Where Is Apres Ski Filmed? Plus Other Things You Need to Know About Apres Ski

Where Is Apres Ski Filmed

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows, you’ve probably seen Bravo’s Apres Ski. It’s a reality TV show that premiered in 2015 and is known for showing a luxury concierge firm’s realities. If you’re a huge Apres Ski fan, you’re in the right place. We got you covered if you’re curious about the answer to “Where is Apres Ski filmed?”! 

Not only that, but we’re also going to discuss what exactly après-ski is. We also included some Après Ski facts that you probably don’t know about. If you’re interested in apres ski or the famous apres ski show, keep reading!

What Does Apres-ski Mean?

Apres-ski is a French term that originated in the 1950s. When translated in English, the word literally means “after ski” or “after skiing.” On the other hand, Merriam-Webster defines it as “social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day’s skiing.” Other dictionaries also define apres-ski the same way.

However, what you need to know is that the dictionaries’ definitions only reflect the surface of what apres-ski is. Apres-ski not only has rules, but it also has a dress code and even a preset list of activities. In addition, these rules and dress codes vary depending on who you are and what kind of skier you are. Not only that, but apres ski also considers where you are.

So, what is apre ski exactly?

Typically, apres-ski starts in the afternoon following a day’s skiing. It usually includes drinking in slopeside chalets or town bars. In addition, apres-ski also includes dancing on seats, tables, or out in the snow. Commonly, the dancing is accompanied by live or recorded music.

Moreover, it’s done in ski clothing. Often, apres-ski lasts until dinner, but some argue that it can go on until bedtime. 

Besides these, what’s interesting about the term is that it’s predominantly used in North America and Canada. It’s also used to refer to activities done after a day of snowboarding. 

Where Is Apres Ski Filmed?

Of course, a ski-culture TV series has to be set in a ski town. Now, you’re probably wondering, “where is apres ski filmed?” Well, worry no more because we’re going to tell you the answer to your question.

The famous American apre ski show was set and filmed in the breathtaking destination of Whistler Blackcomb. It’s a luxury resort situated in British Columbia, Canada, that’s famous among affluent sports enthusiasts. Not only that, but it’s also known as the largest ski resort in North America.

Moreover, it has received tons of reviews that exhibit why it’s considered one of the world’s best ski resorts. In addition, it’s popular as a highly-regarded destination for skiers and tourists from around the world. Aside from these, Whistler Blackcomb was also used as a venue for various events during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Not only that, but Whistler is also known for fine dining and resort culture. It’s a high-end skiing location that perfectly shows the beauty of a premiere winter destination. Apres Ski showcases the majestic view of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and Canada’s rich ski culture.

Apres Ski and What’s It About

If you’ve seen Below Deck or Vanderpump Rules, you’re probably going to enjoy watching Apres Ski. 

The American apre ski show was set in British Columbia, Canada, and debuted in 2015 by Bravo TV. It was produced by Tricon Films and Television and was created by producers Andrea Gorfolova, Jeff Hevert, Kevin Lee, and James Bharmal. It’s well-known for following the lives of some of the wealthiest people in the universe. To date, the show has aired one season with eight episodes.

The reality TV show goes around the start-up built by Joey Gibbons, the CEO of Gibbons Whistler. Together with Tamara Moore, Joey puts up a team of hospitality professionals from various locations in North America. The goal is to make themselves known in the industry of luxury tourism.

Aside from this, Apres Ski also focuses on how they manage to deliver excellent service to their A-list clients. The start-up offers its clients a luxurious skiing lifestyle to provide innovative and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They have amenities, including heli-skiing and different high-end spa treatments, too.

Not only that, but Apres Ski also depicts how the Ski company provides its clients with a menu and how they achieve their goals. Interestingly, the show was given a season to either succeed or go down the drain. However, what people what Apres Ski for is the drama that looms among the team. 

Since Apres Ski is a reality TV show, expect a lot of drama. The show provides its viewers with a lot of ups and downs, too. Of course, just like other reality TV series, other episodes might be better than others. Additionally, since it’s related to skiing, it’s something fresh and new. Not only that, but it might interest you to get out of the house and go skiing. 

The Cast of Apres Ski

As mentioned, Apres Ski follows the Ski business put up by Joey Gibbons. Aside from Joey, there are a lot of other people involved in the industry. Below is a list of Joey’s team members that make the Apres Ski drama worth the binge.

Joey Gibbons

Of course, Joey is part of the team. He’s not only the big boss, but he’s also the company’s CEO. His goal is to make his start-up a unique and world-class travel resort successfully. Additionally, he became a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski team, making him qualified to do what he does.

Bobby Crowder

Just like Joey, Bobby works at Gibbons Life. He’s the VIP Concierge at the company and has professional experience in the entertainment industry.

Charlotte Fenton

Charlotte is Bobby’s best friend. She’s an assistant at the firm and has worked as an interior designer.

Elise Wims

Elise is a jack of all trades. She’s not only a Pennsylvania Culinary Institute trained chef. Elise is also a renowned fitness model, trainer, and enthusiast and is the operations manager at Gibbons Life.

Lynsey Dyer

Just like Elise, Lynsey is also a superwoman. She’s a professional skier from Wyoming and has bagged a ton of awards. Not only that, but Lynsey is also a published photographer and artist. At Gibbons Life, she teaches and influences people for her love of skiing.

Jim Sced

Jim is another sports enthusiast who loves scuba diving and skydiving. He also loves adventures and has launched and sold his own firm. Not only that, but he also has his pilot license!

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Kendra Larkin

Together with Bobby, Kendra also serves as a VIP Concierge. She’s also got an impressive background, with multiple degrees from NYU. She has also produced runway shows for the New York Fashion Week!

Apres Ski Episode Titles

As mentioned, the apre ski show aired in November of 2015 in the United States. However, it also premiered in Australia in the same year. 

Just like other TV shows, Apres Ski also comes up with witty and intriguing titles for their episodes. Below is the complete list of the eight Apres Ski episodes.

  1. No Business Like Snow Business
  2. Cold Feet
  3. Friends With Benefits
  4. It’s All Down Hill From Here
  5. Sliding Down Hill
  6. On Thin Ice
  7. Power Moves
  8. The Last Run


How is après-ski pronounced?

Unless you’re a native French speaker, your pronunciation of apres-ski is, more or less, incorrect. If you know phonetics, here’s how to pronounce apres-ski: /ˌæp.reɪˈskiː/. The other way is /apreɪˈskiː/.

Is Apres Ski about skiing?

Apres Ski isn’t entirely about skiing. It’s a reality TV show following the lives of A-list businesspeople and hospitality professionals. It also shows the ski town and ski culture of Canada.

How many seasons does Apres Ski have?

Currently, the apre ski show has one season. It has eight episodes and was aired by Bravo TV. 

Will Apres Ski be renewed for another season?

At the moment, Apres Ski has not been renewed for another season. Bravo TV has also not announced the show’s renewal or cancellation.

Where Is Apres Ski Filmed?

As mentioned, the famous reality TV series was set and filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Particularly, it took place in the world-class resort of Whistler Blackcomb.

Final Thoughts

Apres Ski is a great watch for people who are into skiing and the wealthy, luxurious lifestyle. It’s also entertaining because it isn’t all about skiing. If you’re a fan of looming drama between strangers, it’s worth the binge. 

You’ll also probably like it if you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring one. It’ll not only help you learn the dos and dont’s in the hospitality industry but will also teach you a thing or two.

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