10 Best Freeride Snowboard Boots in 2023

Freeride snowboarding is among the go-to adventures of people nowadays. Thus, if you’re a novice or an expert in these activities, you only want a great ride as long as you can.

That is why, for your convenience, you can easily find in this article the best freeride snowboard boots to suit your personality and preference.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced snowboard enthusiast, you will surely benefit after finishing this read. Read and learn more!

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Get yourself ready and start choosing the best freeride snowboard boots to match your style.

Scroll down through these top pic boots.

1. Burton Ruler BOA Snowboard Boots

This boot is elevated, and more rider’s love this item because of the quality tech, comfort, convenience, and performance.

If you want to push your personal snowboarding skills, the boots will help to go on more massive steps because of its features. Riders seeking for ion-level performance can find this product as their much even without the loot.

More so, the boots; dual-zone closure system lets you adjust your fore and upper foot quickly. Just do a simple twist and dial, and you will experience long-lasting performance.

With insulation technology, you can feel extra warmth with heat-reflective foils defies snow blasts.

In case you want to know, the independent lazing zones simultaneously adjust the custom fit dial. The fibers are also indestructible, so it won’t kink. Plus, the boots are very easy to re-lace.


  • Dual Zone Closure System
  • Backstay snugs
  • LockUp cuff
  • Fit system


  • Decreased rider fatigue
  • Strong boot fiber
  • Easy to lace
  • Snug fit features
  • Quick entry and exit


  • Best for men but can also be converted as women’s boot.

Why should you buy these snowboard boots?

The boots can compete with any other snowboard boot brand. With its style and strength, you can always expect excellent performance.

2. Salomon Dialogue Focus BOA Snowboard Boots

As you will see, these boots have one of the best lacing systems that can meet your standards. It delivers accurate, instant, and easy tightening. You can conveniently adjust your foothold, both the lower and upper zone.

More so, this brand introduces 2 new liners range with foams. And if with an improved lacing system, you can only experience better lacing combos.

These boots also feature more mechanism. You can experience new construction processes that provide lightweight, comfortable, and compact boots to withstand any condition.

It also brings out an improved molded tongue for a progressive flex, right fit, and better profile. These ride-fit boots deliver perfect balance that riders can enjoy snowboarding beyond their comfort zone. If you are one of these adventurous riders, expect long-lasting and excellent performance from this item.


  • Focus Lacing system
  • UltraIon Foam
  • Fit to Ride tech


  • Lightweight
  • Best fit
  • Compact and comfortable to use
  • Better lacing combos
  • Progressive flex


  • Best for experienced riders and requires familiarity for beginners.

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

As a snowboard rider, you can expect the same performance from the first use up to your latest ride.

3. DC Phase Snowboard Boots

This snowboard boots line provides traditional lacing. However, the simple style can also show features far from basic ones.

The boots’ phase offers the best value you can get from snowboard boots if you notice. It features easy lacing with its traditional lace closure.

The boots also give you the comfort you deserve with its lightweight foundation outsole.

Going back to traditional lacing, the hold and support it delivers overlays the boots providing more power and leverage. It also has full shell closure and perfect fit. The boots’ flex rating goes from average to advanced according to riders’ preference.


  • Traditional lacing
  • UNILITE outsole


  • Lightweight
  • Maximum shell closure
  • Custom-fit
  • Power and leverage advantage


  • Recommended for men

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

This is the best freeride snowboard boots for your all-time riding activities.

4. thirtytwo STW BOA 19/20 Snowboard Boot

If you are looking for snowboard boots with the best fit, this is the one for you.

With an independent eye stay, you can expect a supportive fit as you wear the boots. It has a 3D molded tongue for consistent flex.

Also, each pair has internal lacing to deliver superior heel hold. You can also experience lightweight cushioning as you wear it. The product also features one is to one lasting accurate half sizes.

More so, it provides a single BOA that makes every zone precision fit. There’s also an over-mold on every boot for fused overlay.

You can feel comfortable and convenient as you use each pair for your snowboarding activities. Its dual-density foal allows moderate support and softer flex. It also features microfleece for supreme comfort and warmth. 

As a snowboard enthusiast, you will highly appreciate the hundred percent heat-moldable advantage of the product for customized fitting.


  • Independent eye stay
  • Three-molded tongue
  • Internal lacing
  • Evolution foam and  single BOA


  • Comfortable and supportive fit
  • Even flex
  • Supreme heel hold
  • Precision fit


  • Recommended for beginners but also works for experienced riders

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

Its features bring out function and style at the same time. This is the best boots for first-time snowboarders.

5. Ride Anthem Snowboard Boots

This boot is excellent for beginners and even intermediate riders. If you want something softer than your medium boot for freeriding, this will match your style.

As you use it, you will get the fit you needed with its plush foam liner. Also, there’s a uniform closure from the coiler system. Besides, the lace guide gives even lace tension over your entire boot.

You will also feel secure with no slack lace hold. Additionally, the grip sole and rubber pods are durable enough for your mountain snowboarding. It also provides medium flexing for all of your riding activities.

It has an incredible and integrated articulated cuff. You can also take advantage of its heat-reflective foil for extra warmth.


  • Grip light and midsole
  • Center tongue liner
  • Intuition plush liner
  • Articulated cuff
  • Boa Coiler


  • Uniform closure
  • Durable
  • Medium flexing
  • Secured and no slack hold
  • Even lace tension


  • Comfort depends on user familiarity and preference. 

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

Your freeride can turn into one of the most unforgettable adventures with the best all mountain snowboard boots’ features and functions.

6. Burton Limelight BOA Heat Women Snowboard Boots

With the airwalk snowboard boots’ adjustability, medium flex, and heated liners, you can keep your feet warm and working all day long.

If you are going to ask, secured and warm feet mean more adventurous rides. These women boots have heated liners powered by batteries. Through this, you can just focus on your ride.

More so, the reflective foil and heated setting, the heat reflected back to your feet, provide ultimate warmth. Plus, it gives supreme comfort with its customized fit with an instant and easy lacing system.

The design promises a reliable heel hold. You can tighten the lacing zones around your ankle with just one dial. More so, the medium flex makes riding better at almost any terrain.


  • Polyurethane backstay
  • True-fit
  • Plush cuff
  • B3 Gel cushions
  • BOA fit systems


  • Adjustable
  • Heated liners
  • Durable
  • Medium flex
  • Additional comfort and warmth


  • Most suitable for women

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

This is the right match for your snowboard activities with its functionality, warmth, and comfort.

7. DC Search BOA Women Snowboard Boots

If you want comfort and convenience put together, then got this. This boot features quick, easy, and secured closure.

You can also enjoy a cozy and lightweight design for your all year round mountain snowboard activities.

More so, the coiler closure system provides convenient and instant lacing. It also has a Unilite outsole for better freeride performance.


  • Boa Coiler Closure
  • Unilite Outsole


  • Lightweight
  • Snowbasic with Unilite sole
  • All-season riding boots
  • Comfortable and convenient to use


  • Recommended for women use

Why should you buy these snowboard boots?

It is one of the best snowboard boots pair for those who look for an all-year-round riding companion.

8. Ride Hera Snowboard Boots

The snowboard boots are designed for ladies to provide comfort and versatility. With modern technology, each pair brings out elevation, convenience, and excellent performance on every rid.

It’s among the best freeride snowboard boots for women because it gives utmost comforts and incredible capability at the same time,

It has a women-specific construction with factory molded and lightweight features even for the smallest foot size.

You can notice the velcro-adjusted cuff for custom enhanced with tied fit system and coiler closure. Another thing you will love about these boots is the support foam liner to deliver heat-moldable capacity.

Additionally, it provides 3D dual-density EVA and slime midsole advantage for shock absorption and support.


  • Dual-density EVA
  • Midsole advantage
  • Ladies Specific Design
  • Calf Adjustment Technology


  • Adjustable cuff
  • Shock absorbing and stable
  • Lightweight
  • Custom-fit


  • Recommend for lady use

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

This is an advanced snowboard boot for women who desire to enjoy an all-mountain riding experience.

9. ThirtyTwo Lashed Melancon

The women’s boots are one of the most potent snowboard boots that focus on function without embellishment.

You can see the traditional laces as dependable and easy to tune for any of your riding standards. It has a 3D Molded tongue to allow stiff flex with less softening as you break-in.

Expect the right fit and comfort because of the dual-density and heat-moldable foam. The boots are also lightweight, with shock absorption from the foam midsole joined with a footed grip.

If you know that you are a dynamic snowboarder, this item is undoubtedly recommended for you. For intermediate and advanced rider, you can focus on putting more power on each turn or level your amplitude with the functions offered by this brand,


  • Traditional laces
  • 3D molded tongue
  • Dual-density
  • Heat-moldable foam


  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfort fit
  • Sure-foot grip


  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced riders for best performance

Why should you buy these snowboard boots

The boots bring out comfort and competence at the same time by providing the best functions a rider can get.

10. Burton Felix BOA Women Snowboard Boots

This snowboard boots for women formulates a top-line, all-around rider choice for its functions and performance.

You will instantly notice the slightly softer yet full-load capacity of the product. Expect convenience and custom fit as you wear the boot on your riding stints.

More so, you can benefit from its tri-zone locking technology that wraps your whole ankle using its click wheel.

The calves also remain comfortable with the focus cuff, and the break-in feels better with the complete comfort systems it provides. Besides, the heat cycle and heat-reflective foils allow you to get the warmth you need for your all-mountain snowboarding. It keeps you dry and warm at any kind of challenging season.

With the dual-fit system, you can adjust the twist simultaneously with its dial on both of your lower and upper boot portions. These are virtually indestructible and instantly re-laces.

The boots also deliver a complete comfort design that eliminates break-in periods and resisted snow from the internal gusset.

Each pair has a women-specific fit and is more accurate for women’s foot. It results in better snowboard control.


  • Dual-zone BOA
  • Durable backstay features
  • Total comfort built
  • Women-specific design


  • Durable fibers
  • Medium flex
  • Comfort fit
  • Snow-proof
  • Simultaneous adjustment with dial twist
  • Easy to lace


  • Specifically made for women.

Why you should buy these snowboard boots

These are the right boots for snowboard enthusiasts who expect better performance with an equal level of function and comfort.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Freeride Snowboard Boots

There are a few primary factors you have to consider when deciding to purchase your snowboard boots. Among these are your snowboarding skill level, style, and other features that will affect your experience as a snowboard boots user.

Riding Skill

They already know what riding boots suit themselves for advanced riders as they choose the boots flex according to their style, as mentioned below.

However, if you are just beginning your riding adventures, you must start with soft or medium boots regardless of your ride terrain type. Softer flex gives more comfort, and it’s more forgiving as you learn and develop your riding skill.

If you see yourself as an intermediate rider, you must stick with medium-soft boots to forgive you enough as you refine your techniques. It delivers response and serves you best in your mountain ride.

Riding Style

Your riding style will significantly affect your boot flex.

If you are a free rider, you will need stiffer range boots. It just means that ripping fats, carving deep, and enjoying challenging terrain or backcountry is your vibe. Thus, the stiffer flex offers better support and response. This is what you need for narrow descents and top speeds.

The all-mountain ride will require you to medium-flex boots to handle everything. If you want faster rips and hitting backcountry from time to time, or enjoying steeper slopes, you should go for medium or stiff boots. Soft-medium boots are the best option when referring to playful rides or occasional park visits.

Lacing System

There are two significant categories of lace systems.

Traditional Lace

You have traditional laces, which look almost the same as the standard shoes or hockey skates. One of the benefits you can get from traditional laces is you can fine-tune every pressure point along with your boots.

It gives the right fit and best for you if you’re struggling with pressure points. But the drawback is it requires a little time when you have to re-lace your boots as you go. You have to stop and remove your gloves. But you may also consider wet or icy laces to make things better.

Boa Lace System

This is another common type of rachet lace. You can also find other systems available on the market, which is almost the same. These systems use wire synced tight or loosened or released with a single knob.

A boa system with a single dial means there is one wire that syncs the whole boot. This is conveniently fast and provides fewer adjustments for varying pressure areas. 

A double Boa system separately allows adjustment from the upper and lower boot portion. This generally provides the best adjustability and snug fit features.

Board and Bind Compatibility

The boot flex should match your whole snowboarding set up. The snowboard bindings have a flex rating for your freeride snowboard boots and all-mountain snowboard.

Even if the flex rating isn’t exactly the same, you’ll have a better riding experience if you have them with the same range. Remember, soft boots do not usually pair with stiffer boards.

Best Freeride Snowboard Boots

What are the Key Specifications of the Best Freeride Snowboard Boots?

Here are the primary specs that every free rider must know.

1. Flex

Typical freeriders prefer medium or medium-stiff boot flex. Besides, most boots show an out of 10 flex rating. Some are out of 5. A general rule states the stiffer your boot, the quick response you will get.

2. Response

Riders need response when turning sharply at short notice. Flex combination and heel hold determine your boots’ response.

3. Heel Hold

Heel hold secures your heel, so it does not lift inside your boot. It’s essential for snowboarding boots but not necessarily with freeride ones.

4. Reduced Footprint

Reduced footprint or shrinkage happens when the outside boot is equivalent to smaller ones. It allows the rider to go on a narrower board, which gives more board options.

5. Shock Absorption

It is significant for freeride boots to have shock-absorbing features for added balance and traction.

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6. Traction

You may need to sacrifice a little shock absorption if you wish to get more traction for the soles of your feet.

7. Adjustability

Adjustability has something that occurs when there’s an adequate amount of pressure evenly spread across your feet to prevent pressure points.

8. Comfort

Every free-rider needs comfort in every riding activity. Thus, your snowboard boots must:

  • Have excellent quality liners
  • Fit your foot
  • Not have pressure points
  • Provide decent sole cushion
  • Feature adjustable lacing
  • Effective heel hold
  • Have molded foot for support


What is a freeride snowboard?

A freeride snowboard is designed for adventurous snowboarding. It is typically stiffer compared to a freestyle board.

How long does my snowboard boot should last?

A typical snowboard boot lasts from 40 to 100 uses. However, it depends on the boot quality and frequency of usage.

Is it hard to learn snowboarding?

Generally, snowboarding is hard to learn but a bit easier to master.


These are among the best freeride snowboard boots that you can find in the market. All you have to do is pick the right one that suits your level and preference. More so, keeping yourself safe and secure is a major priority, so have a safe ride while having the top quality boots.

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