pack from swinging while you ski or slide. Shoulder straps, on the other hand, should be thick, adjustable, and have enough padding to be comfortable. 

Buckles should also be durable, able to withstand extreme cold, and would not freeze or break.

Best Ski Hydration Pack

What Is A Ski Hydration Pack? 

Being adequately hydrated while out and about in winter is vital for comfort and your performance. A hydration pack is primarily designed to hold and transport water, and to make drinking efficient during a ski or snowboard day. With most packs, you do not have to slow down or come to a complete stop to take a sip of water. You can just grab the tube that is connected to the reservoir or sometimes called the bladder. 

What Is The Benefit Of A Ski Hydration Pack? 

Winter has come, and you have made plans for a ski trip with family and friends. Ski poles and snowboards are all ready, but lugging around a water bottle can be a hassle.

It’s a great thing that this is not an issue anymore because hydration packs are already available. The reservoir or bladder lets you carry your water on your back, freeing your hands for the day’s activities.  

Here’s are some of the remarkable benefits your pack offers:

  • Insulation making sure your water will not freeze
  • Saves you on energy as you do not have to carry water containers with your hands
  • Can also bring other things like keys, phone, or snacks (if the backpack has additional compartment)
  • Quench your thirst on-the-go


Why do you need to be hydrated when skiing or snowboarding?

Snowboarding and skiing can both be dehydrating activities as you tend to burn more calories per hour. Dehydrating means cramps or severe headaches after a few slides and turns. Electrolytes should be replenished continuously to sustain you for these activities. The importance of staying hydrated should not be taken for granted.

How much does water weigh when you’re on the trail?

Water can be one of the most cumbersome things to carry on your back. At 8.3 pounds per gallon, this can weigh you down while you ski or snowboard. It is vital to keep the water balanced on your back and not just on your neck and shoulder. Water bottles become lopsided if you drink one at a time.

Are hydration bags suitable for backpackers?

Hydration backpacks are perfect for athletes who can go home, clean, and refill it. If you are positive that it can be cleaned on extended trips, this could be a good idea to bring, too.

How’s the leakage of valve bites stopped?

The bite valve on your bladder is usually made of silicone that, when compressed, opens. To solve the problem of leaking valve bites, some manufacturers used a lever to shut off leakage or any unwanted flow. If there is no bite valve, you can make sure that the bite valve is clipped on a higher area of the bladder. This way, when you open it, water does not just pour in. 

Is it possible to fill your reservoir when you’re on a trail?

Refilling the reservoir can be a challenge, but yes. As long as there is steam or body of water or a refilling station, that should do it. Avoid, if you can, submerging the backpack to avoid damage. 

Here are the options you might want to consider:

  1. Use a bottle or cup to scoop water into the bladder
  2. Pump up water using a water filter
  3. Use a water filter 


A hydration backpack is now essential to ensure you are sufficiently hydrated when you have to go for a ski or snowboarding with friends. You would find great value in these packs we have rounded up. Consider all the factors you have to consider before deciding which is the best snowboard hydration pack, as this could also be the best ski hydration pack.

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