Enjoy Your Favorite Noms at Camp with Best Camping Plates

Eating at camp can be challenging. And most often, people go for disposable camping plates just to lessen the load once they’re off for home. But this can also take a toll on mother nature. Imagine all the trash that some campers dump in the forests.

Best Camping Plates

Thus, it’s important to bring your own plates. And the best camping plates will be easier to sneak in your bag too. You might even have fun with them[and use them at home too.

And the best camping dish set can make eating at the campsite more fun for you and your friends and family.

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Top 10 Best Camping Plates: A Product Reviews


BrandQuantity and inclusionsMaterialDimensionsWt in ouncesShops
Wealers Store sectioned platesPack of 4 platesStainless steel‎ 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.9 inches12Check Price On Amazon
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ECOSouLife Biodegradable PlatesPack of 4 platesBiodegradable materials3.87 x 5.43 x 1.55 inches18Check Price On Amazon
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Stansport Store Enamel Plates4 sets of steel spoons, knives, and forks, 4 – 10.25″ plates, 4 – 6″ bowls, 4 – 12 fl oz mugsEnamel10.75 x 5.5 x 10.75 inches75 Check Price On Amazon
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Barebones Enamel Deep Set of 2 platesEnamel11.77 x 11.18 x 1.5 inches30 Check Price On Amazon
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Bisgear Store Round Stainless Steel 4 platesStainless steel9.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches20 Check Price On Amazon
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Sea to Summit X 1BPA free siliconediameter 9 / 23 cm; depth 1 1/3” / 3.5 cm4.9  Check Price On Amazon
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GSI Outdoors Glacier 1Stainless steel9.9 x 9.9 x 0.8 inches8.3 Check Price On Amazon
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TOPZEA round 10Stainless steel9.25 x 9.21 x 2.17 inches27 Check Price On Amazon
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Boundless Voyage pan plate dish1Titanium7.72 x 7.6 x 1.46 inches1.8 Check Price On Amazon
Read Full Review
Snow Peak Trek 1Titanium7.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches2 Check Price On Amazon
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The best camping plates can add value to your outdoor experience. It can make things easier for you. It can prevent a big mess, especially if you lack a camping kitchen.

Trust us, you don’t want to settle for camping plates that can barely hold your food. See our top choices below.

01. Wealers Store Stainless Steel Sectioned Plates– Best Overall

These sectioned stainless steel plates are rugged, durable, and very convenient. That’s why we have chosen them as our overall pick.

These are rust-resistant and BPA-free. And since they are sectioned, you can easily segregate your dessert from the main course. So even if you’re outdoors, it’s easy to enjoy a hearty meal without all the mess.

They are also super light but the construction is durable. Since they are compact, they are easy to bring for camping, backpacking, and picnics.


  • The sections allow enjoying food in the outdoors less the mess
  • They are light and compact but are very durable and fit for rugged adventures
  • It’s easy to clean and you can toss it in the dishwasher when you get home
  • It comes with a storage bag that prevents it from rattling in your camping bag
  • Kids can easily use it since you can segregate the food


  • Some complained about getting a pack with one less plate
  • Some find the stainless steel a bit thin

02. ECOSouLife Biodegradable – Best Eco-Friendly Camping Plates

What better way to bask in the beauty of nature than with these biodegradable camping plates?

Yes, you heard it right. These sustainable camping plates can be used several times before tossing them in the bin.

And this is made from 100 eco-friendly materials such as Cornstalk, Bamboo, and Soybean waste. It’s just fitting to use these plates since it lessens your carbon footprint. So you can help preserve the integrity of Mother nature.

And if you forgot to bring these plates down with you, they will decompose naturally


  • It’s made from 100 percent eco-friendly materials
  • Decomposes naturally in 2-3 years so it can be buried in the soil
  • It is pretty light for sustainable plates
  • Comes in an array of perky colors
  • Comes with a quality mesh bag


  • The adhesive labels on the plate are difficult to remove
  • Some find the label too arduous

03. Stansport Store Enamel Plates– Best for Cooking

This set comes with everything you need for preparation and a festive lunch in the woods.

And this is made of enamel with a rim of stainless steel at the edges. This makes it a quaint and unique camping plate. At the same time, it renders the plates more durable.

And if you love to cook for others, this is the perfect set. You don’t need to buy anything else.

These are also light and look kind of pretty. It’s also a good addition to your camping kitchen. This is for the more elaborate setup.


  • It’s a complete set for cooking and feasting
  • It has an affordable price
  • These are portable and lightweight
  • They’re decently durable


  • The silver stainless steel around the edges seems a bit cheap
  • The cutlery is not as good as the plates

04. Barebones Deep Enamel Plate – Best Functional

These are very pretty and functional camping plates.

It boasts a gray finish with stainless steel edges.

Thes camping plates look so glammed up and have a vintage vibe to them. And not only that, but it is also a bit deeper than our other options. So it can conveniently hold foods with sauce or food with a bit of soup.

These are very durable too.

And since the wall is high, this is very convenient if you don’t have any camping table to eat at.


  • It is more functional, especially if you do not have a camping table
  • These are durable and pretty camping plates
  • It is portable and lightweight


  • The sticker label is difficult to remove
  • It has an awful packaging

05. Bisgear Store Round Stainless Steel Plates– Best for Food Prep and Eating

These 8.5-inch plates are larger and can be used for food prep as well.

And coming from a giant outdoor gear and equipment brand, you can expect nothing but quality construction. It’s made of a durable type of stainless steel but it is very lightweight at the same time.

These stainless steel do not absorb odor, oil and don’t rust. So it can survive wear and tear, it’s best for rugged situations too.

It has a wider rim so you can conveniently hold it. Kids will also find it easy to use too. And it can also be used in a bowl or a plate, so it’s pretty versatile.


  • The size is large and the design is functional, it can be used as a plate or bowl
  • It is easy to hold, even for kids
  • It is made of a durable type of stainless steel
  • These are easy to clean and don’t absorb oil, odor, and grime from food
  • These are durable yet lightweight at the same time
  • It comes with a quality mesh bag


  • The rim has a gap at the bottom where dirt can collect
  • The product looks better in the photos

06. Sea to Summit X Plate– Best Compact

These silicone plates have collapsible walls that make them more compact.

You can collapse the walls of the plates when they are not in use. And it’s easy to pull out when it’s time for dinner.

The material is BPA-free silicone, durable, and cut-resistant. So you can use this as a base for chopping and putting greens.


  • These are collapsible, very light, and very compact
  • It comes in an array of eye-catching perky colors
  • This is cut-resistant and can be used for cutting veggies
  • These are easy to clean


  • Some received their plates with a bit of discoloration
  • You have to be careful when holding the wells when using it to hold soup as it might collapse accidentally

07. GSI Outdoors Glacier Plate– Best Durable

These glacier plates have a 9.5-inch depth so you can use them for food preparation and cutting salads and greens.

And these are very durable too. These are made from brushed stainless steel. That also gives these plates a rather shimmering look that can stand out in your camping kitchen.

These are fireproof, rustproof so they can stand the test of time. And since these are stackable, you can easily bring them for light backpacking trips.


  • These are very durable, fireproof, and rustproof
  • The wide diameter makes the plate more versatile and can be used for more applications
  • These are compact and stackable
  • The brand offers a lifetime guarantee


  • Some find it too low light and flimsy

08. TOPZEA Round Plates– Best Value

These 9.5 inches round stainless steel plates are spill proof and pretty affordable too.

It has a nice depth so it can hold an array of foods. And it’s multifunctional and can be used for other activities aside from camping.

The functional design also makes it suitable for use at a school canteen.

And since these are light and stackable, it’s easy to pack.

Not to mention, cleaning is a breeze too. It does not stain. Food oil and odor will not stick to the bottom of the plates.


  • It has a great size that can be used to hold different types of food
  • It is pretty durable yet lightweight and stackable
  • It can also be used for other applications
  • Cleaning is very easy


  • Some had an issue with quality control

09. Boundless Voyage Pan Plate Dish– Best for Light Backpacking Trips

These are ultralight functional camping pan plates that are ideal for ultralight backpacking trips.

And it comes with a mesh, so it is easy to store in your camping bag.

It’s very functional since the walls are a bit high. And oh, you can even use it as a lid.

It’s made of titanium, so this is a very durable material but it is more on the premium side.


  • These are functional and very versatile metal camping plates
  • They are lightweight yet durable at the same time
  • Strong enough to be used as everyday dinnerware


  • The surface is gritty bead blast toe and may be hard to clean
  • Oil can sometimes stick to it

10. Snow Peak Trek Plate– Best Premium

Don’t have a frying pan? No problem! This dish plate can double as a frying pan too

And titanium is a very strong material but lightweight and safe at the same time too. So this is another plate that’s perfect for backpackers.

It also has a perfect size, it’s not too light nor too big.


  • Can be used as a firepan
  • These are very durable yet lightweight plates
  • It has a functional ideal size
  • Deal for those with aluminum and nickel allergy


  • Wished it had a mesh bag
  • Oil can sometimes stick to the pan

7 Types of Camping Plates

best camping dish set

One of the factors that you have to consider when buying camping plates is the material. 

Allow us to briefly discuss the 7 types of camping plates and their pros and cons.

01. Stainless steel:

If you are going for a decently durable plate that is affordable, stainless steel it is. 

But this can be a bit heavier.

02. Aluminum:

Aluminum is a great option and is ideal if you’re looking for very light baggage. But this type of material is not the most durable. But it is cheaper too.

03. Plastic:

Plastic is cheaper and less premium-looking. But you have to be careful and choose BPA-free plastics because they can transfer to your food. The downside is that it has a very low melting point. So these are not ideal for holding very hot soups because they can melt.

04. Silicone:

Silicone has a higher melting point than plastic. And these are collapsible so they have a smaller footprint than other camping plates. Thus ideal for backpacking trips. But like plastic, you have to ensure that it is BPA free

05. Titanium:

Titanium is the best of the bunch, these are seriously durable yet lightweight at the same time. It can even go through the fire. But it is also more expensive

06. Biodegradable materials:

These are compostable and can deteriorate when buried under the soil for 2-4 years.

There are different sustainable materials. Some can be made from bamboo, coconut husks, and soy waste. But the cons is that they can sometimes be hard to clean. Food odor can linger in some plate brands too.

07. Enamel:

Enamel is often confused with stainless steel. But the thing is, the enamel is a stainless steel plate that is coated with, well, enamel.

So since this is a combination of two types of metals, these are more durable than stainless steel alone.

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Enamel vs stainless steel camping plates, which is more durable?

Since enamel is also stainless steel covered with enamel, these are more durable 

Which type of camping plate can stand the test of time?

Titanium is the most durable and can be used for years and years. But it does have a premium price to it. 

Which has the most health risk?

Among the materials used for camping plates, plastic may pose the biggest health risk. This is why you have to be careful to choose one that is BPA-free and doesn’t use them to hold very hot foods.


Eating at the campsite can be a bit challenging without the proper plates and dishware. From spilling food to a big old mess, it can ruin your vacation.
Avoid all the hassle by using the best camping plates for the year. And we have the best selection for you.

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Editor’s Choice

Wealers Store Sectioned Plates

Wealers Store Sectioned Plates

Wealers Store Sectioned Plates is our editor’s choice. We just love the versatility of these plates. You’ll not find it hard to enjoy your salad without having your bbq sauce dripping over it. The sections allow you to enjoy food just as you would at home. No mess.

It also ticks almost all our expectations. Price-wise, compactness, and cleanliness- getting them cleaned up are the least of your concern.

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