Enjoy a Comfy Respite at Camp With The Best Hammock Rain Fly

Hammock camping is as exciting as it sounds. But nature can be full of surprises. It might be sunny today and raining mad dogs later. So it’s wise to have the best hammock rain fly to keep you protected from the elements.

While you can just settle for a mediocre one, you’ll risk waking up wet and shivering. And that can rob off the fun out of your camping trip.

Best Hammock Rain Fly

So do not settle for anything less. Choose only the best for your next adventure. You’ll be happy that you’ve come across our list!

The Best Hammock Rain Fly: A Product Review


  • ENO PRO Fly is our top choice. You can never go wrong with a household name. Plus this is an affordable, durable, and waterproof hammock tarp.
  • Paha Que Wilderness hammock rainfly is a multipurpose tarp that comes in at a very good price. So you’re getting more bang for your buck.
  • Hennessy Hammock Hex is very versatile and offers a lot of room too.
  • If you’re a lazy camper, you’ll love Bear Butt. This rainfly for hammocks is very easy to set up, fuss-free, trust us.
  • Wise Owl Outfitters is our premium choice. It comes in complete with all the tools and accessories you need. It’s made of high-quality materials too. 

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BrandDimensionsMaterialShapeAttachment pointsColorWt in lbsShops
ENO PRO Fly1 x 1 x 1 inches210D ripstop nylon constructionRectangular6Black10Check Price On Amazon
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PahaQue Hammock Rainfly120 x 102 x 0.2 inches50D Polyester with heavy-duty 1500mil PU waterproof coatingHexagonal6Gray2.14Check Price On Amazon
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Hennessy Hammock Hex5 x 5 x 5 inches70D Polyurethane Coated Polyester Rip-stopSymmetrical hex6Coyote brown1.15 lbsCheck Price On Amazon
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Bear Butt10 x 4 x 4 inches190T Polyester (Front) 190D PU (Back)Thanks,Diamond 4Gray with Green, blue, gray, or orange piping and brand name1.1Check Price On Amazon
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Wise Owl Outfitters9.72 x 6.69 x 3.66 inchesripstop waterproof nylon, taped seams,Hexagonal6Gray, Blue1.62Check Price On Amazon
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Gold Armour11.34 x 7.48 x 3.43 inchesPremium Ripstop Polyester (PU 5000mm)Rectangle33Gray, black, and pink2.11Check Price On Amazon
Read Full Review
Chill Gorilla Hex Fly9.8 x 4.9 x 3.8 inchesPolyurethane-treated ripstop nylon Asymmetrical Hex shape6Recon Coyote Sand1.4Check Price On Amazon
Read Full Review
ENO Housefly rain tarp9.6 x 4 x 6 inches15D Ripstop silnylon with PU coatingHorizontal cylindrical10Lichen1.17Check Price On Amazon
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Sea to Summit hammock tarp142 x 0.5 x 0.73 inchesultra-sil Nano 15D fabricPentagonal5Blue.7Check Price On Amazon
Read Full Review
Paria Outdoor8.75 x 5.25 x 3.5 inches30D nylon with silicone/PU dual-coating. Rectangle16Gray1.2Check Price On Amazon
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Our top picks for the best hammock rain fly can protect you from the rain, cold, and wind. We have picked the best so you can enjoy a warm and toasty stay outdoors.

01. ENO PRO Fly– Best Overall

The ENO PRO Fly Is our overall choice. It can provide a larger coverage area to shelter you from the winds, rain, and sun.

This tarp has a wide rectangular shape that can shelter you from the elements. It’s waterproof so you will not get drenched in the rain.

Also, this is a rather durable tarp too, it holds its post even when the wind blows off.
This is also easy to set up and is stable. If it uses six anchor points it will not budge even if the weather is a bit windy.


  • It’s waterproof and can keep you dry
  • It can shield you from strong winds
  • This tarp is light and easy to set up
  • It holds its posts rather well
  • It has an affordable price


  • The lines can get a bit slacked so you need a taut-line hitch
  • Might not be able to provide full coverage for more than two nests

02. Paha Que Hammock Rain Fly– Best Value

For a budget-friendly rainproof hammock, you’d still get excellent protection from the mild rain showers.

This hammock has a 150D rating and a 1500 mil waterproof coating. So even if you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you will get soaked in the rain.

Paha Que features a hexagonal shape with 6 attachment points. You can use four ground stakes to anchor the tarp securely to the ground. And what’s best about it is that the size is larger too compared to other more expensive brands. So this can give additional coverage sans the added cost.

Also, this is a very versatile tarp. You can use it as a standalone tent, a cover for your gears, and a hammock. So you will be saving a lot since it can be used in various ways.


  • It’s very easy to set up and pack. It comes with its own storage pouch
  • This is a versatile and multipurpose tarp, it can be used in various ways
  • You get a good waterproof rating at a lesser price
  • The hexagonal tarp is larger than more expensive ones
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with suspension and steaks


  • The stakes have heavy steel parts
  • Most find the tree straps a bit challenging to adjust

03. Hennessy Hammock Hex– Best Multipurpose

If you find the Paha Que Hammock versatile, this Hennessy Hex rainfly hammock tops our most versatile options.

You can set it up like a tent for a medium-size group, use it as cover to protect your gears and equipment, and set it up as a hammock.

And the pockets for cord storage ensure that you’ll never miss your cords again. That’s a very simple but convenient thought from the brand.

The setup is also easy and fast. Since you don’t have to scour through your things to find the cord. And two, the guy lines are already attached. So it’s easier to set up than other tarps. It’s also easy to hang.

And if you need a larger overage, the Hennessy Hex is large enough for a group of friends. It can offer a lot of space or move around and do your chores under the tarp. It also held up well in rainy weather. Thus, you’ll wake up nice and warm too.


  • It can provide a larger coverage
  • This can be set up in three ways and it’s very versatile
  • There is excellent water protection, no water seepage at all
  • It holds its post well and can protect you from strong winds
  • It’s easy to set up and has its own cord pocket


  • Not for those looking for an ultralight tarp
  • Some had problems with quality control

04. Bear Butt – Easiest to Set Up

This is a simple, easy, and fuss-free hammock tarp.

And if you don’t want to set up stakes, this is the best option for you. The setup doesn’t require stakes. So you can easily hook it up anywhere too.

It’s a simple and no-fuss tarp. But it can protect you from rains and winds. So protecting doesn’t always have to be complex. Not to mention, it has a sweet price too.

You’ll work with 13 feet of centerline, so this can offer more coverage than some expensive brands. Though it’s a diamond shape, coverage may become narrower at the head and foot part. But if you will set it up right, you will be able to get more room.

This tarp is also very light. So it’s perfect for ultralight backpacking trips.


  • It’s very easy to set up, it doesn’t require stakes
  • This can keep you dry in the rain protected from cold winds
  • It has a very affordable price
  • Coverage is decent despite the affordable price


  • The diamond shape is not for everyone
  • Some find the coverage at the head and feet part smaller than other tarps

05. Wise Owl Outfitters– Best Premium

This one is the premium version of this brand. It has all the essentials that you’ll need for the setup.

The package comes with aluminum tent stakes, tie lines, and cords. It also has a waterproof bag for easy storage. With the complete accessories, it’s also very easy to set up. There are also tightening clips attached to the corners of the fly. And that makes it super convenient and easy to pull taut. It’s easier to take down too.

Some find his premium choice a bit too heavy. But the brand also offers a lighter version.


  • Comes complete with all the accessories
  • It’s easy to set up and a breeze to take down
  • Provide decent coverage from rains and winds, not the best but decent


  • The premium choice may be too heavy for some
  • Some wished for better waterproofing capacities

06. Gold Armour– Best Coverage from the Wind

This hammock tarp can offer the best coverage from strong gushes of wind.

With 33 tiedown points, a higher waterproof rating, and a larger rectangular shape, this can give you ultimate coverage from sun and wind. It can also protect you from heavy downpours.

This is a large tarp that some may find a bit heavy. But if you need shelter for more than 2 nests, this is a perfect choice.


  • It has a lot of securing options and holds its post well under heavy rains
  • It provides wider coverage
  • This is a more waterproof tarp option on our list
  • Stitching and materials are superb


  • Doesn’t pitch tight
  • Some find it a bit heavy

07. Chill Gorilla Hexfly– Best Rainproof Hammock

Chill Gorilla Hexfly can provide better rain shelter at 2,000 PU waterproofing capacity.

And not only that, but it can also offer wider coverage. So even heavier folks will be able to stay nice and warm during heavy rain.

It also comes complete with all the accessories you need for the setup. It comes with the stake, guys and tensioners, a waterproofing bag, centerline, and a smaller storage bag.


  • The asymmetrical hex shape provides a lot of coverage
  • It has excellent waterproofing capability
  • Comes with all the accessories needed for the setup


  • It has an unpleasant odor upon opening
  • Some find it heavier than expected

08. ENO Housefly Rain Tarp – Best Coverage for Cold Weather

ENO has been a household name when it comes to rain tarps and hammock flys. And this ENO Housefly tarp is the most suitable for the cooler weather.

And since the flaps can overlap to form a tent, it can offer more warmth during the colder season. It also has buckles on the side of the tarp, so it’s easy to cozy up inside. It can protect from the rain, wind, and cold weather.

They also have pre-attached cords that are made up of quality materials.


  • Flaps can be closed to form a tent
  • Great protection from the cold and wind
  • Made of quality materials


  • Might sag during a heavy rain

09. Sea to Summit– Best Ultralight Hammock Tarp

This is ultralight perfect for light backpacking trips.

And what sets this tarp apart is that despite its lightness, it’s rather durable.

And it is roomy enough to be able to do some chores under the tarp. You can also get decent protection from the wind and the rain.

And though it’s at a premium cost, you can expect nothing but quality.


  • It’s ultra-lightweight yet strong and durable
  • It can provide larger coverage and more room to move around
  • It is easy to install and takedown


  • Lesser coverage at the head and foot end
  • Guyline is a bit short

10. Paria Outdoor Sanctuary Sil Tarp– Best Even Coverage

This hammock tarp boasts of a flat rectangular shape that can give even more coverage from head to toe.

This is also a full setup kit. It comes with all the stakes and anchors that you need to make up for an easy setup.

And as for the waterproofing ability, you can expect to keep yourself dry even after rain.


  • Excellent waterproofing capacity, it can keep you dry even under a strong rain
  • Even and more coverage from head to toe
  • Light and easy to set up
  • A complete kit with all the accessories needed


  • The stake included is not that of high quality
  • The tie outlines could have been better

What to Consider When Buying the Best Hammock Rain Fly: A Buying Guide

best lightweight hammock rain fly

If you still don’t know what rainfly for hammocks to buy, scroll over our mini buying guide below.

Tarp shape:

Tarps come in a variety of shapes, and the amount of coverage also depends on this one. We have decided on a section below for that.


There are two basic materials often used for a tarp.

One is nylon. Nylon is lightweight and durable at the same time. The second is polyester. Polyester is the more affordable material.

But apart from the two mentioned above, tarps nowadays make use of a myriad of materials. See a dedicated section below. 

Waterproofing ability:

Another essential feature to look out for is the waterproofing rating of a tarp. If you’re going to camp during the rainy season, you have to be prepared and buy a tarp that has a higher waterproofing rating. This will ensure that you’ll wake up dry and toasty the next morning.

Guy points:

What are guy points? These determine how you can set up your hammock fly tarp. These are also referred to as anchors or attachment points. 

And oh, also ensure that the guy points must have reinforcement at the seams. Because this part receives more of the stress when the tarp is pulled taut, it can be subject to more wear and tear.


There are two types of ridgelines used in fly tarps.

One, the full length. This is easier to set up and the tarp is adjustable along the seam line.

The second is the end only. This is more common since it uses fewer materials. In this type, the guy lines are sewn. And it is pulled taut by hammock straps. The Wise Owl Outfitters Rainfly tarp is an example of this.

Size of the tarp:

The size of the tarp will determine the coverage of the tarp.

Ask yourself these questions to know the tarp size you need: Do you need shelter for one person or two persons? coverage? And apart from providing shelter for yourself, allow some allowance to cover your gears and equipment. 

A single-person tarp will measure 8 by 9 or 10 by 9.

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Different Tarp Shapes 


This is the simplest shape and can form a little tent. This shape provides good and even coverage from head to the toe. 

But the downside is since it has more fabric, it can add on a bit of weight. An example of this is the Paria Outdoor Tarp.


Diamond tarps are also square ones. This is a bit similar to rectangular tarps except that runs diagonally too and they provide a smaller coverage too.

And it uses up less fabric and is lighter than rectangular tarps.


The more distinct characteristic of hexagonal tarp is that they have more anchor points. And because of that, they are easier to get tight and taut. 


Winter-shaped tarps are different and odd-shaped tarps. They have more fabric and can weigh more. These tarps can also keep heat inside. An example is the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp

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Materials Used for Hammock Tarps

Different materials have varying weights. That’s why you should also consider the type of material if you’re looking for an ultralight tarp for backpacking adventures.


This is silicone plus nylon.

This is one of the more popular materials used for tarps. This is not the most durable as it can stretch. But it is waterproof and affordable. It can provide coverage for up to 3-4 uses.


This is silicone plus polyester.

Compared to silnylon, this is more durable and less likely to stretch. But this is a more expensive option. 

It also has excellent waterproofing capability and is more lightweight and compact.


This is a layer of ripstop with reinforcing fibers woven into its thread. Thus this is a more durable material. 

Ripstop can also be woven with other types of fiber such as nylon.

Polyurethane treated: 

Polyurethane-treated tarps can have nylon or a polyester base. The fabric is treated with PU to make it waterproof. This is a more affordable method of rendering tarps water-resistant. 

Cuben fiber:

Cuben fiber is king when it comes to durability and waterproof capacity. This material is also rather light compared to PU-treated tarps. 


How to prevent fly tarps from sagging?

The cords should be held tight enough and the tap should be set up at the proper angle. You can also use a separate ridgeline if all else fails.

What is the best tarp for light backpacking trips?

If you are on a budget, go for tarps made of silnylon. Sea to Summit hammock tarp is an example. But if you have the moolah to spend a premium tarp with Cuben fiber is the best option.

Which is better: Symmetrical vs asymmetrical tarp size

Asymmetrical tarps such as diamond-shaped ones have the same length as symmetrical tarps. The only difference is that they extend a bit to the edges. So you can use this space to cover more gears. It also places the falling water further from you.


Can you use a regular tarp instead? While it may be possible to use a regular tarp as a hammock, the material will be too bulky and too heavy for a camping trip, let alone a backpacking adventure. 

The best hammock rain fly will ensure that you stay protected from the elements while creating a haven where you can rest under the morning sunshine.

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