10 Best Freeride Snowboards in 2023

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Lib Tech T.Rice Gold Member
  2. Burton Custom Flying V
  3. YES Optimistic
Best Freeride Snowboards

Hitting the snowy mountains and the park soon? While freestyle snowboarding can give you a fun and trick filled ride, you might find it too slow or too reserved.

So if you crave speed, you have to go freeride snowboarding. If you want the epic thrill and adrenaline rush, you need the best freeride snowboards that can keep up with the fast pace!

And we have the best ones on our list! 

Here is the List of 10 Best Freeride Snowboards:

  1. Lib Tech T.Rice Gold Member
  2. Burton Custom Flying V
  3. YES Optimistic
  4. Capita Defenders Snowboard Men’s
  5. Gnu Mullair
  6. Rossignol Frenemy
  7. Burton Kilroy Custom
  8. Yes. Pick your Line
  9. Yes. Hel Yes Women’s
  10. Chamonix Dolent

Top 10 Best Freeride Snowboards (A Product Review)

1. Lib Tech T.Rice Gold Member– Best Stable Freeride Snowboard

This 2023 Gold Member Freeride snowboard feels that you can crash it into anything.

It’s ultra-stable and you’d feel like you’re the king on top of a snowy mountain. And when it can almost crash into anything, and you would feel that you won’t get washed out. Everything about this board is sturdy and solid.

It holds an edge pretty well and craves really nice. But what you’ll love is that despite its prowess, it’s pretty lightweight. It’s also made of eco-friendly materials. So that’s more to love about the brand. 

Also, this snowboard might look stiff, but it’s really not. So even if you’re not a pro, you can ride it well. It’s actually quite versatile and can be used by enthusiasts as well as intermediate players who want to hone their skills. And the construction of this snowboard allows for better control and stability.


  • The sintered base for high speed
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Better control
  • Stable


  • Comes only a few sizes

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

It’s eco friendly yet a premium snowboard that gives you more control and stability.

2. Burton Custom Flying V– Best Versatile Freeride Snowboard

It’s your go-to board for all your snowboarding adventures.

The Burton Custom Flying V is multipurpose and can be used almost anywhere. It can be used in a park and it can also perform rather well in snowy mountains. Wherever you are, this snowboard can rip fast through the snow and holds an edge rather well.

This snowboard combines the traditional with innovation. The shape is directional, so that follows the traditional shape. But it has several innovations that make it stand out from the rest. It has the perfect combination of the rocker and camber. 

In addition, the town flex design is quite symmetrical. Thus, you can be assured of great control, stability, and balance. And a symmetrical flex design also helps decrease the chances of incurring accidents.


  • Traditional directional shape
  • Has an innovative design
  • Versatile
  • Better control and stability


  • Might not be that great in icy conditions

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

It’s a versatile snowboard that can be used in the parks and mountains at the same time. 

3. YES Optimistic– Best Freeride Snowboard for Hard Icy Snow

YES Optimistic is king when it comes to stiff rides.

Some like it mellow, some like it stiff. But some love a super stiff ride. And you need a snowboard that’s up to the challenge!

The YES Optimistic is your best option if you’re a daredevil wanting a super stiff ride. This is a great fit for intermediate and advanced riders who want to slide on fast turns. It’s equipped with a stiff torsional flex pattern that allows for stiff turns. And it also has a wider waist for staying too long on the edge.

In addition, it has precision edging for a variety of snow conditions. But take note that this snowboard board is not for beginners.


  • Stable and solid in icy snow
  • Has precise edging
  • Great float


  • Challenging to get the perfect size

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

If you want and need a snowboard for hard icy snow, this is it.

4. Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Men’s– Best Speedy Freeride Snowboard

It’s extremely stable even at the highest speed.

If you’re a pro and you’re looking for a fast and more stable freeride snowboard, this is it. It’s a combination of hybrid and reverse camber. Thus, it provides great stability for jumping. It’s also a fast bottom. Though you need a bit of getting used to it, once you do, you’ll love the speed.

Furthermore, it gives additional control and stability when craving. It also maintains power as the core is made of poplar and beech. 

In addition, the snowboard is extremely strong and yet it feels lightweight. 


  • Ensures a fast and exciting ride
  • Gives you more control and consistency
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Excellent response time


  • Some find it too fast

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

If you want a really fast ride, you have to get your hands on this snowboard.

5. Gnu Mullair– Best Stiff Freeride Snowboard

Whether it’s a stiff ride or speed, this snowboard is up to the challenge.

This stiff snowboard is for the wicked. If you want to snowboard with a lot of speed and dynamic hard turning, you have to score this one. It’s not for the faint of heart nor the beginners. Expert snowboarders who love more and thrill don’t fear an aggressive ride would love this snowboard.

it doesn’t do well in floats, so take note of that when buying this one. Moreover, it has magnet traction that enables the board to hold an edge very well. And you also get superior control. Thus ensuring a very fast yet safe ride. 

Also, it’s made from environmentally friendly materials. So going green is never a problem.


  • Very fun to ride along with trees
  • Holds edge very well
  • Very fast yet stable


  • Only for experts

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

If you’re an expert and want more thrill, this is the snowboard for you.

6. Rossignol Frenemy– Best Freeride Snowboard for Beginners 

This mellow snowboard can give beginners a thrilling and softer ride.

If you’re new to the game, this Rossignol Frenemy snowboard is for you. It’s a mellower freeride snowboard that beginners can use. It’s light and flexible but has an excellent grip with magnatraction.

It gives an easy forgiving ride, quite ideal for beginners or even those in the intermediate level who want to take it sweet and slow. It’s easy to carve on. It’s a bit loose but it isn’t annoying. In addition, this is ideal for icy snowy conditions.

This snowboard is an all-rounder and can make your snowboarding in the mountains easier.


  • Easy to carve
  • Flexible
  • Has excellent grip
  • Great for beginners


  • Experts might find it too soft

Why you should buy this snowboard

If you’re new to snowboarding, this is for you.

7. Burton Kilroy Custom– Best For Fancy Turns

If you love risks, this snowboard would happily oblige.

The shorter tail of this snowboard allows for a more surfy style. It also works great in thick heaps of snow. It’s also nice for carving yet it feels so stable, thus giving you more freedom to do some fancy stuff. 

It’s also quite lightweight yet it’s sturdy and durable. 


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Stable
  • Allow you to do more fancy turns


  • Some don’t like the too bold design

Why you should buy this snowboard

If you like fancy twists and turns, this is a great snowboard.

8. Yes. Pick your Line – Best Freeride Snowboardfor all Levels

Yes Pick Your Line is the universal  snowboard for all levels,

It can provide a rather fun and balanced ride that suits all levels. Even if you’re a beginner or a pro, you can expect a great ride. And it even performs great in all conditions too.

One of the main advantages of this freeride snowboard is that it has a great consistent underfoot. So it can work in all icy conditions. It’s directionally tapered, but it’s more tapered than what you’re expecting. Hence, you’d experience a more surfy feel, but it’s very forgiving.

And if you’re looking for one with a great edge grip, this snowboard has it. It has an excellent grip for as long as you put weight on the back of your feet. In addition, it’s really fast and can ride seamlessly through tights spots. And intermediate players can also have as much fun as the pros.


  • Forgiving
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Excellent grip
  • Ideal for all ability levels


  • Can be quite stiff and might need speed to help it butter

Why you should buy this freeride snowboard

You can have a fun, speedy, and safe ride regardless of your ability level.

9. Yes. Hel Yes Women’s– Best Freeride Snowboard for Women

It’s the ideal women’s snowboard for those who are at the intermediate or expert level.

It’s the first board from the brand that’s specially designed for women. And if you often snowboard on very challenging terrains and conditions, this is for you. This women’s snowboard can perform rather well even in icy conditions and powder. 

It’ll get a good hold of ice and does very well in thicker snow. In addition, it’s easy to handle, light, and quite a quick edge to edge. It floats easily on powder. Also, it rides easily even if you’re transferring your weight, there aren’t any shaking or wobbling on the legs and knees.


  • Can handle icy conditions and thick snow
  • Stable 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not for jibbing

Why you should buy this snowboard

It’s an aggressive women’s freeride snowboard great for thicker snow and icy conditions.

10. Chamonix Dolent– Best for all Mountain Performance

When it comes to zigzagging easily through deep snow zones, this is your snowboard.

It’s packed with power and can enable you to ride easily in difficult snow zones. From edge on the turn to spraying skiers, this snowboard is your best bet.

The exceptional energy and edge grip is something you’re definitely getting with the Chamonix Dolent. And it’s all because of its legitimate camber profile.


  • Great for diffusing snow zones
  • Excellent edge grip
  • Packed with power


  • Not for beginners

Why you should buy this snowboard

It’s a powerful and energy-packed snowboard for difficult snow zones. 

What You Should Look for When Buying the Best Freeride Snowboard ( A Buying Guide)

1. The shape of the board

Most freeride snowboards have a tapered directional shape. Though there are still traditional designs that make use of a directional shape. Directional snowboards ride in only one direction. While tapered directional has almost the same shape as the directional except that the tail is narrower than the nose. Thus, it can give you more liberty in movement and often more surfy in style.

2. Camber profile

The most suitable camber profile for freeriding is the hybrid camber and hybrid corker shapes. These types of camber profiles often hold an edge better, which is what you need for freeride snowboarding.

3. Base

You need to get snowboards with a solid and sturdy base. Freeriding can be more aggressive, that’s why you have to choose a snowboard with a base that’s at par with the swift and aggressive movements. 

4. Length of the board

Freeride snowboarding requires a board to be a tad longer than the average snowboard. This will help you propel faster. It can give you more speed and energy too. 

5. Width of the board

Freeriding requires longer and narrower snowboards. Narrower snowboards are more responsive and can have better control edge to edge. But of course, your boots size should still be inside the board. Anything too narrow than your boots is also counterproductive. 

6. Flex

Freeride snowboards often require one with mid stiff to stiff flex. This can help you carve and get a good grip edge to edge. Thigh mellow flex can be beneficial if you’re a beginner. 

Freeride Snowboards

Freeride Snowboards vs All-Mountain Snowboards

What’s the difference between these two? Freeride snowboarding is all about the speed and these boards can go pretty fast. Freeride snowboards are primarily designed to go downhill. Though some brands can allow you to do a bit of trick, speed is the name of the game.

All-mountain snowboards, on the other hand, are versatile snowboards that can be used almost anywhere. It’s also one of the most ideal types of snowboards that beginners can use. 

Freeride Snowboard vs Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle snowboards have a softer flex. And these types of boards are on the mellow side. They are also equipped to do tons of tricks in the park. Freeride snowboards, on the other hand, are longer and narrower. These snowboards often have a stiffer flex. And instead of tricks, freeride snowboards are built for speed. 


What is the camber’s profile?

A camber’s profile is the snowboard profile or shape. In other words, it’s the shape that you see when you look at the board at a side angle.

What is a flex?

A flex determines the stability of a snowboard. It can have a rating form 1-10, with 1 being the most mellow and 10 being the stiffer.

What is freeride snowboarding?

It’s snowboarding on ungroomed terrain. Also, there aren’t any set rules and or a set course.

So if you are in for an epic fast ride, you have to go freeriding. But you can’t do that without the proper gear. Thus, you need the best freeride snowboards to help you be on top of your game.

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