10 Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels

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  1. The Burton Wheelie Locker (Black)
  2. The Demon Phantom Snowboard Bag
  3. Dakine snowboard bag high roller

If you’re planning to go on a winter vacation anytime soon, it would be best for you to get all your gear packed and ready as quickly as possible. To do this effectively, you have to have the right kind of luggage to provide ample storage for your equipment. 

The right kind of snowboard bags with wheels will provide much comfort and safety not only for your travel items but also for you as the owner. You will not have to worry about your various snow tools and equipment getting damaged in transit, allowing you to enjoy your vacation even more.

The best snowboard bag will also provide enough space for these tools during transport. If you find the right kind of kit, you will not have difficulty carrying your skis or snowboards even on foot.

Here is the List of 10 Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels:

  1. The Burton Wheelie Locker (Black)
  2. The Demon Phantom Snowboard Bag
  3. Dakine snowboard bag high roller
  4. Burton Wheelie Board Bag
  5. Roundtrip Poseidon (Thule)
  6. Athletico Conquest
  7. Burton wheelie gig snowboard bag
  8. The Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
  9. EQ Sport-Padded Snowboard Bag
  10. Athalon: Wheeled Ski and Snowboard Bag

Top 10 Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels

We will provide you with a list of the Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels that you can avail of from the market. After leaving, we hope that you will consider all these factors and get the best for your individual needs as a snowboarder.

Are you interested in learning more? Go ahead and continue reading. You will not regret doing so.

1. The Burton Wheelie Locker (Black)

Unlike Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag, This burton snowboard bag with wheels will provide you durability and longevity. It has high-class polyester material that allows the bags to stay intact despite the long hours of travel. 

Additionally, this burton wheelie locker snowboard bag has a lock, so you don’t have to worry about security when using this particular compartment for your snowboards. Below are some of the other pros and cons that you need to remember before availing of these snowboard bags with wheels.


  • The product has multiple compartments that afford more storage space.
  • Side and front handles allow easy transportation and movement.
  • Internal compartments are more spacious for gear.
  • External zippers provide space for additional accessories
  • Comes in stylish camo and black colors 


This product may be too expensive for some. Aside from this, it may be too heavy for air travel. A smaller bag may be in order if you want to travel by plane.

Why You Should Choose? 

If you are after high quality, durability, and overall longevity, this compartment is still the Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels

2. The Demon Phantom Snowboard Bag

This Demon Phantom Snowboard Bag boasts a wide variety of features that will serve only to allow the user to maximize this bag as a storage compartment for his or her snowboard. It has durable polyester material that makes it last longer than the average bag. Here are some other features that you can take advantage of if you decide to buy his portable bag for snowboards.


  • This compartment is big enough to hold a standard-sized snowboard. It can even fit two boards and some additional accessories.
  • The material is also resistant to tearing. This feature adds to the longevity of the product.
  • It has both wheels and floor guards that will protect the rubber from constant damage. The wheels will also make it easier for you to transport the move and transport the bag.
  • The handles on top and the sides will allow the user to carry the compartment with ease.
  • The interior is also secure with thicker foam padding and waterproof linings. You will not end up damaging the receptacle easily despite using it for many hours in a day.


It can be a bit pricey for some. If you are on a budget, this is not the product for you. But the price is well worth

Why You Should Choose

It will be well worth spending some cash, this snowboard bag, if only for the space that it will provide. You should not hesitate to make this an investment piece down the line. You will not regret it. 

3. Dakine snowboard bag high roller

The ultimate benefit of this dakine snowboard bag high roller bag is that it has everything that you would need in the snowboard bag and more. From its simple design to the durable material,  you will certainly not go wrong if you decide to purchase this particular product for your collection.  

Why is this so? Find out the answers here.


  • Made of environment-friendly materials
  • Extremely durable; built to last
  • It can handle all the natural elements and outdoor weather.


It may be hard for you to fit larger items inside the bag aside from your snowboard. For example, you won’t be able to place longer skis inside.  

Why You Should Choose

if you have shorter tools and implements and much smaller accessories, there will be space for everything in your bag. This dakine tour snowboard bag will be a good option as best snowboard bag with wheels

4. Burton Wheelie Board Bag

Burton Wheelio Board Case Bag

This particular burton wheelie board bag boasts a wide array of features that can make it stand out among the rest. Aside from having wheels that would allow you to move it around with ease, you will also be able to take advantage of the bags multiple compartments.

The additional storage will provide potential users with the opportunity to carry as much of their gear with them as possible. Here are some other benefits as well as the disadvantages of getting this product as soon as possible.


  • The product also has durable polyester construction material that protects your board from damage in transit.
  • This bag has thick interior padding and multiple straps for additional security. You will not have to worry about damaging your snowboard with this particular receptacle at your disposal.
  • It comes with side and front handles that allow you as the user to move it with comfort and ease.
  • Comes with secure locks for additional safety
  • The product has a lifetime warranty.


This snowboard bag has no backpack strap and no hands-free option. As some people love to have these options on their bag

Why You Should Choose

This particular product definitely will give you everything that you need in a travel bag and much more. The high price is well worth it.

5. Roundtrip Poseidon (Thule)

Roundtrip Poseidon Ski bag with wheels

What is good about this product is that it has all the makings of a functional storage unit. It is padded, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the snowboard or skis.

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It also comes with sturdy straps that will securely fasten the snowboard within the bag and ensure that this sports tool does not incur scratches and overall damage during transit. Here are some other advantages that you would get from this brand as soon as you make the purchase.


  • Because of extra pockets, your accessories and boards will be able to stay organized inside the bag.
  • It has 100% durable fabric construction that can prevent significant wear and tear over time.
  • Moreover, the manufacturers reinforced the pack from top to bottom to prevent sagging. 
  • It also has wheels that will not easily incur damage even after long hours of usage. You can take it anywhere without having to worry about breaking the container down.
  • The bag also has enough space for two skis to fit comfortably. Just use that divider that comes with the container to maximize the available space.


According to customer reviews, some sellers fail to deliver the merchandise as advertised. You made receive a bag in the wrong size, and a container without the proper dividers.

Why You Should Choose

Despite minor problems with the delivery, if you get the product from reputable sources like Amazon, you will still be able to enjoy the above advantages for sure. You just have to be careful about the merchant that you choose. This is why you should get this container as soon as possible.

6. Athletico Conquest

Athletico Conques Snowboard bag

This particular product has everything that you would need in the snowboard bag and more. If you’re looking for durability, this bag has it. If you’re looking for functional design, and additional compartments, this brand also delivers.

Here are other advantages that you can expect from the product itself.


  • Water-resistant polyester
  • It’s large size can accommodate multiple skis and snowboards
  • The thermal lining also will keep the snowboards and skis dry even in cold weather.


Aside from problems with product delivery, this brand certainly will give you everything that you need in terms of functionality and design. Just be careful about fraudulent merchants, which may end up delivering faulty products. 

Why You Should Choose

You should get this product because it has a lot of advantages to offer. From multiple compartments to the sturdy straps, your snowboards and skis will be safe if you buy this bag as soon as possible.

7. Burton wheelie gig snowboard bag

burton snowboard bag with wheels

As with any other snowboard bag from this company, you can expect to have a strong sense of durability as well as functionality in this particular container. It has multiple compartments for all your accessories and enough space for the more critical tools you need for snowboarding.


  • Made of durable 600 D polyester
  • Full padding for additional protection.
  • Designed with internal webbing that holds the boards in place
  • Offers external storage with zipper closures
  • Multiple zippered compartments allow for more boards inside
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and is lockable.


According to some feedback, the product may not be as sturdy as advertised. It quickly breaks down. This criticism applies specifically to the zipper.

Why You Should Choose

If only for the mere fact that it can hold multiple boards in one compartment, you should consider purchasing this product already. Of course, there is no question about the long-lasting qualities of the bag as well.

8. The Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag

dakine low roller snowboard bag

This Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag Rei comes with uniquely designed handles that can allow you to either carry the bag or roll it with ease. The size also is another benefit that you would get from this bag. It can hold all your accessories as well as any additional straps that you might need for transport. 

Here are some other advantages that you will get if you decide to purchase this brand as soon as possible.


  • This bag comes with a dedicated pocket for the snowshoes or boots. The boot compartment is also detachable. 
  • Made of durable material (600 D Polyester)
  • It also has pockets outside of that which provides easy access to any accessory that you might bring on the trip.
  • This container fits at least a 157 cm board


It can house at least two boards. It may not be able to accommodate more.

Why You Should Choose

You should choose this particular product because of the additional storage space that it can provide. If you have a lot of accessories that you want to carry and one that, this is the perfect option for you.

9. EQ Sport-Padded Snowboard Bag

womens snowboard bag

This product is one of the most exquisitely designed snowboard bags that you can have in your collection. One of the best snowboard bags on amazon, It has material that can last for many years despite regular use. It can also provide you with multiple compartments that will allow you to carry your snowboard and accessories in one go.

Below are additional pros and cons that you need to know about the product.


  • 600 D high-density polyester material
  • 360° padding provides extra protection for your snowboard and additional accessories.
  • All-terrain wheels provide smooth transport no matter where you go
  • Waterproof
  • Large size
  • Additional boot compartment 


Ensure high quality upon delivery. Customers complain about damage upon arrival.

Why You Should Choose

This particular product has what it takes to carry your snowboards no matter where you go. With the durable material as well as careful handling, this bag will last for many years in your hands.

10. Athalon: Wheeled Ski and Snowboard Bag

Athalon tour snowboard bag

This bag is the perfect combination of nylon and reinforced polyester strands. The construction helps it last. The multiple compartments provide more storage options. It also gives the user a chance to carry as much as he wants without having to feel the weight.


  • Smooth wheels provide easy transport
  • The padded interior and thermal nylon linings ensure protection and dryness for the boards and accessories.
  • It can hold up to two skis or snowboards of 185 cm each.
  • It has a five-year warranty


Some customers complain of overall poor quality as it tends to fall apart at first use. The questionable durability can be a problem.

Why You Should Choose

If only for the brand itself, you should at least give this bag a shot. Just be careful when handling your skis or snowboards during air travel. Securely fasten your tools inside the bag before leaving your home.

What Snowboard Bag to Buy: Essential Considerations While Buying Snowboard Bag With Wheels

Before choosing a snowboard bag for your vacation needs, you have to make sure that you consider all the available features that you can get from the product. Here are some of the things that you should look for when it comes to choosing a leading snowboard bag brand with wheels.

  • Material

This quality is the first and foremost thing that you should consider when looking for a snowboard bag. The best materials for travel bags such as these include the following:

  • Nylon
  • Canvas
  • Denier 600
  • Polyester

These materials are known for its strength and durability. You would have to worry about damage when using a bad with these particular materials and composition. Another advantage of using these types of materials for your snowboarding bag is the maintenance factor. These materials are easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about spending more money just to have it washed or dry cleaned professionally.

  • The Size and Weight

The size of your wheeled travel bag should be equal to the snowboard itself. These products are usually adjustable and even foldable so that you won’t have an issue about portability at all. If you’re going to search for your snowboard bags online, you should not forget to take note of the specific dimensions of these particular products.

The weight is also an essential factor to consider because it will be easier to carry a snowboard if it is stored somewhere that has equal weight. It will also make the trip even more enjoyable for sure.

  • Padding

There are two main types of adding that you can consider having for your wheeled bag. You can choose either textile or foam. The padding will serve as shock absorbers for the gear inside. Make sure that the packet has shoulder straps to help securely fasten your snowboard inside of the bag.

The straps will prevent internal movement from occurring, which can also lead to dents if not addressed correctly.

  • Pockets

Make sure that your chosen bag has extra pockets to accommodate your additional accessories and smaller trinkets when traveling. The additional storage capacity will undoubtedly make your traveling experience even more comfortable than ever before.

Additional Considerations: The Customer Feedback

We hope that these features can give you what you need in terms of security, safety, and comfort when travelling. Remember that you should also consider the weight of your snowboard when trying to look for a storage receptacle.

Look at the customer feedback before trying to buy any kind of storage tool. The input will make your decision even more informed. Make sure to spend time looking for positive as well as negative reviews. The opinions will give you a balanced view of the product and will allow you to not have a biased decision in the end.

Now that you know some of the significant considerations that you need to make when looking for a wheeled snowboard bag.

The Final Words

With all these available products for your snowboard storage needs, you will never go wrong whichever you choose. Just make sure that you can select the bag that will accommodate everything that you need in one go. That way, you will not have to carry any additional luggage when traveling.

It would also help you to listen to recommendations from your family and friends regarding any padded snowboard bag or related products that you should include in your arsenal for the winter. This adjustment will allow you to enjoy your trip even more, whether alone or with friends. Why wait? Go ahead and give it a shot. The wheeled snowboard bag will undoubtedly be a good investment not only for you but for your family as well. You should not hesitate to get one as soon as possible.

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