Crazy Easy Food Hacks: Food to Bring Camping

Food to Bring Camping

Going off the grid is pretty exciting and fun. You can indulge in the fresh air while getting away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. As exciting as it sounds, it’s not easy though. And you have to ensure you have enough sustenance to last you for your entire trip. So you might ask yourself, what’s the best food to bring for camping?

It’s really quite simple. And it doesn’t have to be rocket science! Plus, you can still enjoy your favorite noms even if you are away from the grocery store.

We are going to help you pack all the food essentials you need for your camping trip! We’ll keep you properly nourished so you can enjoy nature in its full glory.

What is the Best Food to Take to Camping

Before we get all fancy, let’s think of the basic food that you have to include in your camping meal plan. These will ensure that you stay properly nourished and healthy. 

1. Bread

Bread is packed with carbohydrates, which is the main source of energy. You will need energy when you’re hiking, running, and simply setting up your tent. And the best thing about bread is that you can toast it and put some butter on it. You may also pair it with soups. 

2. Vegetables

Going off the grid doesn’t mean you can skip your vegetables! You need all the vitamins and minerals that you can get. The good thing is you can make a festive meal with vegetables. You can toss in chopped cabbage or lettuce in your chicken tortilla.

3. Wraps and pita bread

Wraps and pita bread not only taste great. It can also be a plate substitute. Instead of using tons of plates, you can use wraps and pita bread to pack your meal. 

4. Butter or oil

Butter and oil is an easy way to add flavor to your food. It also prevents food from sticking to the pan. But remember to use it sparingly.

5. Herbs

Aromatic herbs are not only healthy, but they are also packed with flavor. And also, they don’t weigh a lot and will not take too much space in your camping bag. But they sure have a lot of flavors.

6. Coffee or tea

Whenever you go camping, you’ll never pass on the chance of having coffee heated on an open flame. It’s a surreal experience. And besides, you need that extra amp to wake you up in the morning. Nature and coffee, ahh sounds bliss to us!

7. Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein. It’s a healthy and low-fat source of protein. And it’s a great complement to any meal. it’s easy to whip up some scrambled eggs with herbs.

8. Beef

Sizzling beef on an open fire in camp ahh. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a good slice of rustic steak. Cook it over the fire and season with butter and herbs. You won’t even want to compare it to fine dining.


9. Bacon

Bacon is a staple in everybody’s breakfast. There is something about that crispy slice of pork with fat that makes you wake up in the morning.

10.  Cheese

Cheese is another nice addition to a meal or bread. You can have a healthy and simple sandwich with cheese and you’ll be filled up for the day.

11. Potato

You can never go camping without baked potatoes! Or cook them in an open fire. That’s one of the best parts of going camping. It’s also rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.

12. Fruits

Fruits in season are a great way to nourish and revitalize your body on a hot day. Instead of candies, pack these naturally sweet noms. It’s also rich in vitamins.

13. Trail mix

This is perhaps one of the most common foods you can find in a camper’s bag. It’s ready to eat, on the go source of nourishment. You can even eat it while hiking.

14. Marshmallows

S’mores are the best nightcap. Basking in the open fire at night and a good old marshmallow roasting session is a must. It’s even a part of every camper’s itinerary. 

No-Cook Camping Meals

Camping is fun. But all the walking and the hiking can make you feel too tired to cook. And you might not want to cook a hearty bowl of soup. 

That’s why we have prepared a list of camping foods that do not require cooking. But it will definitely fuel you up. These camping food hacks do not need cooking, but your palates will be satisfied. And your tummy will not complain. 

1. Canned tuna with crackers

You have your energy source from the crackers and protein from tuna. Just open the can and spread a tablespoon or two of the tuna on the cracker. 

2. Bread with banana

Putting a banana on your peanut butter sandwich is a quick and easy way to consume carbs and fruits. Lay down a slice of bread, then spread a tablespoon or two of peanut butter. Then top it with sliced bananas.

3. Mozzarella and tomato sandwich

If you want a bit cheesier, take a slice of bread and layer slices of tomatoes. Then top with fresh mozzarella cheese slices. It’s like a rustic pizza in the wild.

4. Trail mix, energy bars, and dried fruits

If you need instant energy and not really a full meal, these noms will surely indulge you. Tails mix, energy bars, and dried fruits are a great way to fuel your body with energy without the need to sit down. You can even eat it while you’re walking or hiking.

5. Granola breakfast

Since granola does not need cooking, you can make a bowl of granola with milk and fruits for breakfast! 

How to Pack Food for Camping

Wondering how you will be able to bring your food sustenance to camping. You need these materials to pack your camping food.

Perishable items

Perishable items such as milk, meat, and dairy need to be constantly cooled. Otherwise, they will go bad in just a matter of hours. So if you’re bringing along perishable items, make sure to keep them in one of these:

  1. Portable refrigerators
  2. Coolers
  3. Ice packs

Non-perishable items

Non-perishable items such as food packed in cans and vacuum-sealed meals can literally last for several months or even years in the shade. So you just bring them as is. 

Tips for Your Camping Kitchen

Now that we have mentioned easy camping meals above, it’s time to throw in some tips. 

What must you do when you’re preparing food for camping?   

  1. If you’re bringing cold salads or cooked meals, it’s best to store them in large reusable silicone bags. And label them on what day you should consume them based on their expiration date.
  2. For serving and eating, use collapsible silicone trays and cups. These eat up less space when you’re packing them. It also won’t eat up too much space in the trash.
  3. Mason jars are best for camping. You can use it for drinking. And it can also be used to serve salads and cereals. It also won’t eat too much space. 
Food to Bring Camping

Crazy Easy Camping Food Ideas

We have listed the basic food that you can bring for camping. Now allow us to go crazy as well. We will toss in a few meals that you’ll also love to have for your next camping trip.

1. Overnight oats

You can make these ahead and it’s nice to consume when cold. You can make an array of yummy and healthy overnight oats recipes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the toppings!

2. Yogurt parfaits

Parfaits can be eaten as breakfast or snacks. You can even consume it as a dessert too. All you have to do is mix yogurt with your favorite fruits. 

3. Hummus And Veggie sticks

You can prepare your one hummus or buy one from the store. Then pair it with your favorite vegetables such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, or whatever veggies you fancy.

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4. Six layer salad

This is a versatile camping dinner. And you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals too. You can top the salad with ham or any cold cuts. Consume the salad as is or pair it up with a cheese sandwich or a ham sandwich for a more hearty diner. 

5. Charcuterie board

Yes, you can enjoy a charcuterie board in the forest. Mix up your favorite cold cuts and cheese. This can be a fancy dinner in the wild. 


How do you reheat food when camping?

You can wrap the food in foil. Then place them on an open fire to reheat. It’s a rustic way of reheating food without using pots or pans. But you can also use pots and pans placed over an open fire if you wish.

How do you protect food during camping?

It’s advisable to store the food a hundred feet away from the campsite so that you will not attract hungry bears to your tent. You can either buy bear canisters or keep the food on flat ground away from the camping site. 

Can you keep food in the car?

Yes, as long as it is secured. The car must be locked and food should be covered with a blanket. But if you have a pickup truck, it’s not a good idea to store the food on the bed of the truck. 

Final say

These backpacking meal ideas will keep your tummy happy and your body healthy while you’re off the grid. You can still enjoy your favorite food even if you’re miles away from the city. The best food to bring for camping should always be the ones that you love to eat.

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