DIY Kayak Rack Fixtures

15 Kayak Rack Fixtures And Ideas

Safely transporting kayaks is hugely important and there are many ways to avoid damaging your car or ruining your kayak during transportation. Whether you need it on the top of your compact vehicle, a truck, or just in your backyard or garage, there is a roof rack type that suits your choice.

Undoubtedly, some can be very expensive or complex to manage but there are several DIY Kayak rack plans/Ideas that you can use, which are very affordable and easy to build. There are plenty of roof racks on the market combined with different DIY ideas, so selecting the right setup will require careful consideration

This guide will teach you:

• The 15 easiest DIY kayak rack fixtures and ideas.

• The different reasons you need DIY kayak racks

• Some precious tips for making DIY kayak Racks

The 15 Easiest DIY Kayak Rack Fixtures And Ideas

Let’s take a look at the best and very affordable DIY kayak rack ideas you can try out:

A Simple PVC Kayak rack

The PVC Kayak rack stand is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for use on a balcony in any apartment complex. One of the cheapest materials you can use to construct a kayak rack yourself is PVC, and this design is really simple. It may be put together in your garage or modified to fit your car for secure transportation.

Here are some key features of this simplePVC Kayak Rack:

1) It can be designed to accommodate kayaks with a 33-inch width.

2) It is built of high-quality materials and is reasonably priced.

3) Materials are simple to obtain because it is universal.

4) It uses less energy to produce than compared to other DIY materials.

5) Materials required include VC glue, T-connectors, PVC end caps, and a 1.5-inch PVC pipe

Compact Wooden Kayak Storage Rack

This rack is made to hold kayaks securely in a shed, dock, or within your garage. Because of its shorter design, you can keep your kayaks at a more manageable height for easier loading and unloading. The wood used for the rack’s construction always makes assembly straightforward and inexpensive. This easy DIY project is simple enough for anyone to finish in a few hours.


• Highly compatible and durable

• Allows modification.

• Can be built with basic tools and materials in just one weekend.

• Can hold up to 3 kayaks


• Could take time to set up if not familiar with the tools

Outdoor Six-Kayak DIY Storage Rack

Here’s another great kayak rack for outdoor use, especially if you have multiple kayaks. Up to six kayaks can be stored on this rack thanks to its upside-down T-shaped main frame and angled supports. You may store it in the garage for the winter and leave it by the lake in the summer. It is advised that you store your kayaks on their sides or upside down to avoid rainwater from pooling inside.

You need 4” x 6” posts to form the base and 2” x 4” lumber for the rest of the structure.

DIY Two kayak Trailer Rack Fits

This is in contrast to a typical DIY kayak stand, which you may use to keep your kayaks in your garage or the yard of your house. This rack is designed to hold two kayaks on a trailer and is built with wheels, allowing you to take your kayaks with you wherever you go. This mobile rack is also made to support two kayaks on a trailer, helping you to transport your kayaks anywhere you go at a moment’s notice.

Even though it ensures you’ll never again battle to get your kayaks on your car’s roof, the only drawback is that it will require a little more time and money than some of the other alternatives on our list

Wall-Mounted DIY Kayak Rack

This is actually one of the best kayak racks available, suited for both saltwater and freshwater kayaks, and it helps you conserve space, especially if you live in a tiny home or apartment. It makes use of a mounting hardware that can be installed to a rail at the appropriate height to help store your kayak outside or inside the garage.

As long as you have the required tools and materials, you may make as many DIY wall-mounted kayak hangers as you need for your boats.

Metal Canoe Rack Fits

To store multiple boats without taking up much space, a kayak rack makes it much easier for loading and unloading your boat for cleaning or storage. Using thin metal pipes for the lateral positioning of your boat you can construct a straightforward yet reliable kayak stand

This is merely an additional way to experiment with materials other than PVC pipe material, and it’s also simple to locate at a hardware shop.

PVC Kayak Roof Rack For Cars

In the absence of a trailer for a kayak rack, roof racks are essential because they let you lift your kayak onto the top of your vehicle safely and securely. Three kayaks may be carried on this specially built rack, but it can also be adjusted to the kayaker’s needs. Just as we’ve already discussed, PVC is a very adaptable material and is useful for creating excellent kayak stands.

Materials needed to craft this solution include huge bolts, primer, cent, and a compound miter saw together with four PVC pipes measuring 12 feet in length, four corner joints, twelve T-Joins, at least 20 feets of 1.5 inch PVC pipe and so on. You also need a connector for stern tie downs to the roof of the car.

Rough Wood Kayak Racks

Similar to what we’ve listed so far, you can create your own DIY kayak rack using rough wood (recycled wood) or even driftwood. The fact that it is constructed of wood makes it lightweight, and the fact that you can roll it away after storing your kayak makes it simple to transport.

The finished product is surprisingly robust and fashionable, even though it may take you a long time to assemble the necessary rough wood materials. You will need to have a tape measure, screws, a drill, a miter saw, and a circular saw to set up this rack stand.

DIY Truck Bed Kayak Racks

As seen in the image above, a Truck Bed Kayak Rack not only makes it simple to transport your kayaks, but it also makes setting up a stand in the first place twice as simple, thanks to the storage space the truck’s base has already created for you.

Instead of hauling your kayaks on a trailer, you can build a custom kayak rack for it that fits your truck at a lower cost. It is great for longer kayaks or canoes and would secure other paddling safety equipment.

Exterior Kayak Stand With Roof

If you want to be able to take your kayaks out on the water at any time, you should keep them somewhere that makes it possible for them to be easily accessed. This particular DIY solution is the ideal.

The cool external storage roof is made for year-round use to protect your kayaks from direct exposure to elements, including rain and UV radiation. Even though it is a bit more difficult to construct, it will provide you enough room to store more than three kayaks, depending on how high the eaves can be.

Overhead Kayak Storage In Ceiling

This unique kayak rack design is also meant for storing kayaks safely out of harm’s way without the need for expensive hangers or shelves. Unlike the many other factory racks that take up space, this kayak roof rack, fastened to the ceiling with a mounting hardware is better for keeping your kayaks secure from being accidentally bumped.


  • Ample floor area and clear garage space
  • More space to accommodate more kayaks or canoes
  • Improved Kayak storage
  • Boats or Kayak protection
  • Ease of use

Homemade Kayak Rack For the Garages

Another straightforward method that can be used in the garage is provided here. You can also try out this storage option using a mounting hardware in a basement or at the dock if you don’t have a garage. The frame, as shown in the image could possibly be used to store more than two kayaks.

DIY Bike And Kayak Rack

Although the design and construction of wooden bikes or kayak racks can be done in a variety of methods, with the correct equipment, it can be done quickly and easily.

Since it is designed primarily for outside use, you must decide where in your garage to put the rack so that you can safely transport and store your kayaks and bikes away from open spaces.

Crossbar Kayak Roof Racks

If you’re looking for easier solutions to tie down straps to your car’s roof, then you need to try this out. The Crossbar kayak roof rack has adjustable padding for secure mounting and is composed of steel.

It can support a maximum weight of 75 pounds, a kayak’s body can sit on its side rail, and can fit cargoes that are up to 36 inches wide. It’s proven to be very durable and comes at an affordable price

DIY 10 Kayak Wooden Rack Fits

Have you ever wanted to use a single kayak rack craft to hold multiple kayaks?

This is one of the best DIY high-capacity kayak racks design on our list, and it is made for avid kayakers who have managed to amass far more boats than they had initially planned.

Any kayaker who wants to continue kayaking with various surfboards but wants to save money and doesn’t want to compromise on quality will love the DIY Kayak Rack.

Why make a DIY kayak rack?

If you could just buy factory racks or roof racks from a vendor, why go through the stress of making one yourself? Below are the different benefits of constructing kayak roof racks yourself:

Money Savings:

Purchasing already-made Kayak Racks or roof racks can be very expensive, even though it saves you the stress of having to set it up from scratch. However, you can save some money by making your own kayak rack.

Compared to paying more money for a kayak rack that has already been made, this is unquestionably a tangible benefit worth taking into account. Even if you will have to invest extra time to finish your build, it’s your decision whether to take into account these factors or not

Can Be Customized Individually:

Most racks that are pre-made might not always be to your taste depending on a number of variables, such as the rack’s quality, how well it supports your kayaking goals, and how it fits in your garage. However, a DIY kayak roof rack allows you the opportunity to design a unique roof rack that completely matches your preferences with regard to these variables.

Planning the measurements now will allow you to ensure that it fits comfortably in your yard, garage, or other intended location. This also is a great benefit to look out for before ordering an already made.

The opportunity to acquire craft skills:

The opportunity to develop certain craft skills using various equipment and materials is a side benefit of making your own kayak roof rack. You can learn how to work with PVC or develop your woodworking skills when you make your own kayak rack as long as you follow assembly instructions.

Tips for making a DIY kayak Rack

Proper Measurement:

Whatever size the kayak racks are—minimal, large, or bulky—make sure you take precise measurements before building a showpiece for your garage, shed, or vehicle. Understanding the dimensions required to build the rack is the first step in measuring accurately, which may make or break your design in several ways.

Extra Materials:

It helps if you buy extra materials before starting work because it’s not measurable how likely it is that you won’t want to increase your rack’s capacity or that the equipment would be sufficient. Having extra supplies on hand can spare you the stress of having to make a second purchase if you make a mistake with a cut or measurement.

Weather Considerations:

You should think about weather treatment solutions if your kayak rack will eventually be used outdoors. Regardless of the design, stay away from materials that may deteriorate, or rot over time because you can end up having to spend more time and effort fixing your DIY kayak rack.

Stainless steel is typically the best option for a metal DIY kayak rack because it is less prone to rust and corrosion. If you’re using wood, you might want to consider coating or painting everything with an oil-based paint before you mount your rack.


What is the easiest kayak to use?

Depending on your familiarity with any rack and your level of experience, the ease varies for everyone. The PVC Kayak Rack makes it relatively simple to safely store your kayak because it is lightweight and durable.

Do you require a roof rack for a kayak?

As mentioned earlier, a typical roof rack is necessary because they allow you to load your kayak securely on top of your vehicle.

What Kind Of Kayak Roof Rack Do I Need?

Side rails are typically standard equipment on SUVs and Jeeps. For a minimum installation on your vehicle, rack towers and two crossbars or round bars are required.

How long does it take to build?

You can spend less than two hours on it, sometimes a day or even a week, depending on your routine and how vast you are with the material used for those kayak racks.

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